Widening 21" Staggered Rear Wheels from 9" to 10"?

Widening 21" Staggered Rear Wheels from 9" to 10"?

What do you guys think, is it safe?

CalabasasKid | 2015年3月21日

Are you talking about changing the offset or actually widening a wheel? How would one go about widening a wheel?

tranhv68 | 2015年3月21日

I went with 20X10 TSW Nurburgring Matte Gunmetal. Put on 275/40/20 on the rears with 35mm offset. Fills out the wheelwell nicely.

tranhv68 | 2015年3月21日

Lets try it again.

tranhv68 | 2015年3月21日

One more time.

tranhv68 | 2015年3月21日
Brian H | 2015年3月21日

Include width="600" in your HTML to right-size it.

Kyubb | 2015年3月21日

@calabasKid. Weld craft widens wheels. They add an extra material and weld it, to wiiden the width.

PleasantonS | 2015年3月22日

I am running a 275/40-20 on a 10.5 inch Vossen rim in the back with a 42mm offset and a 245/40-20 on a 9 inch rim with a 35mm offest in the front. The setup is very similar to what tran is running.

Bighorn | 2015年3月22日

My concern would be inner shoulder wear unless you dial out the negative camber.

CalabasasKid | 2015年3月22日

I would have to question the wisdom of tampering with the set up that TM spec'd for our cars. Plus, I would be nervous driving a customized version of a factory wheel especially at high speeds. And for what benefit? Everyone knows this isn't a car for the "twisties". It already handles quite well with its low CG. Why tamper with perfection?

PleasantonS | 2015年3月22日

@CalabasaKid the spec has changed and may continue to change. The original 21 inch setup on the P85D was staggered. Either due to people complaining about wear, lack of availability, or a decision to enable rotation, the spec went to a non staggered configuration. What makes you believe that the existing configuration is "perfection" and cannot be improved? Do you assume it is perfect because that is the latest configuration?

PleasantonS | 2015年3月22日

Note: I do agree with Bighorn that a wider tire will be subject to significantly more inner shoulder wear, especially on the lowest height setting on those cars that have the air suspension without some adjustment to the camber. I was lead to believe that Tesla had taken some of the negative camber out but I do not recall where I heard that.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年3月24日

It's all about balance. Performance. Tread life. Rolling resistance. Appearance. Choose the tire and wheel combination that is most likely to fulfill your own needs. For me, that would be trusting Tesla Motors engineers. For others, it would be choosing a +2 setup at all four corners. For many, standard 19's fit the bill.

tranhv68 | 2015年3月25日

I have a 2013 p85 and a 2015 p85d. I had horrible inside shoulder wear on the 21s that came with the p85. I switched to 19's and am getting approx. 30K vs 15k for the 21s.

Interestingly, the negative camber on the p85d seems less than the p85. I did a rough measurement with a framing square and indeed, the negative camber is less on the p85d. I will keep everyone posted on the wear rate and pattern of my 275/40/20's.

Remember that tires are probably chosen for rolling resistance first, performance second. I think that the current OE tires reflect a optimized compromise. I don't worry about 265 vs 240 miles of range. What I do like is how well the 275's balance out the wide haunches of the model s. I bet if the tires on the model s were as narrow as the i3, range would improve, but handling would suffer disproportionately.

PleasantonS | 2015年3月25日

tran, just out of curiosity, what height setting do you measure the camber on the P85D?