When range anxiety will really hit!

When range anxiety will really hit!

At a point in the not inconsiderable future, the point will come when electric cars are outselling ICE vehicles and gas stations start to shut down due to lack of profitability.....

People with gas cars will start having to plan journeys around the remaining (and ever decreasing!) gas stations until they start to suffer 'range anxiety'. It will become less and less practical to cart gas around in tanker trucks and the whole issue will escalate - especially if cities ban anything other than zero-emission vehicles in city centres.

Right now electricity is freely available - even if not in supercharger form - so EV range anxiety is circumventable. Whereas if gas or diesel is not available at stations, where does one get it?? We can even set up solar systems to produce electricity at home but we cannot have a refinery in our back yard!

If there is suddenly no longer a gas station within range how will one run a gas vehicle at all?? Fuel will have to be ordered on line and delivered by a little tanker!

Gas owners think that EV owners suffer range anxiety - they ain't seen nothing yet.....

Clearly EVs are the way to go in the future - it is a no-brainer.

cloroxbb | 2013年7月9日

I honestly think, its going to be a long while before that happens. You can always count on 18 wheelers and work trucks to need that type of fuel. I don't see electricity being feasible for everything, at least not in its current form...

tes-s | 2013年7月9日

...and with several gas stations every mile, 80% could close without creating range anxiety.

When EVs are 10% of all passenger vehicles, there will be chargers everywhere.

dougedoug | 2013年7月9日

Battery swaps are the future of EV. It just takes enough people adopting the EV's for it to happen.