Will you purchase sight unseen?

Will you purchase sight unseen?

I won't - I don't necessarily need to test drive it - but i do need to see it, feel it and sit in it and see how the cargo management works - if Tesla doesn't let me see a production one of these beasts before calling my order well then some lucky person right behind me in line will get their's…

how do you feel - will you pay 70-130k for this car if you can't evaluate it in person?

I own a P86D - have a reservation for at least 1.5 years and owned a P85…so I'm a fan and love the product - but I'm not going to spend 100k+ on a car I can't see. | 2015年9月2日

@dortor: of course you are right. So, go to the Faith in Tesla thread and read my response. We will bend Tesla to our will by being resourceful and creative. There's no point in letting them cut off their frunk to spite their nose.(or something to that effect,). As you know, the cars are too good for that. They soon see the light.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月2日
Farmer Dave | 2015年9月2日

I will NOT purchase sight unseen (MX Sig #627). And I may well exchange my long-standing reservation to a standard MX due to the higher than expected cost and inclusion of options I don't need/want.

An even bigger concern is what I've read at TMC about policy changes to the Ranger program. I live in rural PA about 120 miles from the nearest Tesla Service Center. When I made my reservation the policy was free Ranger service for warranty work, a flat $100 travel charge for non-warranty work. I've read that is no longer the case, and an expensive mileage charge has been instituted.

If that's accurate, I might not even want a standard MX.

vperl | 2015年9月2日

Gotta look, see, smell, and sit in it at the very least. 145k is not chump change . but I expect that because my reservation Number is high.

Still, no sittie, no cashie.

Buy a KIA
In hell

sbeggs | 2015年9月2日

Haha! | 2015年9月2日

The customer is ALWAYS right. Like my Mom, even when they're wrong, they're right.

rbucich | 2015年9月2日

Yes, I did it with the Model S in December 2012 and was not disappointed.

rdalcanto | 2015年9月2日

Yes. No other vehicle checks the boxes for what we want. After a P85+ and now a P85D, I'm not worried. My wife will complain if there aren't more cup holders in this one, but she will still love driving it.

KyleGoss | 2015年9月2日

Farmer Dave step to the back of the line please. If you don't want the fully loaded Sig you signed up for you can get a production version in June 2016.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年9月2日

Yes, I also ordered and received my first Model S85 sight unseen. Our first car delivered off an auto hauler in front of my house and I got in a drove off. Best test drive ever.

I have yet to ever do a test drive or visit a Tesla store. So far I have purchased an S85, P85+ and a P85D. In each case the test drive followed the car delivery.

I currently have Sig numbers 3XX and 6XX. I expect to order and receive both cars before I am able to see the cars. Not real worried about it.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年9月2日

I might add I don't drive all the cars. As the family designated Tesla expert I end up buying and passing on to other family members.

ernie | 2015年9月2日

I WOULD buy sight unseen or not getting behind the wheel, but have the luxury of 8*** as a number. I'll let you Sigs and low number guys be the testers. Sour grapes...a little, but resigned.

socalsam | 2015年9月2日

Dont need a test drive but I do need more info on the car before buying. I will not buy sight unseen- but i have a higher number- so not a problem in my case.

eric.zucker | 2015年9月2日

Based on my 2 MS test drives, and photos of MX, yes without question.

srobinson | 2015年9月2日

No, I will not. I love Tesla and I love my Model S. I do believe that the X will be a great car. But I think it's outrageous for people to be asked to commit without knowing the basic operation of a $135K car. I have a very low production number (below 20) that I reserved at the X reveal event, and I'm very glad I didn't opt for the even lower Sig number I could have gotten then. I would not be able to commit now based on the info available.

BTW I have a high (13xx) Sig X reservation too, just in case there was some Sig option that I wanted. Really don't think there is, so almost certainly be canceling the Sig reservation.

aesculus | 2015年9月2日

For all those cancelling your sigs because of feature issues: I agree with that you should tell Tesla now that you are considering cancelling your reservation because you do not want X (3rd row, P, adult seating, ...).

Maybe if enough of you complain they can tailor the cars a bit more. If you just cancel they will move to the next person and not really solve the issue and could potentially loose you as a customer which is worse, all because of a simple issue that can be addressed.

socalsam | 2015年9月2日


I don't think they really care. but I do think a significant number of people are gonna cancel their signature reservations without more info. Buying a 132k car on blind faith is asking a lot.

HenryT2 | 2015年9月2日

I won't. I put down a deposit on my Model S in Jan 2012 after seeing the car in the showroom but wasn't able to drive it until a few months before I locked down my order. But as I bought the 40 and it only cost me $50K or so, I would have bought just based on seeing the car.

Two things are different with the Model X. First, the car is, pardon me for saying this, ugly. I loved the Model S and was willing to compromise a little based on "love at first sight." The Model X is something I would have to grow to love.

Second, the cost is much higher (than my 40). And in fact, since the superchargers are in place and this would now be my main vehicle whereas I bought my Model S as an experiment, I would have to buy a reasonable size battery, etc.

Consequently, I'm going to have to see/feel/drive it before I finalize my order. Luckily, at reservation 7000+, I should have time.

DonS | 2015年9月2日

Much ado about nothing. Some people will jump to order simply because they believe in Tesla. Others will wait. Once Model X deliveries start, we will be inundated with Model X minutiae and rest of the reservations holders will have to find something else to worry about. Different choices for different viewpoints.

Ankit Mishra | 2015年9月3日

You guys will be getting to see the car on 29 th Sep. I bet there will be some X's available their for you guys to test drive too. Be sure to let Tesla know that you intend to test drive if your reservation is very low sig.

Gwgan | 2015年9月3日

Yes, the sooner I'm driving electric the better and MX is the first suitable option.

sandycraft50 | 2015年9月3日

Not with your money, have to touch feel and drive.

Gwgan | 2015年9月3日

Consider adding your reservation info to and updating your entry if you change or delay a sig res. If most sig res holders add to the data set then a trend in dissatisfaction will be more apparent than all these separate forum entries.

NumberOne | 2015年9月3日

Only those of us regular production reservation holders who reserved in 2012 have a small chance of getting our cars this year. If you have a signature reservation holder you are more likely to take delivery before the end of the year. What this means, is that you will have a chance to physically see one before you finalize your order. I probably will not get that chance since I have one of the earliest reservations in VA, but I will be happy to show my car to anyone who wants to see it. I will even coordinate with the store to go there if they do not have one yet.

tmaz | 2015年9月3日

Anybody who is going to drop 150+K (after taxes) on a vehicle that they have not seen or test drove needs their head examined. Would you buy a house without doing a walkthrough or buy a bed without laying on it to see if its comfortable?

Say you buy the car based on the aesthetics in the picture and the seats hurt your back or the second row doesn't provide easy access to the third row when car seats are installed (very common problem in many suv vehicles today). Would you really be happy you dropped a 150k on a vehicle that is not comfortable or functional for your lifestyle?

I guess if you have deep pockets you could just resell it and take the hit, but most of us I would assume to be a bit smarter with out we spend our money. Just my 2 cents.

Gwgan | 2015年9月3日

tmaz, as one of the anyone I do not see the same comparison. Thanks to TMC and some MS time I know a great deal about this car, enough to make a decision. It fits my needs in a way the MS sedan could not and some non-ideal features (flat rear cargo space for example) just don't matter as much. It is electric, big enough, has enough range, and can get up my driveway. It is not like there is an alternative vehicle choice available. Why wait (even longer) for a "what if...makes it perfect"? As for the dollars, a good chunk of the spend is the cost of opportunity and that is a personal choice.

Remnant | 2015年9月3日


Moreover, I will look for the implementation details of every feature and evaluate them against the public knowledge and my grasp of that feature.

If that approach is not permitted or possible, I intend to defer the purchase until such obstacles give way to my explorations.

Auto P85 | 2015年9月3日

I was talking to the local shop in San Diego who repairs Teslas (they have fixed over 400 already) and he said I should absolutely wait to purchase my X. I pushed him on it because I don't think I have the ability to wait. I told him my reservation number was 7K and while he loves the S, he said based on what happened with the S and his experience (he has primarily been working with ultra high end cars for decades), he would wait until the X has been out at least a yaer, he said two would be even better. I was crushed when I heard that and I still hope he is wrong, but I keep hearing his advice in the back of my head and I cannot get it out of my mind :(

Ankit Mishra | 2015年9月3日

Ignore him. S was the 1st car of Tesla (designed from ground up), hence the problems. They have corrected most of those problems and that experience will make X a much better car than S was at its launch.

Auto P85 | 2015年9月3日

I hope you are right.

aesculus | 2015年9月3日

@tmaz: I agree. I initially had a reservation on the S. When I actually sat in one I realized the ingress/egress and the visibility out was not appropriate for me so I switched to the x. I will have to at least sit in one first but probably will not have to drive it.

vandacca | 2015年9月3日

I agree with ankitmishra. The Model-S was rushed to market a bit because Tesla was in financial troubles. However, they spent the next year or two fixing all those problems.

Now that Tesla is a little more established and experienced, the problems with the Model-X are expected to be a lot less. They have spent a lot more time debugging the Model-X this time around, so people have higher expectations.

There still may be some initial issues (e.g. with Falcon doors or other new features), but there should be a lot fewer of them and they should be resolved a lot quicker. If you want to be safe, models built in 6-12 months time should be a safe purchase. Which means you should be putting a deposit now.

Regardless of any issues, Tesla will take care of their customers and make it right.

Mel. | 2015年9月3日

Auto P85,
Are you saying this body shop that you went to repaired 400 Teslas that were in accidents? Or is this a Tesla service center? If a Tesla service center what did he fix?
I bought Sinature S in 2012 and am completely happy.

jordanrichard | 2015年9月3日

Auto, he is saying that so that he can get ahead of you and get his first.... :-)

Auto P85 | 2015年9月3日

He told me he has repaired over 400 (and I completely believe him just by looking at his shop). He is the official body repair shop for the San Diego area (although his brother has split off and now he is also Tesla cetified and is trying to compete with his brother).

I think a lot of those repairs are for minor things, including touch ups which he does for Tesla as part of the pre-owned, etc.

I definitely don't think he is saying that because he wants to get a ahead of me, he sincerely believes that.

I hear you about the S being brand new and being built from the ground up and that is different, but the X will have its own issues because it is not being built from the ground up and therefore will have things they have to take as a given (like the underchassis of the S) and figure out how to make it work for the X. An example of that is the conversation about the middle row seats and whether they will be able to be stored and made flat like many vans and some SUVs which is impossible because of the underchassis and all of the batteries.

Either way, I am excited to sit in an X and then I will decide to pass on my current reservation or not, or to get back in line and wait another 6 months or so, or just add a back seat to my S (which I love).

I do wonder about the ingress and egress thing in an X compared to an S.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月3日

Auto P85: I'm pretty sure that every single vehicle that Tesla Motors builds from now on will be a 'From the Ground UP!' proposition. Sure, they will take what they have learned from other projects of the same Generational Platform Concept and apply that knowledge toward the design process of newer vehicles. But the decisions behind what constitutes the components of each car will be made from the ground up, every time. Those who believe it would be possible to remove the body from a Model X and drop a Model S on the same skateboard without modification are sorely mistaken.

Auto P85 | 2015年9月3日

Good to hear. I thought they were using the underchassis of the S for the X. Glad I am wrong.

The X certainly looks very much like an S.

Do you know if any of the parts used for the S are going to be used for the X?

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月3日

Some parts are the same. Elon has been quoted at about 30% retention from Model S will appear on Model X. But they remain different vehicles overall -- this isn't the difference between a Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car at work.

ernie | 2015年9月3日

Ingress / egress. I am only 5' 10 1/2" after using my Teeter Hang Up and I had to cock my head at a 20 degree angle or so and lean to the left to get into the driver's seat on the S even when the seat was set low. My hope is that I can able to I/E without the lean and or the head cock in the MX. My wife should find it easier as she is short from the waist up...and pretty.

ernie | 2015年9月3日

As reads "...I can able to...." Should read: "I will be able to"...etc. Read before you hit Enter. | 2015年9月3日

@ernie: Little guys like you will be able to pop in and out of the X ease, after putting your walker in the rear.:-))

I would not buy a car where I had to pay for things I didn't want. I don't think Sig. Reservation holders signed a contract that obliged them to take anything the company decided to stuff into the package. I would negotiate and, if enough Sig. people fall by the wayside, I might get the chance to do so as I am on the Sig. waiting list.

Ankit Mishra | 2015年9月3日

What's the difference between a sig and a normal reservation? If you are allowed to tone down the options and hence the price what's the use of a sig reservation? I am asking a question, not making a point in this post.

Mel. | 2015年9月3日

Auto P85,
Thanks for the explanation. Whatever you decide good luck. | 2015年9月3日

If I were building Sig. Cars, I would let the customer pick and choose their options but they would get a car in a limited addition special color and the car would come with a metal card riveted to the door frame with Elon's signature on it.

rossRallen | 2015年9月3日

I was told once again by a Tesla Rep. this morning that "there will be no preview before cars roll out on 29 September." And, no changes allowed to the basic configuration (performance option, seats, etc.) only choices as shown on the leaked Design Studio pages we've all seen.

Funny way to run a business.

It is a dilemma. I can hardly stand the waiting after 27 months. I'll buy it sight unseen and then get some therapy.

If I don't like it, there will be lots of people lining up to buy it from me with a couple100 miles on the clock. But, I don't think that will happen. Just in case, what color do you want me to get for you?

Mark Z | 2015年9月3日

The Signature buyer gets the car before the standard production run. All Signatures are fully loaded except for a few high end options. One benefit in the past was paying approximately $103,000 for Model S in 2012 that rose to about $128,000 when prices rose. That higher price was for a non-Signature S with similar options. The Signature badging on the exterior and electronic displays is a nice touch that reminds the driver daily of their purchase.

The best reason for ordering a Signature is the extra color choice. If you love Signature Red, then it is mandatory to take delivery now, or visit a quality paint shop later. Back in April of 2009 I made a deposit for production S. I switched to Signature when I first saw that wonderful Signature Red color. Multicoat Red was delayed into 2013, so that was another reason. I have always been pleased with the choice and I get complements about the color all the time. I was extremely pleased after midnight on September 1 when it was revealed that Signature Red is available for Signature Model X. That fact alone makes the purchase much easier. Deciding on the seat color will be more challenging with just tan or black leather or white synthetic to choose from.

GLO | 2015年9月3日

Can't wait and don't care if I drive it. After almost 3 yrs with Model S when we take delivery of the X, I'll am happy to buy. Tesla has yet to let me down.

vandacca | 2015年9月3日

@GLO wrote: "I'll am happy to buy. Tesla has yet to let me down."

I assume you didn't get the "Smart Air Suspension" in your Model-S? If you did, I'm sure it has let you down plenty of times.

rossRallen | 2015年9月3日

There's a thread on Air Suspension that I started a few weeks ago when I thought I might have a choice.

The verdict: too soon to assess long-term reliability, but those who had it recommended it highly.

Auto P85 | 2015年9月3日

rossRallen. I am pretty sure (99.9%) that vandacca was joking. I have it and love it. I use it everyday when I enter my neighborhood and driveway. The car does it all on its own (via GPS). Great option.