What Dress Goes Best with a Tesla?

What Dress Goes Best with a Tesla?

Suggestions welcome from any gender.

Maestrokneer | 2013年4月4日

My home ad-dress. :-)

Cattledog | 2013年4月4日

Touche! +1.

sunnysailor | 2013年4月4日

All dresses look good at 0 to 60 in 4.2. I would add don't wear a dress color that matches the paint and choose a dress style that is sleek not frilly.


Longhorn92 | 2013年4月4日

No dress required.

Cattledog | 2013年4月4日

SS - With you on the paint and sleekness.

Longhorn - I certainly won't be wearing one! However, passengers are required to have at least 'Ready to Wear' gear. (That's a nod to Franz' description of the Model S).

Captain_Zap | 2013年4月4日

Silks, or satiny dresses that are sleek will not corner well.
Too slippery. Be careful with that hosiery too.

Cattledog | 2013年4月5日

Captain - Yes, performance in acceleration and cornering must be considered...

sunnysailor | 2013年4月5日

Not too many beads or sequins. Might mar the leather seats when accelerating and cornering.

Hogfighter | 2013年4月5日

The one wadded up in the back seat....

HenryT2 | 2013年4月5日

Something environmentally and socially friendly (no fur for sure). Hip and modern without being too pretentious.

And sexy. Definitely sexy.

prash.saka | 2013年4月5日

This is a great topic. I have been after my wife to buy some good dresses but she isn't too keen on it. Ever known a woman who doesn't like to shop?

By the way, please post links/pictures of any you have in mind.

@HenryT2 And sexy. Definitely sexy I am with you man!

Captain_Zap | 2013年4月5日

I know several, prash. Shopping is torture.

s_curve | 2013年4月5日

When Halle Berry walked on to the stage at the Oscars this year, I felt like all the other women could just go home. That would be the dress that would go with my Pearl P85. Just say'in.

GLO | 2013年4月5日

This is a scary topic...I'm just sayin'

PaceyWhitter | 2013年4月5日

Obviously you want a nice dress, but nothing too revealing. You don't want her to risk a wardrobe malfunction during cornering.

Cattledog | 2013年4月5日

s_curve - That's a high bar!

GLO - Why? All in good fun, people are keeping it PG-13 and under.

Brian H | 2013年4月5日

Low and elastic.

RedShift | 2013年4月5日

Jeans, but with dress shirt, something dark grey and shiny.

I work our, so I am already sexy.

RedShift | 2013年4月5日

I work out! Not our!

Velo1 | 2013年4月5日

Once we agree on a dress, we'll have decide on shoes, too.

Brian H | 2013年4月5日


Cattledog | 2013年4月6日

Brian - You sent me to google to recognize your acronym!

jbunn | 2013年4月6日

LBD, with heels. Never a bad choice.

Neech | 2013年4月6日

Hmmmm, with a name like Cattledog I have to wonder if you have the legs for a dress. May have to go with a long sundress.

cpetrush | 2013年4月6日

Neech: was thinking the same thing which makes some of the answers all the more comical. Definitely shave, legs and face, before that LBD.

Brian H | 2013年4月6日

Men prefer the clear bra effect.

Cattledog | 2013年4月6日

Hey, I have perfect legs...for radio and forum surfing!

Captain_Zap | 2013年4月6日

And herding?

jillalameda | 2013年4月6日

Armani. Something that fits perfectly - snug, but not too tight. With heels, of course (which will be removed during actual driving to avoid damaging the floor mat). I have just the dress.

treeva | 2013年4月7日

I say something fitted and sleek on top, but with enough room in the skirt to allow comfortable leg movement and grace when exiting the car. Enough skirt length and no plunging back to avoid skin contact with the seat., bare arms and less coverage in the front are fine. A fabric with stretch to avoid wrinkling.

Agree with Jill S, killer heels are fine to take with me in the car, but stilettos make it hard to finesse the accelerator pedal, so I'd prefer driving moccasins while actually driving. The abundance of clear floor space makes it easier to swap into less practical shoes before stepping out.

sunnysailor | 2013年4月7日

Driving moccasins are key. Driving in high heels ruins the back of the shoe and there is less ability to control the accelerator pedal. I usually just change shoes before I get out. Another use for the space between the front seats. Purse and high heel area. It is so awesome.

Cattledog | 2013年4月8日

Jill, Treeva, Sunny - +1!

rbgliny | 2013年4月9日

anything I am wearing at the time - just glad to be driving and enjoying it.