You are way too close

You are way too close

I’m not sure how much juice it would draw but how about a horn beep when the car is parked and another car pulls too close.

dogfishbird | 2016年1月25日

lengerardo, are you serious??!!

If you were watching your parked Tesla from an office window, and someone pulled too close, would you use your iPhone to "Beep" at them? If you were sitting inside your Tesla, would you honk? I wouldn't, in either situation, because I see our Teslas getting keyed, or an unpleasant physical confrontation arising.

Just give my my "Summon" feature, and I'm outta there! The less time/energy/confrontations I have with idiots like this, the better.

lengerardo | 2016年1月25日

dogfishbird.I guess you are fortunate enough not to have to ever park your car on a city block. I am not.

lengerardo | 2016年1月25日

And the answer to your question: If I was sitting in my car would I honk? I actually never honked my Tesla horn while in it yet 20k miles but the answer is if someone was backing into a spot in front of me and I thought a tap was imminent, yes I would honk.

f3rretus | 2016年1月25日

It may serve to alert the other person that they are too close. However, it may very well ruffle the feathers of some jerk.

lengerardo | 2016年1月25日

Not sure if lousy driver = revengeful. Probably high ratio. Ok. Revised suggestion. Maybe the cameras can record upon anything getting too close instead of horn beeping.

WHitchings | 2016年1月25日

No, I like the horn honk if people get to0 close.

Sam_S | 2016年1月25日

A Taser like 50,000 volts would get their attention. | 2016年1月25日

OP - Absolutely no concern over the power needed. You might loose a mile of range after honking a few thousand times.

There are third-party products that chirp or provide a voice warning when anyone gets near the car. Owners seem to end up disabling it as it gets annoying very quickly.

A less annoying alternative is to have dash cams installed so you can record any nearby activity (i.e. someone hitting your car).