Would like to change wheel choice

Would like to change wheel choice

We are 2 weeks from delivery..would like to change to 19" from the 21" we purchase aftermarket rims...have you tried to change options after the fact...seems like it would be a simple change..experiences on this topic?

Ramy | 2013年6月13日

If you are interested, I am looking change my 19" for a set of 21". If you are unable to Change and are interested in swapping please contact me. I'm in Toronto

Captain_Zap | 2013年6月13日

Most have had no luck this close to delivery. You can call and ask though.

fuellss | 2013年6月13日

Right...I just called, its not possible to change at this point...

cgiGuy | 2013年6月13日

What part of the country are you in?

fuellss | 2013年6月13日

We live in Northern CA...

jhuang | 2013年6月13日


I have the 19" and you would like to swap with me. I've had my S for just a few months. Else would u be willing to sell yours?

Joseph 510-919-2955

fuellss | 2013年6月14日

Maybe. We pick up and do factory tour next weekend..We'll be in touch...