Estimated delivery date

Estimated delivery date

Hi everyone,

I got my VIN number for x model almost two weeks ago, and yesterday under the section “What's Next ?” They wrote : Your Tesla is currently in production.

How long it will take usually from now to delivery !

I placed my order on May 25th

Thank you so much in advance.

dineshkbansal | 2018年7月1日

Have they given you an appointment email for your preferred delivery time? Cuz they send the email approximately 3 weeks before the car arrives . If you didn't receive it, you are looking at more than 3 weeks. If you got it, you can calculate how long ago you got it and subtract it by 3 weeks.

Dr. Amar | 2018年7月1日

No they didn't give me yet the appointment email, but the sales representative told me my when i placed my order that the delivery in July, by the way im in Canada Toronto, not in the States.

jjgunn | 2018年7月1日

Your Delivery Specialist (DS) should e-mail you with instructions.

14-17 days for production

Then they have to ship to Canada.

I would think by end of July is reasonable time frame.

E-mail your DS or even better (if possible) go into a Tesla Showroom. They can & will help

Dr. Amar | 2018年7月2日

Thank you so much jjgunn & dineshkbansal

jimglas | 2018年7月2日

It was over 2 weeks before my VIN was assigned after my MX 100D order and I have no idea on production start after over a month. I think you may be a bit optimistic with the current production priorities or demand. I am hoping its delivered before it starts snowing here.

Pateln2006 | 2018年10月26日

Anyone have an idea when delivery happens after getting a VIN? I got my VIN couple of days ago for X

yabouzaid | 2018年10月27日

6 weeks

sharivisi | 2018年10月27日

Got my VIN in a few days... I ordered on my Birthday Oct 11 :)..the expected date was November, but
I received my delivery date about a week later its Dec 19th. just in time for holidays guess, and definitely in time for the Tax credit.

Question, does anyone else show 6mo super charger, I wonder if this is renewed annually... it seems to be the standard or new orders. :/ since placing my order.

caikangze407 | 2018年10月29日

@sharivisi... I got my VIN today!! Ordered on my son's Birthday Oct 16. Per my SA, the delivery date will be around the second of third week of December. We are in the same time slot!!

Does Model 3's getting the 6 month free supercharging as well??

azeemj | 2018年10月30日

I got my vin on the 27th, so I guess it'll be December for me as well.

docnartman | 2018年11月10日

Its really dependent on what you ordered and of course the timing of the order. I ordered my MX100D on 10/25 in a certain configuration which confirmed 10/28. Didn't get VIN until 11/6. Was texted a delivery estimate January 7. Yep 2019. Looking at the tracking spreadsheet, this is likely due to the color, wheels, seat configuration, and also the inside trip. Most folks that are getting the vehicle in the recent month or so do not have this configuration. A person on the tracking sheet ordering the day before me with similar (minus one different item) configuration now has a 12/31. Of course, I've seen many posts where a delivery date was delayed even more or in some cases, came in early. It is what it is. Just glad i live 1.5 hrs away from the Fremont factory.

azeemj | 2018年11月11日

I ordered a week before you docnartman and don't have a delivery date. But that seems typical. It's frustrating to be honest.

caikangze407 | 2018年11月11日

I got my VIN 2 weeks after place the order @ 10/30. ETD...12/09. I live 5 mins away from the Fremont factory. I guess that's why it only takes 4 weeks to finish the production and ready for delivery.

ptux | 2018年11月11日

Ordered September 18, got VIN but still waiting for car :(

docnartman | 2018年11月11日

Totally sympathize azeemj. My main frustration is the lack of communication. I get they’re busy. Now in all honesty. I’ve had to wait 3 months for a customized ICE vehicle in the past, but with the tax incentives going away after Dec 31 and I want to just trade in my it’s just depreciation. Considering to just sell off now since we have two other cars in house. Just seems like they could’ve organized the Model X better after all these years. Model 3, sure things are still dynamic, but geez. It’s not like the paint and other materials needing to be harvested from a remote place/plant on the

caikangze407 | 2018年11月12日

+1. Their communication getting worse and worse. they need to hire more people or contract with third party to handle some of the workload.

azeemj | 2018年11月12日

I got ahold of my advisor. He said his computer shows build complete on 12/2. Not sure why the web page can't show that.

docnartman | 2018年11月12日

That’s great azeemj. Jealous! How did you reach your advisor? I’ve sent one email and supposedly the customer service person I called also sent a message about getting an update. Did you try by email? Yea the website appears to be delayed. Morning of 11/6, called the customer service line and they said it looks like a VIN was assigned. Website not updated. Later in the day I get the text and the site was updated. That’s the thing, Tesla is embracing a nice way to buy a car via the web. But the experience is tarnished after making the purchase with lack of communications and updates.

caikangze407 | 2018年11月12日

After I got my VIN, my Tesla account shows me the contact info(Questions about your order? Your delivery Specialist is XXXX XXX). I contact that person for the ETA and order status.

docnartman | 2018年11月13日

caikangze407, let us know if they ever respond. I think most of us did that, and I think the response time is less than ideal.

caikangze407 | 2018年11月13日

I got the response back in 2 days. not too bad.

docnartman | 2018年11月14日

Yep seven days now for me and no response from the delivery specialist (DS). Customer service call center also sent a message. We shall see. I get they’re very busy, but why give out the DS email when they’re inconsistent at responding. Seen many posts of no response up until delivery in some cases.

docnartman | 2018年11月14日

Yep seven days now for me and no response from the delivery specialist (DS). Customer service call center also sent a message. We shall see. I get they’re very busy, but why give out the DS email when they’re inconsistent at responding. Seen many posts of no response up until delivery in some cases.

Kur0sak3 | 2018年11月14日

Not sure if it's by coincidence, but I've had better luck emailing my DS just a little after 9AM Pacific. Seems like that's when my DS starts based on an away message I received once. So I give them a bit of time get some coffee, take a seat, get situated and hope that my email is at the top of the list when they refresh their in box =P.

docnartman | 2018年11月14日

Mine doesn’t even have an away message lol.

GranpaJohn | 2018年11月16日

MX100D Red 5 seater - My 9/15 order went into production 11/13. My Advisor, Irma, mas been extremely responsive and engaged. Still expecting 12/08 delivery. Columbus, OH

caikangze407 | 2018年11月19日

sent another follow up email with my delivery specialist for the ETA. no response at all!

DareDevil | 2018年11月19日

Anyone knows how many days it would take for transit to MD ? I placed order on October 27 and my order status recently changed to this 'Your Tesla has been built and is in transit from the factory. '

manderson | 2018年11月19日

You will be fine for rapid delivery. I ordered 21 days or so ago, and am taking delivery in two days (Wednesday).

ptux | 2018年11月19日

What the hell. I ordered September 18 and still “scheduled”. This is really getting annoying

ptux | 2018年11月19日

Scheduled for production, I mean. Delivery specialist still has no idea when delivery will actually be. It’s been more than 2 months and not even in production yet!

saxxon | 2018年11月20日

Not sure how much the fires there affected delivery times, ie delayed production or backlogged transportation. My wife ordered an MX100D on 9/16 from inventory, but the vehicle had some issues that required extensive work to correct (ie remanufacturing) so we ordered a different one from factory around 10/23 or so. Supposedly to be delivered before year's end.

I hope so, because she will cancel if we lose the tax credit. It also should have the free supercharging, as that was why we originally ordered in September.

ptux | 2018年11月20日

I'm in the same boat as you @saxxon - already lost $2k due to price decrease after I ordered and still not in production, if I lose out on $3750 of the tax credit too it just becomes too much.

jjgunn | 2018年11月20日

@saxxon - you will receive your car before Dec 31.

Just want to point out you don't "lose" the tax credit if you take delivery Jan 1 or later. It's simply 1/2 the amount. ($3,750 instead of $7,500)

docnartman | 2018年11月20日

Well update on my end. Was able to get in touch with the Delivery Specialist. Sounds like vehicle will be done 12/8. He will update me as we get closer. I'm 1.5 hours from Fremont so not sure if it truly makes a difference to pick it up there or wait a day or two for them to transport to my local dealer. I happened to also visit the local dealer to discuss PowerWall related things, but also brought up their experience with deliveries. Seems up to a certainly point recently, Tesla is saying that shipments in our area (again I'm in CA and not far from the factory) will be delivered by 12/31. Now if they hold true to my 12/8'ish time period, seems the 4-6 week turnaround time is being met (my order confirmed 10/28). The $7,500 tax rebate was big for us since we're not eligible for the CA tax rebate. Vehicle status is still "confirmed and scheduled for production" which seems to be accurate for me. My guess production would start on Dec 3 or something.

docnartman | 2018年11月23日

Gotta love this (sarcasm). So called up Tesla again since my delivery specialist remains slow at responding. They say that they're not aware of any change in delivery date from my original January 7 quote, despite the internal delivery specialist saying December 8 (finished on the line). Which two weeks ago, I also got a quote from the phone customer service of December 3 for completion. Now I have three dates to work with. So lose ~$3500 if after January, plus $2,000 decrease in pricing of some of the Model X's. Has anyone had any luck escalating this to someone that could provide some clarity? Its OK to not know when the exact date is, but just them to be consistent.

The customer service representative suggested one option is for them to find an inventory MX. All I see right now that is close to what I ordered is a P100D with 2000 mi on it. I ordered a 100D. About $15,000 more than what I ordered. Anyone have experience with this? I'm not too excited about a P100D with 2000 miles since it sounds like a test drive vehicle and I'm sure people were pushing ludicrous mode the entire time.

caikangze407 | 2018年11月26日

Received email today from Tesla, order status changed to in production. ETD 12/09 2PM!!!

GranpaJohn | 2018年11月26日

been in transit since 11/21 still hoping for 12/08 delivery.just waiting on trade-in allowance estimate on MS75D 2016 refresh red. Expecting $50K

kishorekv | 2018年12月3日

Anyone that ordered in November (ordered mine on 11/18) got their delivery date or details of their DS updated on their Tesla Account yet? I got dates of 12/17 and 12/18 from different phone conversations with my OA and the Cust Service last week. But no change on my Tesla Account to show the delivery date or DS details.

caikangze407 | 2018年12月3日

Just got the email from my DS. My MX 100D is ready for pick up this Sunday. Yayyy!!! But, I am going to a business trip and scheduled to come back on the 9th...Hopefully, there wont be any delay. Should I tell my DS to reschedule it just to be safe??

sreeramk08 | 2018年12月3日

I ordered on the Nov 10th and I see that on Nov 15th I have got a delivery date of Dec 18th at 11:30 AM from Fremont. I have not got any other updates since then. Keeping fingers crossed.

kishorekv | 2018年12月3日

@sreeramk08, Did your Tesla Account reflect the status and delivery date of 12/18? Or did the update come in an email?

docnartman | 2018年12月4日

Update for me. Left the country for a bit and returned to see production started on 12/1. My guess it started earlier than that. On 12/2 vehicle completed and in transit. Called Tesla the next morning and they now confirm arrival at my local service center 12/4. Emailed the internal delivery specialist for an updated delivery date once it’s still showing up as 1/7/19. Well now it’s just waiting for the finalized delivery date..........good news is the vehicle is done.

sreeramk08 | 2018年12月4日

@kishore - I got an email and a text message at the very same moment about the delivery date of 12/18. It does not show up anywhere on the mytesla page though.

@docnartman - Where are you able to see the delivery date?

hpbeverlyhills | 2018年12月5日

We placed the order for MX75 on 11/29, got the VIN on 12/3, all the paperwork done and our DS is available over text messages always (responds within 30min) and said if you have a vin then "the car is almost out of production". They said as long as we place the order before 12/1 then they guarantee delivery before the 12/31 tax cut day.
We shall see if everything goes as planned...

sreeramk08 | 2018年12月5日

I find that a little hard to believe. I ordered mine on the 10th of Nov and got the vin since the 15th. If the car is almost out of production, why not deliver it already? Instead they make me wait a whole month? does not make sense to me. Besides I'm local and I'll be taking deliver in fremont where the factory is.

ptux | 2018年12月5日

Sep 18 here, VIN since Oct 6, no car yet. "guarantee" is a strong word.

hpbeverlyhills | 2018年12月5日

I guess the information available and provided can’t be taken seriously. It’s our first Tesla so trying to understand how the system works.

ebender888 | 2018年12月5日

Ordered my Model X 100D (to replace my 2014 Model S) on 11/10/18. Order was confirmed and VIN issued on 11/13. Original delivery was to be 12/11, but now DS has set up for 12/15, which is actually better for me. Website says "order confirm and scheduled for delivery" to SoCal. As long as they deliver by end of month, I'll be happy.

sreeramk08 | 2018年12月6日

I got an email from my DC saying that it indeed shows Dec 18th as the delivery date on his side as well. I'm more tensed as I'm leaving the country on Dec 27th. I wouldn't want my poor wife with two kids trying to sort out the delivery checklist. Yikes!

But this is all I see on my account.

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