Why I am getting a Signature Tesla Model X

Why I am getting a Signature Tesla Model X

Why I am getting a Signature Tesla Model X

I need a minivan for practical reasons, kids, family, moving stuff picking up their friends
I need an SUV for work due to driving safety and handling
I need space because my vehicle is a mobile office at times
I need built in technology to increase my efficiency
I need all wheel drive for winter safety
I need a car that does not cost me 800.00 a month in gas
I need all this utility in one vehicle
I need one car for all seasons
I need a car that is low maintenance
I don’t have time for oil changes where they try to upsell me to synthetic on my 8-year-old SUV
I only want to pay insurance on one car
I want a car that is fun to drive
For once in my life I want a cool looking car!
I want an innovative car, because that’s who I am
I want a car that gets better with age because that’s what I strive for
I want a car that’s more exhilarating to drive than anything out there
I want to do something good for the environment
I want the safest car available
I want to be able to say, “It’s in the frunk. Oh, you don’t know what that is? Let me show you?”
I want to be able to say, “Now I am going to touch the Ludicrous Button, are you ready?”
I want to do something for myself that may be considered an indulgence but when you look really deeply is probably the most practical car decision I ever made

I am tired of compromise vehicles.

Roomy often means poor fuel economy or bad handling
Quick often means room for one more person and a bag
Fuel-efficient often means small
Exotic often means impractical for all seasons (spring, winter and fall not appropriate for driving)
As a family man having two kids or more means pretty much every ICE vehicle is a compromise in one of these areas

I have weighed all the pros and cons

The Tesla Model X won me over

AlMc | 2015年11月15日

I am very happy for you and your family. Glad it meets all your needs.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年11月15日

To bad they may be compromising on the chargers. I don't want a compromise vehicle either.

adamgreen | 2015年11月15日

What you'd described could be a Porsche 911 targa from the 80's. : )

primetime98 | 2015年11月17日

I'm excited for my Signature as well. I have used folding second row seats in my current SUV (MB GL320) and admit it causes some worry for the few times I may need it in the X but the truth is I am willing to overlook this and the charger deficiency because it is a car that just doesn't exist anywhere else. A fully electrical car with no need for the ultimate compromise of having to use gas. Is the initial X rollout a disappointment in the sense of timing, communications and speed of the rollout yes it has been absolutely. At the same time however this is an exceptional vehicle and at least one of the "compromises", like the chargers seems to be able to be something that can be adaptable in the future as from my understanding there are S models that have made the adaptation after purchase.

I wish everyone the X of that meets their needs at some point soon in the future.

NumberOne | 2015年11月17日

I am getting a Model X for all of the reasons you have stated, but the reason why I do not want a Sig is because the state where I live taxes all automobiles at 4.5% every year, in addition to the initial sales tax I would have to pay at least $900 in additional tax and similar amounts the following years in addition to the taxes I would have to pay on a general production model. Normally the base model is used for tax purposes, but in the case of anything with a 'P' in the model they tax you on a Performance model. Sigs will be taxed higher than P only for the first year, but both will be on a different schedule compared to non performance. The personal property tax for year 1 will be around $5k. It does not sound like much, but in the first 5 years of ownership the property tax on a Sig X in VA will be over $15k.

Congratulations on you Signature Model X.

gordonbremer | 2015年11月19日

As if this wait isn't maddening enough, Bloomberg hit us below the best with this teaser:

Brian Vicars | 2015年11月19日

@gordonbremer. Thank you for the link since it helps with the waiting.

Ross1 | 2015年11月20日


Who says you are getting a Model X?

Not looking good....