Would anyone choose Tesla S 115kw or 170kw battery if it was available?

Would anyone choose Tesla S 115kw or 170kw battery if it was available?

I am hoping that Tesla comes out with a larger battery pack soon.
I would defiantly go with a larger pack and that would obviously include a lot more range.
I opted for the 85D and since driving it for the last 3 weeks I have put on 5000km
During the next 5 months I expect to drive between 400km to 500km per day.
I estimate I'll be driving 75,000km or (46,875miles) a year. I Mostly use it for business deliveries.
I have never leased a similar vehicle that is even remotely close to the price of the Model S
but I hope I can write off a huge portion of the lease payments come 2016 income tax time.
The problem I am going to have is finding charging stations come summer time when I need
to travel over 375km in one trip. I drive all along the hiway around Vancouver
British Columbia and the only superchargers are approximately 1.5hrs away from Vancouver to the
north (Squamish) or to the east (Hope). I opted for the ChaDeMo adapter and I noticed there are a couple
of DC Fast charging stations around, so that should help in the mean time until Tesla decides to build
a supercharger station directly in Vancouver or at least within a 30 min drive from Vancouver.

vpoz | 2015年4月30日

I occasionally do the Ijmuiden, Holland to Interlaken trip at present, taking in the Moselle and Rhine valleys on the way plus Strasbourg .... Max possible range at max possible autobahn speed for the boring bits in between the scenery would be great!

interesting link to real life enery use on autobahn here;

Red Sage ca us | 2015年5月1日

LizzieG protested, "Just about every premium German car we've owned has offered us about 400 mile of range with about a 25 gallon gas tank and this is what this particular market segment is used to."

My research shows no competing premium German sedans with a 25 gallon fuel capacity. AUDI offers around 23.8 gallons on A8/A8L... While BMW 7-Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and Porsche Panamera all have 21.1 gallon fuel tanks. The 760Li and S600 don't even manage a 320 mile EPA Rated cruising range.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年5月1日

I believe Tesla Motors will develop a 400 mile range car before they offer a 400 mile range battery. Their product line is determined through engineering instead of marketing. They don't want to sell batteries. They want to sell cars.

Brian H | 2015年5月1日

tnd, Bighorn;
You definitely don't need to be defiant.

FelixMendeldog | 2015年5月1日

I already have a P170D — all it took was a friend to wreck his 85; a few big bolts/nuts/washers; some PEX tubing; and the Monster Cable speaker wire left over from the home theater project (can you believe my wife was going to throw it out?!?)

Tesie is riding a little low now, but as long as I avoid speed bumps everything is fine. Good thing I sprung for the air-suspension originally.

Bighorn | 2015年5月1日

I'm using the 7kWh powerwall as a whale's tail.

skasthana | 2015年5月1日

I would love to have a larger capacity battery if this new battery gives what is claimed by the company. So far I am very disappointed about Tesla claims for its model S battery.