White/Tan S85 For Sale Accident Damage

White/Tan S85 For Sale Accident Damage

jat | 2013年12月20日

Wow, is what is shown in the video really all the damage that was done?

lolachampcar | 2013年12月21日

Yep, nothing else. The State Farm adjuster along with two independent adjusters and the local Service Center have been all over the car. The cosmetic stuff is all there is.

The depth of the dents is more than appears in pictures or on the video. White does not lend itself to photography as there is a lack of contrast.

lolachampcar | 2013年12月21日

Also, my wife has been driving it ever sense with no increase in wind noise or other indications of damage (apart from a completely wrinkled right side from the mirror back).

It is the cost to remove and replace the rear quarter panel that drives up the overall repair number. The door shells are $950 and $975 and they are an unbolt then bolt operation. The quarter panel is welded on along with some bonding operations (panel or glass, not sure which).

lolachampcar | 2013年12月22日

one bump

AlMc | 2013年12月22日

For anyone new to this forum, 'Lola' is one of the most respected contributors to this and the TMC site. This car is a 'steal' at the price that is being discussed. If you have a friend with a body shop you can have a low mileage S for the cost of an 'E' and the have it now, not in 2+ years. yes, you will save that much.

If I was not lucky enough to have my S already and on the waiting list for an X I would bid on this one in a heart beat. This is a classic 'win-win' situation for buyer/seller.

disclaimer: I do not benefit from this sale in any way, shape or form. Just glad Lola's wife was OK and trying to support a respected forum member.

lolachampcar | 2013年12月22日


Thank you for the kind words.


AlMc | 2013年12月22日

Happily bumping this thread AlMc

AlMc | 2013年12月22日

It appears this model S will be sold in the next 3-4 days so it is important to keep this thread on the first page till the 25th. I will be trying to help do this.
Other 'friends of Lolacampcar' are free to help.

This is a 'win-win' situation for a forward thinking buyer.

Bighorn | 2013年12月22日


TeslaLandShark | 2013年12月22日

Lola, Can you give a brief summary of what happened to the car on this thread rather than requiring us to trudge through it on TMC. Sorry everyone but I don't find that forum as user friendly as most people do.

AlMc | 2013年12月22日

TeslaLandShark: Apologies to 'Lolachampcar' if he did not want this moved over: below is a description I copied here from TMC:
There are pictures over at TMC. The damage is purely cosmetic and IMHO, not that bad.

Original Post
I tried to put this in the "classifieds" section but apparently that is being handled by a different mechanism which requires a PayPal account (which I no longer have - Spam).

My wife was hit yesterday (Dec. 12th) by an SUV pulling out of a parking lot. It was a glancing "Tbone" in that my wife was going about 20 mph and the SUV's plastic bumper smeared the aluminum on my wife's car from the passenger door mirror all the way back to the quarter panel just before the rear wheel. There was one small scratch on the rear wheel but nothing significant enough to have caused any damage to the wheel or the suspension. Both doors open and close, are sealed against the door seal, the windows go up and down and there is no additional wind noise in the car. In short, the damage is mostly cosmetic in nature and the car is perfectly drivable.

The car was a September delivery and has 3500 miles on it. I am considering placing an order for a replacement car and selling this car as is. It will come with a clean car fax and obvious accident damage. I would think at diminished value it would make for a very good project car. If you have a NASCAR bent to you and are only seen from the driver's side, you may well just leave the damage be as the car is perfectly functional as is.

Please contact me if you have any interest in the car as I would like to establish a baseline value for it as input to a buy new versus repair calculation.

Bighorn | 2013年12月23日


lolachampcar | 2013年12月23日

I did amend the above posting to include that both the insurance company payout and the police report are apparently reported to CarFax the the buyer SHOULD NOT expect a clean CarFax.

Here is a link to pictures on my web site (not TMC)-
This include the display (milage), ViN and original window sticker to confirm options as well as pictures of the damage itself.

lolachampcar | 2013年12月23日

and here is the exact text from the request for bids-

"I would like to start by thanking everyone that took time to give me feedback on selling my wife’s S85. That information, combined with some valuable cost data on a similar repair, has provided a clear and compelling case for selling the car as is.

The car is now available for sale and delivery. I would like to solicit bids by email for the next four days at the close of which I will sit down with my wife and examine all of them in an attempt to pick the best buyer. This will be Tuesday afternoon. I prefer email over PM as I seem unable to manage the volume in my PM account. As mentioned earlier, it is my intention to to be fair throughout this process and disadvantage no one. I will make the car available for inspection throughout this process.

Information from seller:
The car has clear title without lien holder, is in our possession and is in my wife’s name.
The car can be delivered to the buyer as early as two days after the close of bidding and selection of a winning bid.
A successful bid should include a non-refundable deposit that (1) allows the buyer to rely on the purchase of the car and (2) allow the seller to rely on the sale so that the car can be removed from the market. It has been my past experience that these types of deposit are typically made within a few days of the successful bid and are routinely in the 10% range.
I would prefer all payments be made via wire transfer to Tesla referencing the order number for my wife’s replacement car.
Although not a mandatory requirement, it would be very helpful if the successful bidder would allow for my wife to remain in the car until the replacement arrives. If the buyer is kind enough to allow this, I would anticipate protections for the buyer such that the car remains in my wife’s name, on our insurance policy and there is a clear zero cost exit for the buyer should anything happen to the car during this time (like another accident ). Again, this is desirable for obvious reasons but is by no means a requirement of a successful bid.

My primary goals are to meet the buyer’s needs for value while fetching the best possible price for the car as is. I am open to any approach that helps to achieve both goals.

Thank You,
Bill Hart

with the obligatory dot com"

AlMc | 2013年12月23日

I believe 'Lola' is only keeping the bidding open for this vehicle for another day or so. If I was waiting for the Gen III based on price or would like a very affordable S85 I would look at this vehicle very closely.

J.T. | 2013年12月23日

@admjr. Hope you're getting a commission. :-)

minervo.florida | 2013年12月23日

Where in Florida are you located?
I am in sarasota, thanks.

minervo.florida | 2013年12月23日

Can I call you or you call me in Sarasota Florida?
Kirby 941-350-3936


AlMc | 2013年12月23日

jtodman: No commission :)

I almost put on this car. A great deal. However, I am waiting for an 'E' for my daughter. Putting an S85 in the hands of a teenager/new driver is probably a REAL bad idea.

J.T. | 2013年12月23日

Good thinking.

Have a great holiday.

AlMc | 2013年12月23日

Jtodtman: Happy Holidays to you as well. Sounds like 'Lola' is getting lots of bids based on his posts on the TMC forum. Anyone else interested just has a couple more days (2-3) before he/his family makes a decision on the best bid.

jbunn | 2013年12月23日

If I did not already have an S, I'd get a can of Bondo, make a bid, and we're off to the races!

Nu2Ecar | 2013年12月24日


I sent an email with the following questions:

Is the bidding process still open? If so, when does it close?

Is this a closed bidding process? If it isn’t, what is the current maximum bid?

Where in Florida are you located?

Would you indicate any points of wear please? – I remember reading that the front seats get worn in one small spot. Any dings? Do dogs ride in the car?

Can you think of any way of safeguarding me from any future kerb, garage rash or accident, whether automotive or perhaps a coffee or other liquid spill?

No response as yet, but I have read you live in Sarasota and the process is still open. I'll get a quote for delivery and look into charging details before making a bid.

Nu2Ecar | 2013年12月24日

All the questions were quotes from my email and should have been in italics.

lolachampcar | 2013年12月24日

Bidding was for four days and closes today (Tuesday December 24th) at 5 PM EST.
The bidding is closed. I did not want an eBay type open pit people against each other thing.
I am in West Palm Beach about ten minutes from the SC.
No seat wear. The rat terrior has been in the car once (10lb dog on a towel).
The car has several dings. They are all located on the two right doors and quarter panel :)

I'm not sure I understand the safeguard question. If you are concerned about the car from when you win the bid to when you collect it, make that time frame short (a few days).

Nu2Ecar | 2013年12月24日

Regarding safeguard, I was planning to ask how long your wife needed until the replacement arrived. Delay is not a problem for me, but "events" happen, such as garage rashes, upset coffee, etc. Thus I'm happy for you to tell me when I can arrange for collection, but I'll worry about possible degradation after purchase and before collection.

TikiMan | 2013年12月24日


Just curious... why are you selling it?

lolachampcar | 2013年12月24日

I did the math. With bids "north of $40K", it is cheaper for me to manage a retail sale then it is for me to repair then trade the car in. Put differently, the car as it stands now plus the cost of repair is more money than I can get for a trade in! Tesla, like any other company, considers my car sitting right next to a 3 month old demo with 3500 miles on it and determines how much less my accident repaired car is worth on trade. I can not blame them.

It does not matter to me if it is my money, my insurance company's money or the other party's insurance company. The goal for me is the same and that is to put my wife right back where she was before the accident for the least amount of money. I actually look for a very similarly equipped loaner/demo but Tesla did not have one (thus the new order). This is the best path and the bids I've been getting are proving the theory.

lolachampcar | 2013年12月24日

The bidding is closed.

Thank you to each and every one of you that considered the car and to those that placed a bid. My wife and I are sitting down to go though them now. We will get back to everyone that placed a bid.


lolachampcar | 2017年9月30日

I'm reviving this thread to thank all my TM peeps for their help with this ordeal (the accident).

In way of update-
Verdict back on 9/27/2017 Yes, 2017!!!
Was Defendant negligent? Yes
Was Plaintif negligent? No
Jury Damages? $30,000

Next is a Final Judgement to include pre-judgement interest and allowable expenses.
Once Final Judgement is entered, we will be seeking attorney's fees pursuant to Florida Law on Offers of Judgement.

What an incredibly long process but the results have been accurate and just so far. Fingers crossed for the remainder.

SoCal Buzz | 2017年9月30日

Wow, quite the saga. Congrats Bill. I hope the process was not too stressful.