Solar referral?

Solar referral?

When I use a person's referral that they say is also good for solar energy as well - What do I get ? Discount? On a car it is free supercharging - what do I get for using it for solar?

Megatron2016 | 2018年6月25日

There is no discount, however, you do get an extra 5 yrs extended warranty on the products; powerwall or solar panels.

BKSolarPromoter | 2018年6月27日

I'd be surprised if there wasn't at least some type of referral bonus given to a referrer, but it's also a great idea to give a perk to new customers that are friends with existing customers!

Tesla-David | 2018年6月27日

My experience here in Edmonds, WA is that our solar installer (A&R solar) has cut me a check for $500 for every referral I have sent them in past six years, who ultimately signed a contract to install solar. Thus far, I have received multiple checks, so I am very happy to refer anyone thinking about solar to my solar vendor. They also did my PW2 installation, and I have been extremally pleased with our PW2 system so far..

steven.saenz | 2018年7月1日

@Tesla-David: will your installer honor Tesla’s free PW and install after ea. 5 installs?

Tesla-David | 2018年7月1日

I believe that is up to Tesla-Energy to fulfill that pledge, as our installer (A&R Solar) is only working a subcontractor and distributor of PW2 to Tesla-Energy. They work through Tesla-Energy, and any promises to get a free PW install would obviously have to come from the source of the promise.

administrator | 2018年7月11日

Yes, this is cool