Why the price discrepency between Canadian and US car?

Why the price discrepency between Canadian and US car?

I just received my confirmation paperwork to sign and I see that the price difference between the car I configured and the price now quoted is $15,000.

I know that $7500 is the US Federal green rebate, but what the heck is the other $7500 for? It can't be a currency thing.

Anyone else in the Great White North confused?

roofmonkey | 2012年12月6日

OK I guess I found the answer. It covers the import duty in the cost. Had me wondering.

razasunny54 | 2012年12月6日

hi, what was your reservation number? and are you general production or sig?

just want to see how far they have come in getting P reservations to start configuring.

Stark | 2012年12月6日

I was under the impression that the import duties were already included in the Canadian pricing (somewhere around 6% more than US due to not qualifying under NAFTA because of foreign content contained in the battery pack). Was your original configuation done under the US site? I sure hope so, because I'm so very very close in convincing my wife to move forward with a reservation, but if there is that much of a price difference than what I'm selling my wife on, the deal will be off! If your in Ontario, there is an $8500.00 credit that you can take right off the cost or apply for the rebate after you pay full price.

nickjhowe | 2012年12月6日

See this thread:

there is a post from George B himself that explains the pricing.