Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

I have a couple long drives I undertake and came up with a list that would be convenient for me. Somehow I think Tesla will take a wider array of people into account :)

Here is where I would like to see them (for my personal convenience of course :) )
North Bay, ON
Barrie, ON
Stratford, ON
Niagara, Falls, ON
Erie, PA
Morgantown, WV
Beckley, WV
Charlotte or Statesville, NC

I actually anticipate Tesla will concentrate their super chargers in/near their hottest U.S. markets (at least initially), but I can dream about them being in more out of the way places.

Where would they suit you best?

BYT | 2012年4月6日

My concern about rest stops is that as the EV becomes more popular, how long may one have to wait to juice up their ride if there is a line? I guess it's a good problem to have in the short term knowing that the EV has gained traction in the market but bad long term when you just want to get to their final destination.

Supergreekster | 2012年4月6日


Abileen or sweetwater

JohhnyS | 2012年4月6日

I realize that my request for Lone Pine, Bishop, and Mammoth (Highway 395) will not be the priority route, but it sure would be a fun route. With the concentration of Tesla owners in California, why not?

It would also be nice to have chargers on 101-- Santa Barbara, Monterrey and Highway 1--Morro Bay, San Simeon, and Big Sur. A few key locations near national parks will be helpful, or perhaps at national park visitor centers.

I am sure that Interstate 5 will be one of the first routes.

Supergreekster | 2012年4月6日

Strategically speaking, may be best to move out from existing tesla dealerships in 100 mi increments, giving people the ability to get back "home" to dealerships.

David70 | 2012年4月6日


I'm with you. We much prefer to drive 395 from So. CA to Reno, rather than go over to I-5. Right now, from Palm Springs to Reno is a relatively easy 1 day trip. With supercharger at Bishop and a second at Barstow, it could still be done in 1 long day (an hour or two longer plus more for economical driving). That's a little over 200 miles between stops.

pbrulott | 2012年4月7日


In the province of Quebec, Canada, Hydro-Québec just launched the "Circuit Électrique" with 22 chargers in Montreal and Quebec City. It will have hundreds of 240V chargers by year end.

Gas just reached $1.499 per litre yesterday (or $5.68 a US Gallon). They foresee it reaching $1.60 in the summer...

My business case is looking better an better :-)

CIAOPEC | 2012年4月8日

I just finished a roadtrip from SF Bay Area to LA (traveled down via the i5). We spent the weekend in Ojai golfing then returned to SF via the 101.

I have to say the i5 is a scary road! I think it just gets worse every year... more semi's and the narrow/non existant shoulder make it pretty tretcherous. I have traveled it many times in the past 30 years but it has definitely gotten worse, I simply hate this interstate. It's fine once you get to the grapevine but it sucks within the central valley..On the way down we encountered a 1 hour delay with a fatal pickup rollover crash just ahead of us. Dodging in and out of slow moving semi's and crazy car drivers is not the way to go! I think I didn't mind it so much driving solo in my Porsche in my early 30's but its not good with the family in tow!

It's pathetic this road has not been widened in the past 40+ years. ( I'm sure there is a dedicated forum on this topic somewhere)

I had previously voted for the Harris Ranch location along the i5 but after this weekend I think the 101 corridor makes more sense ( maybe Telsa can eventually do both?). All I know is that I won't be keen driving from the SF Bay Area to LA along the i5. If that's the option I may opt for the smaller 230 battery and continue to fly to LA. On the other hand the 101 is a much less stressful drive ( yes there are still idiot drivers on the road) because you don't have to deal with the semi's.

That said; for travel between SF Bay Area and LA I vote for chargers in SLO ( San Luis Obispo) and Santa Barbara to start. Eventually something along hwy 1 would make sense for the trip to Monterey and Hearst Castle ...

I'll also renew my vote for the i80 corridor for SF Bay Area to Tahoe travel. Perhaps Davis and Auburn for charging?

I don't like the rest stop idea either. These are not locations to enjoy for 5 minutes let alone for 30-45 minutes. The charge locations should be mini destinations, an oasis. Otherwise what's the point? I'm sure Tesla will figure this part out.

Brian H | 2012年4月9日

Maybe it will work in reverse; if the stations are multi-outlet, perhaps little oases will spring up around them! Particularly if the TM and non-TM chargers are clustered together.

CIAOPEC | 2012年4月9日

definitely, i see a market (may take a decade) for this. "If you build it they will come"

DerekM | 2012年4月9日

Thanks for your thoughts, EVFNBOY. I agree with everything you said, but would add chargers on the I50 corridor as well (Sacramento to Tahoe). At least South Lake Tahoe. If you look on the charger maps there are virtually no chargers of any type on that route, and also on the Monterrey Pennisula. I also agree that chargers should be close to shopping malls or restaurants so you have something to do for an hour or two. I expect my Model S to be my prinicpal car for all purposes.

JimmyN | 2012年4月9日

I’m a big Socal to Vegas goer – and although there is a charging station at the Barstow Station (good McD stop) I wouldn’t mind a Super Charger close by if the Barstow Station is unstable for whatever reason. For instance, maybe at the Barstow Outlet (close to a location for a quick bite – e.g. In-N-Out, Panda Express, etc).

If I’m not staying near any of the charging stations on the Strip (e.g. Cosmopolitan, Mandalay Bay Shoppes) I wouldn’t mind seeing one at Primm/Stateline Outlets for the ride back home (again, good stop for a quick bite while charging).

I’d also love to be able to drive to Mammoth or Tahoe – but noticed there isn’t anything along the 395 (at all I think!) There really isn’t very much between Hesperia and Bishop – so I am not sure where along the way a SuperCharger could go – Definitely would like to see one in Bishop for the remaining part of a trip to Tahoe or as a station for the way back.

Maybe not as important – but another one off the 5 at Lost Hills or Button Willow (for anyone that wants to track! :) ) - in all seriousness though, I too don't want to drive till near empty/discharged to get to the one at Coalinga. I'd like to drive and not worry about the A/C sucking up the few miles I need; or driving the 70mph speed limit (or more likely above it with my heavy foot) will force me to use my Chevy-legs!

stevenmaifert | 2012年4月9日

For EVFNBOY: The TESLA charging stations from SF to LA on the 101 have been in place for several years. Originally built to charge the Roadster, they should have been retrofitted for J1772 by now. If TM will waive the delivery charges, I plan on picking my S up at the factory, and having a leisurely drive back to San Diego on the 101. There is a link in the article to a Google Map of the charger locations.

CIAOPEC | 2012年4月9日

thanks Steve That's great. Looking forward to making use of them!

Brian H | 2012年4月9日

Yeah, the retrofit was expected in 9 months as of Sept. '09. Which was 55 months ago!

Brian H | 2012年4月9日

Oops, dubbled my count of years; just 31 months ago. ;)

DanD | 2012年4月9日

I'm just now trying to sort out how to make road trips in the Model S and am alarmed to find that Tesla doesn't leverage Level 3 CHADEMO DC fast charging. It seems that there are a number of these stations being deployed.

I'm hoping to make a cross counry trip and don't relish the thought of begging Nissan Dealers to let me sit in their parking lots for 6 hours or even hanging out at KOA campgrounds during 6 hours of daylight.

I need stations up and down the I-95 corridor and out I-76 across PA.

I'd love them on the southern route across the US from Las Vegas to Dallas and then east to Atlanta and up NC.

Best of all I'd like to see a grand partnership with B&B's across the country to include charging stations.

But I just don't see how it will work unless a single charging station can fast charge Teslas, Leafs and Infinitys.

A 6 hour charge while on the road is just a non-starter.

cerjor | 2012年4月9日

I am still voting for something on I-10 between the east side of LA and Phoenix. Not much there except Blythe, CA and Quartzite, AZ.

CIAOPEC | 2012年4月9日

double oops, the chargers along the 101 are only level II according to that 2009 article...

I assume these have not been upgraded? We need level III charging to make EV travel somewhat practical.

Wow, $7000 to $12000 to install level II chargers? Yikes

Ok, we need level III along i5 and 101 and 80 and 50...

CIAOPEC | 2012年4月10日

@daxz has posted a map on teslamotorsclub for us to add our suggested supercharger locations

thanks daxz!

stevenmaifert | 2012年4月10日

For EVFNBOY: That's why I said leisurely drive back to San Diego :) I don't expect to make it in a day, but those TM chargers are 70amp units, so if your S is equipped with the twin charger option, your charge time is still respectable. Also, according to the Google Map, the farthest distance between chargers is only 109 miles so if you leave SF/LA with a full charge, you're only topping off if you stop at each one along the way.

When you read through this thread, you find there is a need for Level 3 DC fast charging just about everywhere to make cross country travel in an EV practical. It's not reasonable to expect TM to install their DC Supercharger everywhere, but with the deployment of DC fast charging by a number of companies, we may find DC fast charging opportunity along many/most of the routes mentioned here. Every non-TM DC fast charger I can find in the US uses the CHAdeMO standard, even though it's not standard in the US. TM - Do us a favor and offer a CHAdeMO adapter so we can use those DC fast chargers with our S.

Sudre_ | 2012年4月10日

It just amazes me how "they" have known about electric cars needing to recharge at least since the late 90's and "they" still haven't worked out any true world wide standards yet. Europe, Japan and the US look like they all have different plugs for DC.

"They" not being Tesla but the assorted world governments and or car manufactures. It's just one more thing to make non-EV enthusiasts walk away from an electric car, driving around with a trunk full of adapters.

ditcheyr | 2012年10月22日

DC to NYC along I-95
Stations at Baltimore, Wilmington and Philadelphia

JoeFee | 2012年10月22日

West/East from SoCal to Denver to Phila.

cerjor | 2012年10月22日

I'm still rooting for Blythe, CA. It's half way from LA to Phoenix plus it is sunny.

mbcaffe | 2012年10月22日

I know the SF/LA 101 corridor has been mentioned. San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara would great additions for the Gilroy to San Diego drive.

stephen.kamichik | 2012年10月22日

Montreal, Kingston, Toronto, London and Windsor.

Captain_Zap | 2012年10月22日

On Ferries!

TINO F | 2012年10月22日

Indio Ca. is a better half way point between the coast, LA or the beach cities (OC)and Phoenix. Blythe is 150 miles from Phoenix, which leaves almost 250 more to go. Using A/C and a speed that doesn't get you shot by other drivers i.e. 75 mph (which is the posted limit on the I-10 in Arizona), you could be out of juice if Blythe were the SuperCharge Point. Does anyone really plan on driving there Model S at 55 mph on the Interstate? Not Me!

Brian H | 2012年10月22日

satterlund & stephen;
You're listing cities. You misunderstand SC. It is not for urban use. It goes BETWEEN cities, to facilitate long hops.

Scorch | 2012年10月22日

It would be great to have one in Silverthorne\Dillon in Colorado so going from Denver to any ski resort would have a nice middle stop for any range battery (plus dealing with the significant elevation change with the mountains)

jchangyy | 2012年10月22日

I agree on 101 corridor in CA

up north | 2012年10月22日

motels, hotels between mpls. and las vegas so i can take a tesla down to vegas for the winter.

PureAmps | 2012年10月22日

I drive a couple times a year from SF Bay Area to the Palm Springs area to visit family. I'm pretty sure that I can get from the Tejon Ranch super charger to Palm Springs, but I do worry about going from Palm Springs to Tejon Ranch because there is a big hill to climb towards the end of that route before descending to Tejon Ranch (and I tend to have a lead foot). Looking forward to trying it early next year after my vehicle is delivered, but would love to see a super charger along the route on I-10 to reduce range anxiety.

I think a location at the Ontario Mills Mall in Ontario, CA would be great. It is right off both the I-10 and I-15 freeways, very convenient location for both East/West and North/South travelers.

nickjhowe | 2012年10月22日

FL turnpike Fort Drum services

DouglasR | 2012年10月22日

They are already planning some along I-5 between Seattle and San Francisco. I would also like to see them along I-90 heading east from Seattle, preferably all across the country, but at least into the Rockies and then south into Yellowstone.

Teoatawki | 2012年10月23日

Looking at the plan, the first SC on I-90 is in Spokane. A bit far from Seattle to make it on a single charge. So another SC between Ellensburg and Moses Lake would be in order.

stephen.kamichik | 2012年10月23日

BrianH.......My locations would be on H401 rest areas near those cities.

William9 | 2012年10月23日

Blythe, CA & Casa Grande, AZ. So I can get to Tucson from CA without sweating it!

DanD | 2012年10月23日

DavidM hit the nail on the head with his list of Interstates.

I95 alone takes care of 1/3 the population of the US.

rbergquist | 2012年10月23日

+1 on 101 corridor in CA -- SLO & Santa Barbara

christian8904 | 2012年10月23日

In NC, I95/US64 interchange. 230 miles from DC, 240 miles from Charlotte and a convenient midpoint in a 280 mile round trip from my house to Raleigh and back.

tharasix | 2012年10月23日

Duluth, MN to cover a lot of northern vacation/camping spots. Rockford, IL to cover those who are bypassing Chicago on I39. Milwaukee is really not convenient for most east-west road trips in the area.

up north | 2012年10月23日

tharasix unless you take the ferry east out of milwaukee.

Brian H | 2012年10月23日

proper locations would be as far from those cities on H401 as possible.

jaq1 | 2012年10月23日

@ Satterlund - I cosign on DC to NYC. Baltimore, Philadelphia Wilmington on The I-95 corridor (NJ Turnpike).

Vawlkus | 2012年10月24日

I wonder if some of the service centers will be part of the supercharger network. Saves on land fees, and makes sure you have a full battery for the trip home.

Volker.Berlin | 2012年10月24日

Vawlkus, that would make a lot of sense. From what I've heard, the criteria for the placement of service centers and super chargers are very similar: They should ideally be placed in the middle of nowhere, where land is cheap, with a large highway intersection near by, so that they can conveniently serve the metropolitan areas in a relatively large radius (within the range of a 40 kWh Model S).

(And no, this concept does not mean that you're expected to drive your Model S to the middle of nowhere to have it serviced. The idea is that your Model S is collected, serviced, and delivered again.)

mkent | 2012年10月24日

The I-85 and I-75 corridors would be a help to the Southern States.

tharasix | 2012年10月24日

@up north: True, but who would want to sit on a ferry with their S when they could be driving it?

In all honesty, I didn't even think about the ferry because I have driven Minneapolis to Indy so often, and that gap between Tomah, WI and Champaign, IL in their plan is annoying. I could drive to Tomah, then take state highways down to the Quad Cities, then follow I74, or go directly down to Des Moines then east. Neither way is ideal.

meterreader22 | 2012年10月24日

The New Jersey Turnpike rest stops please!! At least two, one on the northbound side and one on the southbound. Thank you!