Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

I have a couple long drives I undertake and came up with a list that would be convenient for me. Somehow I think Tesla will take a wider array of people into account :)

Here is where I would like to see them (for my personal convenience of course :) )
North Bay, ON
Barrie, ON
Stratford, ON
Niagara, Falls, ON
Erie, PA
Morgantown, WV
Beckley, WV
Charlotte or Statesville, NC

I actually anticipate Tesla will concentrate their super chargers in/near their hottest U.S. markets (at least initially), but I can dream about them being in more out of the way places.

Where would they suit you best?

wheatcraft | 2013年4月6日

I live in Reno, NV and regularly make trips to Sacramento and SF. Although I am really glad for the Folsom Supercharger, I really don't understand why they didn't put it at the Roseville Galleria. This shopping mall is once of the best in California, and would have been the obvious place, as it is only a couple of miles from I-80. The Folsom Supercharger is in Folsom on Highway 50. That is fine if you live in the Bay Area and are going to the Tahoe ski areas.
Also, The Roseville Galleria is the most obvious place to put a retail Tesla store, so having a Supercharger there would make lots of sense.

Hodne | 2013年4月6日

E16 - Fagernes, Norway.

Earl and Nagin ... | 2013年4月6日

From what you say, it sounds like the Roseville Galleria might benefit very much by having a supercharger. You and others who read this that go between Reno and the Bay Area might want to send them a suggestion that they install one. They already have 30 amp J1772 Level 2 charging stations so they're already familiar with the idea but becoming a stop could be very good for them.
From a business perspective, for them, a few 75 amp capable Clipper Creek CS-100's that would fill Teslas fairly quickly but would support other EVs might make more sense but feel free to negotiate.
It would be great to get businesses pulling to get superchargers installed instead of Tesla having to push them out. There's only one Tesla Motors but there are many other businesses out there.

Joel N. Weber II | 2013年4月6日

RanjitC: The problem with that business model is that if the Tesla Supercharger capacity shortages are only temporary, you may find that investment becomes worthless in 3-6 months.

I'm pretty sure Tesla has claimed they are trying to monitor usage and are planning in the future to try to prevent the current Harris Ranch capacity problems from recurring there or elsewhere, and now that there's fairly steady vehicle production and Supercharger use, estimating capacity needs should be easier going forward.

Thanksgiving may still have capacity problems, but if so, building out a DC quick charging network that is only going to get used around Thanksgiving may not make good business sense.

And then there's the problem that right now, the only quick charging option is the Supercharger which is only available from Tesla.

The other thing to keep in mind is that since the number of compatible vehicles on the road keeps growing, if Tesla makes a mistake and overbuilds, the charging stations will probably eventually offer the right amount of capacity as the fleet grows.

ichong | 2013年4月6日

I agree with @chunkyjr and @jamon - Elon needs to be the EV version of Father Padre Serra and line 101 with SuperCharger stations - next ones should be in San Luis Obisbo and Santa Barbara

djm12 | 2013年4月6日

Santa Barbara is a ghost town for EV charging. Would be nice to get one installed there near the 101 and 154 intersection. Next SC heading north could be at Paso Robles. This would space out the chargers nicely from LA to Gilroy. If Tesla get cheap, they could just plop one down in SLO - but it's tight getting there from LA.

Still need a SC between Barstow and Vegas around the state line. Currently too long a drive and people will just get in trouble in the summer with A/C running.

South of LA, Oceanside would be a good location. To the east, need a SC closer to Riverside than not Palm Springs - there's nothing east of Palm Springs - it's a destination so folks can charge overnight there on L2.

A spot very useful for me would be Tulare/Fresno - opens up Yosemite to Teslas from LA.

North of San Francisco needs love too - I sure there will be plenty of "wine-ing" about where to put it.

bb0tin | 2013年4月6日

Taupo, New Zealand.
This will allow most travelling up and down the North Island wth the 85kWh battery and is right next to the national grid. It is also a scenic and popular stopping point.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 2013年4月12日

At the splits at both I90--I94 junctions. That would provide Super Charge access to most of the drivers in Wisconsin.

evpro | 2013年4月13日

Maybe the DOT would let them use the wasted space between overpass and entry/exit lanes at certain interchanges? The real estate aspect could be a FedGov subsidy to help EV sales and get us off the oil addiction sooner.

fluxemag | 2013年4月13日

Blythe and Yuma

mnlevin | 2013年4月13日

For now, in Florida.
Ft Pierce
Daytona Beach
Ft Myers
Near Disney World
Lake City
Tampa/St Pete area

We could travel the state

Lenn | 2013年4月13日

San Diego

My 60 can get from LA to San Diego one way, but not round trip. During football season, I like to take the family to a couple of Chargers games at Qualcomm Stadium. Not sure I can go round trip from the Hawthorne Supercharger and back, without additional charging. Blink chargers close to the stadium may not give me enough charge to get back to Hawthorne.

Brant | 2013年4月13日


celtrog | 2013年4月13日


Brian H | 2013年4月14日

And others. I know it's easiest to name towns or cities, but that is explicitly where the SCs will NOT be. They will be in-between. So pick sites by naming towns in pairs, like "Sudbury-North Bay", that the SC should fall between. That's harder, but it's what TM is actually faced with doing.

bfranks273 | 2013年4月14日

There is a red dot over roughly Petersburg, VA. I need that one. This is a great spot to allow trips to the NC Outer Banks, like Nags Head and Hatteras. Please hurry!

mikeflb | 2013年4月14日

need a few near NYC:
On 95 in Westchester County
On 95 somewhere in NJ
Garden state parkway heading to Atlantic City
On Long Island Expressway

JohhnyS | 2013年4月14日

I would like to travel on I-15 into Utah and Wyoming. Barstow is good, then possibly stateline. Without checking distances, St. George Utah then somewhere between St. George and Provo. At least once a year we make a trip up 395 to the eastern Sierras so Lone Pine or Bishop are all good locations.

sftownsend | 2013年4月14日

between Denver and Pueblo on the I-25 corridor

wonder | 2013年4月15日

Would like to see a corridor created from Chicago to St. Louis.
St. Louis to Disney World and other corridors along the Florida coasts.
St. Louis to East Coast.
St. Louis to Smoky Mountains.
St. Louis to Kansas City to Denver

Laryrob | 2013年4月15日

I-5 from Vancouver BC to San Diego

jrettinger | 2013年4月15日

Orange County, CA please!

frank_f | 2013年4月15日

George Washington Bridge (Redevelopment Area 5), Fort Lee, NJ

cb9 | 2013年4月15日

Agree with Petersburg VA for trips to OBX. And Kent Island for trips to Eastern Shore.

I am 3146 | 2013年4月15日

I think we need one in NJ on the Atlantic City Expressway at the Frank S Farley Service Plaza. This one would allow for charging about 25 miles outside of Atlantic City and allow most people to get all the way to Cape May and almost back up. One on the New Jersey Turnpike near Exit 7A would take care of people crossing 195 and also the east west traffic back to Pennsylvania.

weeandthewads | 2013年4月15日

In California; everywhere there is a mission there should be a supercharger.

Joel N. Weber II | 2013年4月16日

Brian H: What evidence do you have that the Milford Superchargers are outside of city limits?

mimirodgers | 2013年4月16日

Between Dallas and Austin off 35!

C Bretaud | 2013年4月17日

On highways between Amsterdam and Barcelona, along the "Autoroute du soleil" for all north european people who want to go to spain

pencil2man | 2013年4月20日

the range on an 85kwh is just short to get from Nashville to Atlanta. a charging station in Chattanooga would remedy this.

MAH | 2013年4月20日

Partner with Buc-ees and install one at each of their interstate stops. Best rest stops anywhere!

petero | 2013年4月20日

We prefer to take the CA coastal route between San Diego and San Francisco/Napa. Would love to see a few on the 101. Thanks. Also, we love to be able to comfortable exercise our 60 kWh MS and would prefer to see the distance between superchargers a in the 125-135 mile range than the 150-200.

petero | 2013年4月20日

P.S. To help overcome my being an intense NIMBY, I would love to have a SC in the Agoura-Thousand Oaks CA area.

george210 | 2013年4月20日

Work a deal with Costco and put a Supercharger at each of their 626 locations around the world -- United States (449), United Kingdom (23), Australia (3), Canada (85), Mexico (33), Taiwan (9), South Korea (9), Japan (15)

Thorleif | 2013年4月20日

In Norway I would like se superchargers in Hønefoss(E16), Brokelandsheia(E18), Vinstra(E6), Oppdal(E6), Stjørdal(E6), Grong(E6), Mosjøen(E6), Fauske(E6) and Narvik(E6).

george210 | 2013年4月20日

here's a link to U.S. Costco locations on a map

george210 | 2013年4月20日

here's a link to U.S. and Canadian Costco locations on a map

D Vo | 2013年4月20日

Texas Triangle Please!

Brian H | 2013年4月20日

Just short ... at what speed?

cerjor | 2013年4月20日

Each of us want them at sites that are convenient to us. That's not unexpected. That's why TM will locate them where most of the owners are.

martin.p | 2013年4月20日

Napa/Sonoma, for example Healdsburg or Santa Rosa.

Lessmog | 2013年4月22日

Hi, My old Saab may need to be replaced in about a year. Model S85 looks like an impressive contender to become its successor. But I do need to get from the vicinity of Smögen on the Swedish West Coast to Stockholm once or twice every other month, including winter (communal transportation not a viable option), and that is _just_ about marginal ideal range: 480-490 km one way (300+ mi) so a Super Charger along my route is an absolute must-have: else, no deal. A whole new infrastructure is essential for EV.

My suggestions:

1. Outside Örebro on E18/E20. Best at Marieberg mega-shopping center with IKEA and many other chains for furniture, building stuff, cafés, opticians etc, ca 3 km south of the junction, on E20. Or, at the smaller pit-stop EuroStop Hotel with a burger joint, an ICA supermarket, some car part dealers and a Statoil gas station (!) closer to town, at Ozongatan.

These are also en route Oslo-Stockholm, with junctions toward Dalecarlia/Åre and Gävle. Örebro is, in a sense, at the very center of Sweden. (Slogan!)

2. Outside Uddevalla on E6 at Torp, also with a mega-shopping center with IKEA opening 8 May 2013. Situated between Oslo and Göteborg.

3. Some charging capability needed also around Stockholm. Bromma Blocks shopping center at Stockholm City Airport, Barkarby super outlet center (with IKEA) on E18 or maybe in the southern corridor along E4/E20 at Skärholmen (IKEA) or Fittja perhaps? Or maybe north on E4 towards Arlanda airport. Land costs more there, though.

Further suggestion:

4. On E6 at Falkenberg. Smaller shopping center, Skrea seaside resort, golf course and a turn-off to Ullared's hysterical shopping center GK.

Of course, I'd also like to be able to go to Continental Europe, but I leave those details to the Danes, Germans et al :-)

hsadler | 2013年4月23日

In addition to Outlet Malls, perhaps State Welcoming Centers positioned near state lines.

hsadler | 2013年4月23日

"Work a deal with Costco and put a Supercharger at each of their 626 locations around the world"

Costco just recently removed their EV chargers due to lack of use.
Bad timing.

Sudre_ | 2013年4月23日

Now I am curious. Does it cost money to have a charge station sit unused on your parkibg lot? If it doesn't why would Costco bother removing for lack of use? If it does then I have reason number 64 for hating the auto industries special plug to discourage EV adoption.

kalikgod | 2013年4月23日


It was back in 2011 and here is an article about it.

If you don't feel like reading, the main reason was the chargers were the paddle style for the EV1 and old RAV4 EV. Pretty sure Tesla won't be making an adapter for that.

djm12 | 2013年4月24日

Costco must be regretting that decision now. It might have been easy to replace the old paddle style chargers with Level 2.

davidcoleman81 | 2013年5月7日

Looks like there's a Supercharger station going in Normal, IL (150 miles outside of Chicago on the way to St. Louis)

EllenS | 2013年5月7日

I would like to see a supercharger in or near downtown Austin TX and also in North County San Diego too please, and the idea of putting them at every Costco is brilliant - and people would shop while their cars were charging, which would be great for Costco. My guess is the Executive-level members at Costco match the profile of Tesla owners well.

shs | 2013年5月7日

Unfortunately Costco recently removed all their EV chargers rather than upgrading them to the current standards. Real pity as Thursday evening I need to both shop at Costco Fresno and boost my charge a bit after a long day of driving and the last uphill leg to get home. I have emailed Costco asking them to put in chargers at all their stores, and would encourage everyone who shops there to do the same.