Tweet @elonmusk #nextfewdays

Tweet @elonmusk #nextfewdays

I'm starting a campaign for 4/1 reservation holders to tweet at Elon with #nextfewdays as a gentle reminder of his statement that we would be getting invites in the next few days (10 days ago).

Let's see if we can get a response!

jbilgihan | 2018年6月12日

sounds like fun. I am not on public twitter but I will watch for the hashtag.

donovan.kindell | 2018年6月12日

I actually did this a few days ago and got no responce.

d.buccini | 2018年6月12日


chihuahua31 | 2018年6月13日

We're doing good but need a lot more to create the tsunami of pressure!

loriburningham | 2018年6月13日


bryan | 2018年6月13日

You don’t think he’s under enough pressure already?

Pstorost | 2018年6月13日


leal.wai | 2018年6月14日

There's really no point in doing so though. Lots of ppl who have reserved 03/31 and configured in early April (myself included) are still waiting for VINs and some have estimates in July. Whether or not 4/1 reservations are able to configure today, you're still looking at August deliveries at the earliest. Why build up more internal pressure unnecessarily?

gmkellogg | 2018年6月14日

@leal.wai to hold them accountable on their estimates? Why even put estimates if you always miss?

wiboater4 | 2018年6月14日

How can you miss if it's an estimate?

gmkellogg | 2018年6月14日

@wiboater4 By blowing past it by several months? Again if you're now where near the estimated time, why even have an estimate?

gmkellogg | 2018年6月14日

"When estimates are missed, you don't need to tar and feather the offenders, but you can treat it as a remedial education opportunity"

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日

I am pretty sure they know they missed their estimates and I am sure they know the potential consequences of doing so.

How does sending an email do anything to "hold them accountable"?

Sending an email displays dissatisfaction but does nothing for accountability.

gmkellogg | 2018年6月14日

So you don't think public dissatisfaction doesn't hold companies accountable? Then what's the point of Yelp, Amazon, and Google reviews?

ybbor | 2018年6月14日


Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日

The purpose of the reviews are to attempt to inform the public of the alleged customer experience. Of course there is no accountability on those reviews (are they real or not).

Do you know what accountability means?

gmkellogg | 2018年6月14日

I absolutely know what accountability is, do you?

What happens when those reviews are terrible on Yelp? What happens to companies that say, get an overall one star rating? You think people just ignore that? Sure some will dig into the comments and read through to decide if the complaints are valid or not....but other people, who don't research well, will see that 1 star and keep moving. Sorry that is a form accountability.

If you don't want to tweet at Elon, then don't. If people want to do it, then let them. Companies will never know you're frustrated as a customer if you don't tell them.

willowtip | 2018年6月14日

if they let you configure now it will just mean missing the estimated delivery window after you configure even more. it won't enable you to get the car any quicker. missing a delivery window after configuring is a far bigger deal IMO. i bet after Tesla missed the delivery window after many configured by upwards of a month or more most of those people would wish they would have held back configuring - perhaps like they are doing now.

mos6507 | 2018年6月14日

And then when you tweet at Elon, like you ask for a HUD then he'll respond:


Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日

I highly encourage you to tweet Elon.
The list of where the low VIN "new/service/demo unit cars has to come from somewhere ; /.

Yelp reviews are not a form of accountability. There is no way to verify or validate the reviews and Yelp's business model is to extort businesses so they get good reviews moved up.

You want reviews, from anonymous sources, to have some sort of merit for accountability but without validating the review it is useless.

gmkellogg | 2018年6月14日

Okay I see your argument against yelp since there's no way if they are legitimate customer, what about Amazon reviews, where you can indicate that you are a verified and valid customer (by confirmation of purchase).

They are a form of accountability because it can (and does) impact future sales. Sorry you don't want to see that. Again if you're okay with the delays...awesome, good for you. Other people aren't okay and have every right to voice their frustration. It's not going to change anything, but maybe (god forbid) Tesla learns something from the process. What a concept.

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日

Amazon reviews, indeed, can be useful but do not think, for a minute, that they cannot be gamed just as easily as Yelp. Without you or me being able to directly validate the reviews they are still controlled by Amazon.It would be very easy to hire a group to become shills that look like "verified Amazon customers" to act as shills. Concerted hit jobs, using web reviews, happens more than you may think.

You still don't understand accountability. Writing Elon with a direct complaint is just that, a complaint; there is nothing about that would hold him accountable. Announcing to the world of internet trolls that you are going to take that action, or encourage others to do that, is just being a troll encouraging trolls to do something and that something has zero to do with accountability.

yaheya | 2018年6月14日

Not sure what this thread is about I know folks that ordered 4/1/2016 and have the car in their possession took delivery on 6/8.

gmkellogg | 2018年6月14日

Come on douwe, either they're useful or they're not. Anything can be gamed. Forums can be gamed, anything can be gamed if someone devotes enough time and effort into them.

That doesn't mean fraudulent (and legitimate) reviews don't have an impact on sales. They continue to exist for a reason.

Writing Elon a direct complaint is a a public forum. If you're tweeting him, and several people are asking where their cars are, he can totally ignore all of that. However, other people, who haven't reserved a car with Tesla, can see that as well. Just like an amazon review my friend, you see a bunch of customers, who don't appear to be happy, going out in public to discuss their experience...can and does influence other people's decisions. That's a form of accountability, you're holding the company to a standard and letting people know when they don't reach that standard.

You can easily make the case that those standards are unreasonable and unrealistic, and some customers will see that...but ultimately other customers will take pause and say, "Hmmm maybe I'll skip buying a Tesla". Obviously Tesla is a little different, they've been getting negative criticism for years and people still want to buy their cars. But imagine for a second how many more reservations they would have if they hadn't received that criticism?

And calling people trolls when they're in fact just frustrated customers (or potential customers) is condescending, judgmental, and not needed. If you don't like these types of posts, don't comment on them.

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日

Your not a troll???

gmkellogg | 2018年6月14日

@douwe I'm a reservation holder who came to these forums to see other people's experiences with the Model 3 process. I came to learn about tips and tricks about the car, what to look for when people picked up their cars, what type of setups they have for charging, etc. I also came for the negative experiences, the bugs etc because I'd like to know about that stuff before I actually put real money down on this car. I'm also just as frustrated as everyone else who hasn't received communication about a reservation he's made.

Luckily I've found a lot of what I'm looking for, but I also found this weird trend of elitist snobs defending and talking down to anyone with anything negative to say about Tesla. Maybe I'm a troll for speaking up and saying that people should be able to voice their frustrations about their experience. If that's the definition of a troll then I'm guilty as charged.

Enjoy your day and Tesla experience, I'm done with this conversation.

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日


Your first paragraph I am same except for your last sentence in that paragraph.
As far as name calling goes I see you are no stranger to that concept "elitist snobs".
I am guessing most that are not whining fall into that category in your world.

I have no issue with people looking for shoulders to cry on but when they start encouraging people to do dumbass things like tweeting Elon about their frustration then I feel the need to step in. I am not trying to protect Elon but I am trying to help TESLA sucede, do you want them to fail? Do you honestly believe Elon makes all the decisions and that he is unaware of slipping schedules.

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日

Oops Succeed.

gmkellogg | 2018年6月14日

@douwe Your post speaks volumes. Like I said before, enjoy your day.

jbilgihan | 2018年6月14日

Why not tweet @elon. He’s the one who tweeted #nextfewdays - why do people feel like he needs protection? I doubt he is as delicate as you make him out to be.

spockagain34 | 2018年6月14日

This is so silly. Just sit back and wait for your car. They are making them as fast as they can. Jeez.

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日


Your post after your post that said you are done with this conversation is pretty loud also.

Please answer the question. Do you want TESLA to succeed or fail? If your intent behind a tweet to ELON is akin to having the impact of a negative review then I can only presume you are trying to steer people away.

jbilgihan | 2018年6月14日

@spock do you have yours? Are you waiting? Do rising interest rates concern you? Did you have plans for the vehicle around a certain time or date?

Don’t tell people what to feel.


xad | 2018年6月14日

@gmkellogg is absolutely correct! All frustrated reservation holders should tweet Musk and ask him to go back to work and build more cars faster. Why did he and his workers decide to take a break when so many people are waiting patiently? What kind of CEO is Musk that he needs to be reminded by us to do his job...

jbilgihan | 2018年6月14日

@douwe did you really post an “are you with us or against us” post regarding a car manufacturers product?

This isn’t a cult.


gmkellogg | 2018年6月14日

@xad LOL that's exactly what I said too, all frustrated owners should tweet Elon. "Maybe I'm a troll for speaking up and saying that people should be able to voice their frustrations about their experience." <-- that's me totally telling everyone to tweet Elon. And I totally think Elon is slacking and my argument couldn't possibly be that companies shouldn't make estimates they can't be held to.

Again I don't intend to tweet Elon, but I completely identify with the OP's frustration, and if they would like to tweet at him I see zero problems with it. But of course you disagree with that position so naturally I'm now advocating everyone tweet Elon. I jumped in on this conversation because someone suggested there is zero purpose or point to tweeting at Elon and I disagreed with that statement. I made my case for that position, and now I'm suddenly against the success of Tesla.

@douwe I obviously want Tesla to succeed since I'm a stock holder and I have a 1000 reservation on a car I intend to purchase. I also want to see them held accountable and not be given a free pass on things.

Not everyone that is critical of tesla wants to see it fail. If anything I'm holding them to a very high standard because I think they can do it.

xad | 2018年6月14日

@gmkellogg -- exactly right! Why else would people need to tweet Musk? He either forgot about us or he is slacking... Right?

matt777 | 2018年6月14日

what's the point of getting a config invite if it doesn't change delivery timing? Having gotten one on 4/18, i can tell you there's nothing amazing about waiting 2 months and getting no vin/delivery date and only a vague email promise for a june delivery (which at this point is looking doubtful).

Think of it another way: What if I told you your guaranteed delivery date was August 1st, regardless of when you configured. Would you really care what day between now and September 1st you got to click buttons on a configuration screen? If so, why?

matt777 | 2018年6月14日

meant between now and August 1st....hopefully my point was understood

gmkellogg | 2018年6月14日

@xad exactly! Definitely has nothing to do with asking him to follow up with his "next few days" tweet or holding him accountable, as CEO of a company, for the statements he provides to customers. Nailed it xad,

Well I'll tell you what Xad, enjoy the forums, I've had enough fun for today with people putting words into my mouth. Have a good day too.

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日


Yes I did.

Not calling for a cult just some critical thinking.

In my mind it is are you in or out because TESLA' s success depends on it. Peeling away at the onion reveals that the purpose of leaving Elon a tweet, complaining about "false promises", is to bring negative attention to him and TESLA's ability to deliver (a review in essence). Peeling away more reveals that the purpose of bringing negative attention, via review, is to sway others away. In my mind the success of TESLA and ELON are hand in glove. I have ordered a few cars over the years and have had to deal with frustrations of delivery delays much worse than this (cars stuck on broken trains and ships).

Do you want the car and TESLA to be in business so you can get parts for it later, or not? I have read too many stories of people going from frustration to bliss to not wonder if they did things, during their period of frustration, that will have "unintended" consequences to TESLA's success. I am not saying people should hide their frustrations or complaints just saying it appears there are a lot that jump to the "Me" aspect of the situation before thinking about the downstream consequences of their action(s).

So yes, for me, it boils down to one question:
Do you want TESLA to succeed or fail?

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日


So you not done?

Will a negative comment or review most likely result in attracting customers or warning them (steering them away)?
How does leaving a negative comment contribute to TESLA success?

Rutrow | 2018年6月14日

These hashtaggers would never put 2 and 2 together if their campaign had a negative effect on Tesla or TSLA. It's like the Jill Stein voters who blame others for The Donald.

mills82 | 2018年6月14日

LOL at the idea that a #nextfewdays hashtag is going to have any effect on the success or failure of Tesla.

The only thing a "hashtag campaign" might do is to get a response/clarification from Elon, which if you're worried about the success of Tesla might be a good outcome.

Also, there's a big difference between missing estimates that are months away and missing "next few days" statement...

As a shareholder, I'm more concerned with the CEO maintaining credibility and his "next few days" tweet doesn't help that cause. I'm submitting an unfavorable review on Pravda.

mills82 | 2018年6月14日

Oops, *Pravduh

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日

Not only can't they put 2 + 2 together they self justify by jumping to an unproven conclusion: '...The only thing 'it' might do..'


How do you justify being someone who is invested in TESLA's success yet you are going public with your dissatisfaction of Elon. If Elon is ousted who would replace him and how do you know he/she would do a better job?

mills82 | 2018年6月14日

Haha, I'm tentative to respond because I feel like from your response you might be trolling me, but here goes.

You critique me for "jumping to an unproven conclusion" by saying something MIGHT happen and in the very next paragraph you talk about Elon being ousted because of an opinion an individual expresses on Twitter about the CEO????


There are ways for shareholders to try to get a CEO replaced, but Twitter comments don't do that... Also, expressing dissatisfaction with a part of something doesn't mean you are dissatisfied with the whole.

By the way, I haven't used the #nextfewdays hashtag and have (I'm guessing, didn't check) no more than 10 Twitter followers anyway. I own TSLA stock and have a Model 3 reserved. Most people would classify me as a Tesla/Elon fanboy...

I'm assuming Elon's 22 million followers are able to read his "next few days" tweet and then notice it's been more than a few days and no invites have been sent. After repeatedly pushing back estimates, you'd think he'd be more careful with this type of thing. As a shareholder, I expect better.

Elon recently said that he has an issue with time. I assume you also condemned him for this public dissatisfaction with himself?

jbilgihan | 2018年6月14日

I'm neither pulling for Tesla to succeed or rooting for them to fail. I don't have a vested interest in them anymore other than a person who has a reservation for a M3. When I bought my 99 Honda Civic new I wasn't pulling for Honda I just wanted a good car that would last a long time. That's all i want now. If the CEO of a company says something on Twitter it is counted as official corporate communication and should be held to that standard.

I am aware that Tesla is less a car company and more of a tech/energy company that makes cars but the point holds. If you don't believe that Tesla should be held accountable to its corporate communication because you are a fan that's on you. The fact that you want to call out others who post here because they don't adhere to the tenets of your faith is entirely different.

I don't care what you think and am not beholden to you or anyone else here and have no need to pass an ideological purity test to post a comment (positive, negative, sarcastic, or jocular).


Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日


Yes I did talk about Elon being ousted, are you denying that negative public tweets to and about Elon could have that effect?

Perhaps there is a language issue. When you say "the only thing it might do" I take ONLY (as I assume most of the english speaking world does) as singular. That means there is one outcome. I believe there are multiple possible outcomes and some of those reflect negatively (serve to steer people away).

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年6月14日


Fair enough. If you end up buying the M3, and liking it, would you be invested enough to change your position to care about TESLA's success or failure?