X Dilemma

X Dilemma

Res#857 US
My "First World" problem
When I made my reservation times were good and the the future bright, but times change and I now live in a different world, not bad but different..
I fear when my number is called there may not be room for such an extravagant item.. Although the deposit would be nice back in my pocket right now, I just can't seem to give up on that elusive fantasy prize.. But try explaining it to a one year old baby and a wife who still drives a beat up Ridgeline..
May have to trade in my dream for a mini van and a LOT less money.. Can't see cleaning up cheerios and fruit paste from the inside of a Tesla without blowing at least a couple of fuses in my brain...

Although it would be a bitchen family wagon but I would probably be the one who would end up driving a beat up Ridgeline in the end :)

Tâm | 2014年9月3日

If you can't afford now, you can always wait for Gen 3.

babstude | 2014年9月4日

i too faced the dilemna on whether to go for it or not due to financial constraints; however long story short i decided it wasn't "could I afford it" rather "can I afford not to"; for me it's all about cutting down on the CO2 emissions and being a role model to my two young kids and others. not to mention the safety aspect; i have an 8 year old sonata which is a good car and has all the safety bells and whistles but the X is pretty well guaranteed to be a far safer and sound vehicle. | 2014年9月4日

One good thing-times can change for the better and you might be able to do something about that. After all, you've probably got a year to work on that before you have to cut and run. By that time you may be able to reserve a model 3 and roll your reservation money over, if you still can't afford the X.

NumberOne | 2014年9月4日

One thing that you can do if you end up not being able to afford it at the time your number is called, is to cancel and reserve it a year or more later, or go with another generation. I would hold off on the minivan. I had a sedan that was not very practical, and I replaced it when my son, who is now 10, was almost 2. My F150 FX4 is great, has lots of room etc, but it will have more than 150k miles on it when it is replaced.

I look at total cost of ownership for the Model S compared to my FX4, and find that my FX4 has cost me well over 80k over the past 8 years if I include gas, oil changes and a few repairs that will not be needed with the Model X. I figure that over 10 years, since I am spending all that money anyway, why not spend it on a Model X.

vperl | 2014年9月4日

No guts, no glory. Go for it.

vandacca | 2014年9月4日

@LeonardD, I'm in the exact same situation as you and I feel the same way. My F150 is 16 years old this month and I've spent over $100,000 over the life of this vehicle so far. I would expect the Model-X to last 20+ years and to come in around the same total cost of ownership (or less), not factoring in the time spent getting the vehicle fixed at the garage and filling up at gas stations. Plus I'm getting a much nicer vehicle. ;)


Mark K | 2014年9月6日

If you're more price-sensitive than time-sensitive, the Model III is a no-brainer.

All the amazing advances of EVs at half the price.

Don't spoil your pleasure with money worries.

But I sure as hell wouldn't sink more money into gas cars at this point.

Gert van Veen | 2014年9月7日

Maybe someone want's to buy the reservation.

ian | 2014年9月7日

Reservations aren't transferable. | 2014年9月17日

You are allowed to do a one time deferment once you are called, I believe. That would buy you a little more time. If you are looking for a monetary justification, you will have to keep the vehicle for a lot of miles.

I arrived at the Model X being a legitimate option based on total cost of ownership. I already know how long I wish to keep our new SUV, and I realized that based on my driving an ICE will consume somewhere between $35k and almost $50k of gas when it's all said and done. I can charge at work and obviously even charging at home is very cheap. I expect to save $30k to $40k just on fueling costs.

Maintenance should also be lower, especially as ICE cars also seem to go through a nasty period in the low to mid 100k miles area where major stuff starts to fail or need replacement. Transmission is a big one, and timing belt need changing. My current car is at 150k and I'm in that golden period where I'm past the big stuff and am just fixing things as they happen. For the last 2 years I've not done much more than change oil, which I do myself.

All in all, for longterm ownership I think the X will compare very favorably to the compact SUV class, and be the lowest total cost of ownership for the mid-size segment. It also will likely not look like an outdated piece of crap after 15 years, like pretty much all other cars.

Iowa92x | 2014年9月17日

OP needs a family hauler, not a smallish sedan, so suggesting he wait for Gen 3 isn't what he is looking for.

Purchases should be a mix of can you afford it and are you getting a good value for your money. I'd personally rather invest $80k in stocks than buy a 80k depreciating asset, but if you already have the cash on hand and it won't slow your retirement savings, go for it.

Minivans aren't cool, but are beyond reproach for value, sheer hauling capabilities and long distance comfort (those captain chairs). They drink gas, though.

AlMc | 2014年9月17日

You can always delay delivery. At this point according to Elon the entire 2015 production of the model X is sold out.