2018.12+ update download stuck or not part of any A/B test group?

2018.12+ update download stuck or not part of any A/B test group?

I'm seeing reports of people getting 2018.18 updates already and am still stuck on 2018.12. Is this because my updates are stuck in some weird download state on my car, or I'm just lucky/unlucky not to be part of the early updates receiving A/B test pool? :)

Called up the service center they say nothing they can't do and I should try to be on wi-fi in my garage which I'm always albeit on 2.4Ghz one. Not sure if that matters since my MX only can catch 2.4Ghz wifi range.

Anyone else stuck on 2018.12 or older version like me and got a trick to update please let me know ;)

bob | 2018年5月9日

+1. Sept 17 build - AP 2.5 and typically our MX has been early to get updates. We have a dec 14 MS and right now it’s on 2018.16

Vawlkus | 2018年5月10日

I’m stuck on v.12 as well, and it feels pretty unstable. I’ve had to restart my car more in the last month or so than the rest of the year I’ve had my car.

SolidWhite60DX | 2018年5月10日

+1. somehow my car isn't connecting to WiFi on my garage anymore (there's strong signal and it used to work fine before) so I suspect I'll be one of the last ones to get the update :(

woohoo | 2018年5月10日

On v.14 and have had more ui screen freezes with Bluetooth disconnection, loss of audible blinkers and frozen nav system. I have had more reset, hard resets, and power off than I’ve had in 2 years.

girishfall2010 | 2018年5月10日

Yes seems like recent updates have been very unstable. Looks like there's already a 2018.18.1 out according to this firmware tracer -