Why you should not wait to buy

Why you should not wait to buy

First, I'm posting this under a name created just for this post; I don't need to receive followup postings or emails of condolence. I created an email address just to create this Tesla ID.

I ordered my MS 85 in December 2012, and it arrived in April 2013. My internal rationale at the time was, essentially, "I am 63 years old; I have been prudent and frugal all my life, I want this car, and although it is far more expensive than any car I've ever bought, I can afford it." So I bought it.

It is now about 20 months later, and I have recently been diagnosed with lung cancer (adenocarcinoma), which is pretty clearly stage IV, metastasized to my liver, bones, lymph nodes, and perhaps my brain and eyes. (If not my brain then there is something else odd going on in there.) This is, incidentally, the most common form of lung cancer among non-smokers. Looks like I hit the jackpot! My medical oncologist says I could possibly live 2 years. I suspect it will be less, and the last portion of that time will be pretty unpleasant. In some ways, I am more frightened of becoming blind than of dying.

So time out: I've had a great life. I was fortunate enough to be born in the mid-20th century into a relatively affluent country, to solidly middle-class parents who raised me properly. I got a great education and have had a career in which I have contributed in a small way to humankind and society, and some of which has been enjoyable. I have a great wife, a great marriage, and three great adult kids, and 4 great grand-kids. If my life ends now, it has been a great run. And it will end. I have non-small-cell carcinoma with the ALK rearrangement. There is a targeted therapy but that therapy isn't going to cure me; at best it'll slow things down a little. (Coincidentally, the Dec 4 issue of the NEJM has an article on it.) There is an approved secondary therapy for when the primary therapy loses its effectiveness, and there are clinical trials, but it is all probably going to be too late for me.

But for the past 2 years, this car has been a very enjoyable part of my life. Not the comments I get at traffic lights, or the exclamations of incredulity I get when pulling into a convenience store for coffee. The absolute pleasure I get just from driving the car, nearly 2 years after I got it. It is a pleasure to own. It is a pleasure to drive. It is a pleasure to Supercharge.

If I had decided to wait until some improvements had been added, I would have denied myself this great joy. I would have gotten lung cancer and not have had the car for 2 years (nearly). So it was worth it to get it when I wanted it and not to have waited. We never know what the future may hold. Mine is pretty unpleasant, but this car has been a great pleasure and a great joy. How unfortunate it would have been had I put off buying it. (I do regret that my father, who was an electrical engineer, wasn't alive to see it.)

Rocky_H | 2014年12月10日

@Red Sage, Hmm, Octavia Butler. All right, I'll give it a try.

jmcm2110 | 2014年12月10日

jN may you have sunny days, downhills and tailwinds and enjoy your S for every one of them.

renwo S alset | 2014年12月10日

JN. One month after getting my S I was diagnosed with two inoperable aneurysms. How long before rupture is impossible to know. But what I do know is that everyday is a gift. I'm glad you didn't wait either and I am so glad you shared this with us. | 2014年12月10日

Thank you for sharing your joy and sorrow and giving us a realistic perspective on life. I am glad you got to enjoy the car and fight this will a positive attitude. Love and respect from all of us.

lunknugget | 2014年12月10日

Thank you thank you.

nosken | 2015年1月20日

JerzeyNeyman - Thanks so much for your posting. It changed me in such a positive way.
I had been thinking of ordering a Tesla when the Model X was revealed. I was in "analysis paralysis" and was ready to put my reservation on a Model X, knowing I would have plenty of time to cancel if I wanted to.

Reading this post completely changed my mind. None of us are getting any younger, and it could end at any minute. Like you mentioned, this is so out of character for me, but "we only live once"! I have always been a car guy and techie, so I asked myself, if this is the last car I will ever buy, what car should it be?

I started determining my build wants and needs, and finally Christmas Day ordered my P85D. March Delivery. The more I read, the more I am convinced, I waited long enough.... Now I can hardly wait!

Thanks again JerzeyNeyman, and everyone else that has contributed. I hope the best for everyone in this great community!

mclary | 2015年1月20日

Don't stop believing!!

Thank you for sharing.

Chromeon | 2015年1月20日

Sir, I am 16 years old, and I also want to make a change in this world. I find people such as yourself, heroes in my eyes. I do not know what you have contributed to this world, but you managed to inspire a teenager, so you achieved the impossible. Thank you.

Haggy | 2015年1月20日

At the time I ordered my car, it lacked some of the hardware that I would have needed for it to qualify as the "last car I will ever buy." As it stands now, I wouldn't rule it out. Something would have to come along that would be so compelling that it would make me want to give up a car I already like. I've had six cars in the last 40 years that were my primary vehicle. Even at that, I got rid of one of them because of a cross country move, one because it was totaled, and one was towed away.

The MS as it stands now might have gotten me to replace my car even though I had one that worked fine and performed well. I can't say for sure, but the fact that I had ruled it out earlier based on reading the specs means that I was considering it. The latest round of changes might have done it for me. If the 3 were out today, I might be considering buying one of those to replace a perfectly good car.

AmpedRealtor | 2015年1月20日

Incredible thread +100

phat78boy | 2015年1月20日

I wish you the best and thank you for sharing your story with us.

I agree 100% with your recommendation and it is the same I give to anyone who asks about buying.

MileHighMotoring | 2015年1月20日

Very moved by this. Thank you for posting.

srgtfury | 2015年1月20日

Presented with a 7% Five year survival at Ca diagnosis, myself. FF 10 years, S/P MD Anderson and my own experimental chemo cocktails X2, After OK'd by an NIH specialist ((I am in the field), so to say) SX and still here. Got the Baby Bentley after original Dx, BTW. Results of all that most obvious with one functioning vocal cord (there went the singing hobby) and then a loss of all central vision right eye, among other less irksome side effects, etc.. I did take up dancing, though and that has been a bit'a fun.

If only I could get the 6.1 download, which is the reason I got the Tesla-right side blind spot warning on dash highly anticipated. In fact I am ADA Disabled because of my visual problems in my right eye. I am probably a pretty rare case, but would be among those the most likely to benefit immediately and frequently from the enabling of that warning function. Then I would likely add to the 300 miles I have driven the model S since dec30 (including the 30 miles driving home)... No big, though, as your issues, as described, are far and above more pressing. Best wishes-you never know how things go and even though this Dx is a tough break, no question, no one who really cares for you would begrudge your indulgences.

Thank you very much


nosken | 2015年1月28日

Great Post-Thank You!

teslamonterey | 2015年1月28日

Jerzey, enjoy the rest. I pray you get more than what the doctors project. You made me cry. You made me appreciate good health. God's speed to you.

JeffreyR | 2015年7月19日

@nosken | JULY 18, 2015 +1
Thanks for the pointer to this thread. My dear wife is battling some auto-immune issues that have kept her out of work since it nearly killed her two years ago. I miss her everyday and wish often for more time. I must get off pause and start making a dent. Thanks for the reminder!

JeffreyR | 2015年7月19日

@JerzeyNeyman best wishes and thank you for your generous and gracious post. I will add it to the "Cause of the Tesla Grin" post as well so that others may discover it too. Keep grinning!

laykutsu1 | 2015年7月19日


Thank u for sharing with us... and wish u the best luck..
and Yes.. despite all the little issues.. Model S is a great car.. and its a privilege to be able to drive one..

FlatSix911 | 2015年7月19日

JerzeyNeyman- thanks for sharing your story.
We really need an update!

Red Sage ca us | 2015年7月26日

Get it while the gettin' is good.

Red70D.Martinez.CA | 2015年7月26日

JerizeyNeyman, We are about the same age. Thank you foe sharing. I have a feeling that once my car is ready, I may think of this for every time I go for a drive.

Giving this post +100000000000000

Red70D.Martinez.CA | 2015年7月26日

I agree, we would love an update on how you are doing. There are miracles in medicine each day.

MoCowbell | 2015年7月27日

I can tell by the way you write that you are wise and wide-eyed about life. Im happy there are people like you. Thank you for enriching me with your words.

clomi | 2015年7月27日

Thanks for the post.

What most of us don't realize is that the life of anybody can turn on a dime in a matter of seconds.
I know, I work in intensive care.

My wife had cold feet about the car before buying it and ask an advice to a good friend of her (who
was finishing her chemo for a lymphoma) and her advice was exactly yours, go for it, live it now!!!

Carpe diem

Detroit SuperCharger | 2015年7月28日


I lurk mostly. Occasionally post. Mostly on the "General" and "X" boards. In fact, not being an owner yet, I rarely ever look through the "S" board.

Really glad I did today.

My DaD died at 59 from pancreatic cancer. His died at 61 "acute pancreatitis" <- basically the same thing. He got his pilot's license at 52. He raised all his kids to have a love for the water. We grew up on the Great Lakes. I remember him telling me once, before he knew was sick, when I mentioned wanting to get a boat soon (I was 25 then, I'm 39 now). "Don't wait too long, or you might never start". Still don't have a boat. Still don't have a Tesla. Still, wondering when I'm going to "start" a lot of things.

This just . . . yeah. Wow. Thank you. Hope you are still driving and grinning.

Carpie Diem indeed <- reminds me a of a Pat Dailey tune we'd all sing on the boat a lot "Belly Up in the Bay" subtitles "Carpie Diem"

Keep grinning my friends. "Start" something today. Tonight. Right now.

nosken | 2018年1月11日

I want to bump this post since it was just over 3 years ago that this convinced me to get a Model S rather than wait for the Model X. In those 34 months I have logged over 80,000 wonderful miles.
The recent Model 3 delivery of a dying man with lung cancer mentioned here is similar. I have had the honor of getting to know him and his wife. They are wonderful people and the outpouring from the Tesla community and from the Tesla Team was remarkable and without fanfare. Thank You!

reed_lewis | 2018年1月12日

I totally concur. One should live their life like every day is their last day, because one day that will be true.

NoMoPetrol | 2018年1月12日

That's one reason I have been driving a CPO S85 since August instead of waiting for the eventual availability of a Model 3 to non-owners.