You call this service?

You call this service?

I have had my MS for a month now and everything has been nearly perfect. I have had a problem with the tire pressure warning coming on for the first few miles in the morning and was advised to contact the SC, which is about 65 miles away in Rocklin, CA. I called this morning and described the problem and they offered to send a tech over to fix it. 130 mile round trip to fix my tire pressure??! I declined this very nice offer and took it to a local tire store with digital pressure gauges. It was determined that the pressure was off by 3 lbs and they inflated them to the correct pressure and all is good again. But still, send a tech to fix it? I knew I was buying a very nice vehicle, but I didn't think it was a Rolls Royce.

Bighorn | 2013年10月28日


AmpedRealtor | 2013年10月28日

Rolls Royce would have had a technician flown in and he or she would arrive by parachute. Tesla makes their technicians drive. :P

Carefree | 2013年10月28日

Wait! You called the service center because your TPMS went off BEFORE you checked your tire pressure? Please tell me that I misunderstood that part of your post!?

Bighorn | 2013年10月28日

and break a nail?! j/k OP:)

Captain_Zap | 2013年10月28日

@Bighorn -Watch it there, Bighorn... One of the greatest benefits of the Model S is the fact that you can open the doors without ruining a manicure! :-)

Some TPMS alarms went off last winter as things cooled off. It's still a good idea to check it out.

tnisbum7 | 2013年10月28日

My P85+ (with 3800 miles on the clock) called the mothership over the weekend and reported a resistance issue in the battery pack. Marietta received an email and they called me first thing this morning. Offered a fully charged P85 loaner for a few days so they could run diagnostics and apply all the proactive mods and torque twists. They would have come to my house for the swap if I let them. Amazing.

tnisbum7 | 2013年10月28日

Oh, I also asked for a 5.0 push and they said no joy on that.

zero mpg | 2013年10月28日

All tires lose pressure when the temperature goes down. It's about 1 psi for every 10 degree drop in Fahrenheit. So, if you had ideal PSI at 80 degrees and the temp dropped to 40, you's lose 4 psi. No sure how sensitive the sensors are, but if you are at the edge either way, the dash indicator will either turn off if you begin under pressure and driving a few minutes brings the tire pressure 'in spec' (heat from road friction raises the pressure of the air in the tire enough to meet the sensor threshold - this is why they always say to set pressures when the tires are 'cold') or if you are at the upper limit, but not over, there won't be a message until you drive for a few minutes and the pressure in the tire goes up and over the threshold - obviously a loss of pressure situation will also cause the dash indicator to light up. When the ambient temperature changes (fall and spring for some of us), check your pressures every week or so.

petochok | 2013年10月28日

I guess the biggest difference between Tesla and Rolls Royce service would be that Tesla would brag about it (not necessarily a bad thing) where Rolls Royce would totally deny sending a tech out via helicopter while claiming that Rolls Royce cars simply never break down.

Brian H | 2013年10月29日


RR owners have service stories that would have TM owners reaching for their resolvers. Just sayin'.

renwo S alset | 2013年10月29日

No, I had the tire pressure checked before contacting service. All 4 tires were set to 44lbs (19" wheels), but the catch is that the pressure was checked with an analog tire pressure gauage, when checked on a digital gauge it was 41 lbs., tire pressure warning is factory set to alert if the is a 2 lb. difference. The lesson is, only check tire pressure with a digital gauge.