Widest possible rear wheel/tire configuration?

Widest possible rear wheel/tire configuration?

My brother is now considering Tesla. He likes the wide rear wheel / tire look on Porche’s etc and asked me if wider wheels / tires can be put on the back of a MS if you have air suspension. Does anybody know?



EVino | 2015年12月18日

I believe 285 is the widest I've heard of. 285/35-21. . Wider than 9" rims, playing with the offset is the key.

PleasantonS has this setup:
PleasantonS | MARCH 22, 2015
I am running a 275/40-20 on a 10.5 inch Vossen rim in the back with a 42mm offset and a 245/40-20 on a 9 inch rim with a 35mm offest in the front. The setup is very similar to what tran is running.

He might see this post and give more details.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年12月21日

I'm sure that someone would love to shoehorn a 325 width tire under the rear of a Model S. Best of luck to them, whomever they may be. But the rolling resistance would like reduce range by a considerable amount.