What's the name of your car?

What's the name of your car?

Just curious, have you named your car? What is it, and why?

Originally I named mine Ninja for stealth, speed, and black. It went cold as it's not personable.
Then I named her Stela, same letters as Tesla, and famously linked with the word DESIRE
When I got the car, the size and power simply do not match the name Stela.
This morning, I like the name Nelson - Nelson Mandela is in SA as EM was from, he's black :-) and he changed the world; Nelson Piqué was an F1 driver, and he's fast.
Hope this one sticks.

How about you?

UPDATE: The above was from summer 2013. Fast forward to December 31, 2016. I just traded in Nelson for......

NELSON II ( pronounced Nelson the second, like Henry the eighth)

When the comment was made about needing to make up my mind or it would not come if I called, I had no idea that "the dog" would actually come one day!

For a moment, I had the weakness towards a white one, would have named it " Princess Leia " referencing the first outfit & hair; but white did not survive the test of time. Here I am, with another black one, with its enhanced sophistication, capabilities and the cup-holders that the male customers screamed for, but without the innocence, sense of adventure, adorable flaws, and teen-age-like excitement , that was Nelson the first.

J.T. | 2013年8月31日

If you keep changing your car's name it's never going to come when you call it.

Mireille '&... | 2013年8月31日

Our gal (pearl white) is named Ruth :). She's our white dragon; any other Anne McCaffrey fans out there?
Most folks are surprised to know she was named after a guy!

TeslaLandShark | 2013年8月31日

I call my tiburon grey 85 the Land Shark.

jonlivesay | 2013年8月31日

Ours is Gertrude, black on black. The name has no meaning it just came about.

Captain_Zap | 2013年8月31日

Joules. Tried Tessie for a while and it didn't stick once we got her plates on her.

NomoDinos | 2013年8月31日

She's not even born yet, but she will be named Nessla, or "Nessy".

LandShark - nice. "Candy gram... flowers..."

NomoDinos | 2013年8月31日

Captain Zap - argh! Good one, wish I had thought of it first.

ORWA | 2013年8月31日

Bolt...and she's a girl. Her and I like to go Bolting. Wanted bolting as a vanity plate but wife wasn't a fan.

Warkovision | 2013年8月31日

Though neither Italian nor royalty............Her Majesty the ConTesla.

Dripps | 2013年8月31日

My husband calls his car HAL ("Open the pod bay doors Hal" is always heard as he approaches the car)

I like your name of Joules @Captain Zap. I may have to steal it. Can I have your blessing?

jonesxander | 2013年8月31日

Don't own one, but it'd be called Chester or Kirby. :)

nickjhowe | 2013年8月31日


billbaggy | 2013年8月31日

Kids named her Tessa for Tessa Altman, a character in the TV show Suburgatory. | 2013年8月31日

I wanted Eve, but the wife nixed that and we settled on Eevee. I was lobbying for Jolteon plates, but my son nixed that idea so I have generic plates for now.

(Yes, you need to be a pokemon fan of this to make any sense)


jbunn | 2013年8月31日

Looking at her from the back, its definitely a girl, so I named her Nikki after Nikola Tesla.

AmpedRealtor | 2013年8月31日

@ jbunn - I'm afraid to ask... what is it about your car's rear end that makes it female? LOL

ramtaz | 2013年8月31日


jbunn | 2013年8月31日


My old home office looked down over the drive, and I had to back her in to get to the plug. Looking down and from the rear, you can see the car has "curves". On one of the other threads about little things we like, it was described as hips or butt and a narrow waist by several people.

Even my wife who thinks ive lost it for naming the car, remarked one day "this car has a big butt"

hpatelmd | 2013年8月31日

Two ton Tessie

nvjx | 2013年8月31日


shaneosullivan1 | 2013年8月31日

Mine's a sexy redhead, but a bit of a larger lady, so I named her Joan after the character in Mad Men.

bblevis | 2013年8月31日

We used to have a blue BMW 7 series with tan leather interior. My wife's name for her was "Big Blue". I had a dream the night before our blue MS delivery. "Big Blue" was reincarnated into "Electric Big Blue". Her new plates read "E BGBLU".

Roger Kolbu | 2013年8月31日

Nikola or NikolaS might be suitable :-)

bobinfla | 2013年8月31日

@Mirielle & Conan +1 for Ruth the Dragon. Been too long ago, just added Pern to my mental list of series to go back an read. Thanks.

@billbaggy (no relation to Bilbo Baggins?) Same name, but my wife's S is called "Tessa" short the "The Countessa".

On a side note, my Sig Green Roadster is named Kermit. He's my little green friend.

nick-r | 2013年8月31日


I'm going to try to get a custom plate.

TomC | 2013年8月31日

Kallisto -- from the Greek for "most beautiful." In Greek mythology, she was a nymph of Artemis (Diana) and was transformed into a bear by Artemis out of jealousy. (Long story ...) Zeus ultimately transformed her into the constellation Ursa Major.

elguapo | 2013年8月31日

I use Joules too. Can't take credit for it thought. I think I saw @Captain_Zap mention it a long time ago.

FWIW, my son calls the car Rocket.

emoflash | 2013年8月31日

Flash drive to match the license plate.

TS | 2013年8月31日

The birth will soon take place and the name will be ELon®
Licenseplates in Norway starts with EL and (for Electric) ends with 5 numbers

ssarker | 2013年8月31日

Tessa Eevee

Neech | 2013年8月31日

I've never named my other cars but I do call my MS My Sweet Ride.

GeorgeA | 2013年8月31日

My family started calling it the "Batmobile" for obvious reasons.

NKYTA | 2013年8月31日

I think this story is probably back on page 243 of these forums, but I'll repeat it for this most appropriate thread, thanks Cindy.

My wife convinced me that cars are female, like seagoing vessels. The she convinced me that they need names. She left the rest up to me.

This was basically a third of the cost of our home, so I took it somewhat seriously.

It's Telsa, Nikola Tesla. What is the female version of his name? Americanized? Hmm...a cool TV show that I watched had a bad-ass female agent, Nikita. There we go!

Unfortunately, after applying a couple times for common forms N1k1ta, NYk1ta, I got rejected by the CA DMV.

Back to the wife for help and she is NKYTA.

We are all hoping not to meet up with @jbunn, don't want to witness the ensuing cat-fight. ;-)

@Mireille & Conan
Yes. I'm here. Very clever. But Ruth was the smallest dragon - shouldn't that be name for a Roadster? Well, maybe once the X's come out, you'll be set.
I wouldn't be surprised if an owner of a black MS name theirs Killa. :-)

Mireille '&... | 2013年8月31日

@NKYTA +1, but we don't have a Roadster :(
She is smaller than the minivan she replaced (height-wise at least)

I am a little surprised there aren't more dragon names. Maybe they just haven't posted yet.

Dcp9142 | 2013年8月31日

Hengist Branfell Tesla. Translates to "Brown-mane Stallion". Clearly has not been neutered.

fmarietta | 2013年8月31日

Mine will be The White Shadow, 'cause she's so quiet. It's a shameless knockoff on the TV show of two or three decades ago. Alas, she won't be born til October. But, why do we name our Teslas? I have never named a car in the past...

mclary | 2013年8月31日

White Lighting

My kids say "daddy do the rocket ride" 4 3 2 1 blastoff!

Wohpe | 2013年8月31日

'Wohpe' Because I have solar panels and the superchargers will someday be offset by solar energy I went looking for a good sun name. I thought it should be native american since my Tesla was born in America. In Lakota mythology, one of the most supreme deities is the Solar God Wi. Wi and the Moon had a daughter named Wohpe. Wohpe means meteor (think "fast") and is the goddess of Peace.

dbullard | 2013年8月31日

Nikola, like my license plate says.

And, of course, underneath that is 'Tesla' in the plate holder.

namste8 | 2013年8月31日

Tess and she is beautiful.

bobby.clark | 2013年8月31日

It's the wifes car (70 miles back and forth to work every day). She has officially names her back beauty "TESS". # P17424

She has had a nice car all her life (BMW, Porsche,Land Rover) yet, she has never had this kind of reaction/relationship to a car. The woman adores this vehicle.

My bride may love it more than me ;)

jjs | 2013年8月31日

I am not allowed to name the car. My wife, daughters and sons (6 against 1) all think it too weird. So just to irritate them I sometimes call it (her) Tessie. Then when I really want to irritate them I refer to it as my "Totally Electric Sleek Luxurious Automobile".
+1 for Joules - very clever

mario.kadastik | 2013年8月31日

We've not even confirmed the car, but it'll be all black and named "Night fury" as per How to raise a dragon :)

Mark K | 2013年9月1日

I usually don't post on whimsical threads, but this one has a disarming charm to it.

I've never named a vehicle before, but I must confess to an unprecedented emotional attachment to this car ... precisely because it is so charged with hope.

We have twins, so I guess we'll have come up with two names.

romainiacWV | 2013年9月1日

White S85 --- "white lightning"

J.T. | 2013年9月1日

@ Mark K

How about This One and That One

Neal.slafsky | 2013年9月1日

My wife named mine. "The Hovercraft".

bijlee | 2013年9月2日

I just got my personalized plates in the mail last week:
it means electricity or lightening in Hindi

Cindy I II III | 2013年9月2日

Just saw a video from the TMC site, in which the guy called his red MS - Ginger Teslarosa! LOL

AmpedRealtor | 2013年9月2日

Are cars always female?