What kind of reaction do people have to the car when you are driving or getting out of your MS?

What kind of reaction do people have to the car when you are driving or getting out of your MS?

Do they look twice? Do they come up and start talking about it? Or does it blend in with the other cars on the road as just another regular luxury sedan? Is there a certain 'brethren' vibe to seeing or greeting another MS driver on the road?

SCCRENDO | 2013年9月16日

Most ignore you but are probably still looking. Sometimes I get a smile or thumbs up. But this is Southern CAlifornia where people are used to celebrities

Gizmotoy | 2013年9月16日

@SCCRENDO: I like the subtle implication comparing Model S owners to celebrities ;-)

Mathew98 | 2013年9月16日

Unless you're in the saturated states of CA or WA, there will be plenty of attentions going to the MS, especially in bright colors.

Just make sure those other drivers who are gawking at your MS don't swirl into your lane while checking out the MS.

I had a couple of cops stopping me in two separate occasions just to inquire about the MS within 2 weeks of ownership. Of course they were just interested in the awesome car and there were no other reasons to stop me otherwise.

Ready or not, you'll be the next TM salesperson...

cloroxbb | 2013年9月16日

That is going to be one thing I am not going to like about driving a Tesla.

jbunn | 2013年9月16日

I tend to keep my head down, so I don't notice other drivers reactions. My wife reports that we get stares and thumbs up. I got this car because I intend on having it for 10 years. I looked at the price curves for electricity and gasoline and am too cheap to pay for 10 years of gas.

I have been approached many times, and love to talk about the car. I'm embarrassed to flaunt myself, but like when people are interested in learning about the car.

SCCRENDO | 2013年9月16日

@gizmotoy The reference wasn't that subtle. The car is like a celebrity but most people don't intrude on you. Interesting aside. I am shopping around for solar panels and knocked on the door of someone in my neighborhood to inquire about his panels and happened to mention my Tesla as one of the big reasons to get solar. He is a car enthusiast and now I owe him a ride.

jbunn | 2013年9月16日

I've got a brand new pair of roller skates
You've got a brand new key
I think that we should get together and
Try them on to see

almostFitToEat | 2013年9月16日

Maybe because I'm a girl, I have men gesture rolling down my window and start asking me about the car. Only lasts as long as the light is red. Kind of like speed dating. LOL.

EESROCK | 2013年9月16日

Got a few thumbs up.

While at a red light a few days ago, I saw the driver behind me whip out her camera to take a couple of shots of my car. Had this happen several months ago also.

One time I was waiting in the car while my husband was shopping. Another couple drove up slowly and parked near my car. I could see the wife as the passenger smiling and mouthing "Tesla". The couple got out and asked a bunch of questions about the car. Apparently, they were interested in buying one for themselves.

reitmanr | 2013年9月16日

What is that?
Who makes that?
How far can it go?
Wheres the engine?
How much?
Pulling alongside, then slowing down and tailgating
Insisting on speeding by me
Dragging me at a stop light (and losing)
Engine revving (why? dont ask me)
and the occasional smile and thumbs up.

Nice car Mr

defmonk | 2013年9月16日


I had the same experience. I was pulled over so the cop could get a good look at my car. When I demoed Slacker, he asked me to play "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy. For real. :-))

Mathew98 | 2013年9月17日

For those of you with curious cops stopping you, please roll your windows down immediately and keep both hands visibly on the steering wheel. This will prevent any weapons being drawn at you.

J.T. | 2013年9月17日

I don't valet. I give the valet a tip and ask where to park. One time there was an empty cobblestone lot across the street the valet directed me to. As I walked back across the street a guy in a Mercedes rolled down his window and said, "I don't blame you one bit. Gorgeous car!"

Kaboom | 2013年9月17日

"Dragging me at a stop light (and losing)"

Good one!

AmpedRealtor | 2013年9月17日

I definitely get more looks in my MC Red P85 than in a white loaner P85. Color has a lot to do with it. I'm hoping MC Red will be a popular color among resales down the road. I'm always running from one appointment to another, so I rarely have time to notice what other drivers are looking at. I do notice, however, that cars in adjacent lanes often slow down and I've picked up quite a few tailgaters lately. The latter worries me from a safety standpoint. People are literally riding my bumper. This rarely happens with my Prius.

syddent | 2013年9月17日

I have gotten lots of reactions (in Northern CA). But the best so far was at a tailgate party and someone commented that my engine wasn't on as I pulled into the parking space.

Brian H | 2013年9月17日

Try briefly switching on your 4-ways when tailgated.

Leeo | 2013年9月17日

I'd better hide the beer if curious cops are pulling people over.

AmpedRealtor | 2013年9月17日

@ Brian H - forgive the noob question, but what's a 4-way?

J.T. | 2013年9月17日

I guessed emergency flasher. Hope I'm right.

Panoz | 2013年9月17日

Quite frankly, I'm surprised anyone notices a Tesla. There is a Ford model that looks very close to a Model S. I love the styling, but it's not THAT distinctive from many European cars. I used to own a Delorean, currently drive a Panoz, and am used to lots of looks and questions.

Thomas N. | 2013年9月17日

There's a Ford (I think it's the Fusion) that we always mistake for a Tesla until we're up close and then there's a Kia that is VERY close to the Model S until you're right up on it.

But when you see a Tesla, it's a Tesla! It's like saying that three-leaf clovers all look pretty similar to a four-leaf clover but when you find that four-leaf, well..........