"You don't have a VIN yet, but I see a checkmark."

"You don't have a VIN yet, but I see a checkmark."

I've configured and all edit options have long since gone away. I noticed that I transposed two digits in my DL, which I couldn't fix on my side, giving me an excuse to call Tesla.

They fixed my typo immediately and I could see the fix on the page right away. All was fine, but when the support person asked if I needed anything else, I, of course, asked "How about a VIN?"

She took a moment to look and said "I don't see a VIN yet, but I do see a checkmark there. That means you should be getting a call very soon."

I haven't seen any mention of this mysterious checkmark. Does anyone have any insight? What in the world could that mean?

Most importantly, for myself and others in the waiting room, any thoughts on how long it is between status "checkmark" and VIN?

AJPHL | 2018年7月11日

The website has several sections, each of which is marked with a green check when you’ve “completed” the form in each section. It’s kind of a misnomer, as it’s impossible to make them all green if e.g. you indicated you’re using outside financing to pay for the vehicle.

pubcheese | 2018年7月11日

Thanks - yes, but I am pretty sure the rep was referring to something she could see on her side. As though she looked in the VIN field and saw a checkmark. I've never heard anyone talk about that before.

AJPHL | 2018年7月11日

You don’t come to the forum often enough then! The rep probably has a view of the info you supplied during configuration, and a similar complete/not complete indicator to easily let them know what’s outstanding on your end....

Flanmansd | 2018年7月11日

Probably just an indicator for them to know you've completed the prerequisites. I'm guessing "you should be receiving a call very soon" means within the next 3-5 months.. :^(

pubcheese | 2018年7月11日

Thanks. I suppose you are all correct. My interpretation was that she could see some sort of VIN INCOMING checkmark based on the "call soon" remark. But maybe she just meant all is in order and "soon" is ...relative. More time to get my garage in order, I guess.

Cdotpeterman | 2018年7月11日

Bottom line: no one here really knows.....but we're all willing to hazard a guess is you'll be getting a call soon. Good luck!

fritter63 | 2018年7月11日

There is probably more information in their system to indicate your place in the workflow, which is not visible to us. That is most likely what she is referring to. It is probably used to distribute tasks to the system (or person) that is assigning vins, sending emails, making phone calls. All part of the automated (we hope!) workflow fulfillment system.

Lla4u2 | 2018年7月11日

Not to get your hopes up, OP, but I had to call Tesla for a question and I was told I would be receiving a call soon regarding delivery in the next 2-3 weeks. I asked if I had a VIN assigned and he said "yes" but didn't give me the actual VIN. Now, I don't know if it was simply a check mark in his system or an actual VIN, but I received an email from my ISA the next day and the day after we scheduled my delivery - within 2 weeks out from that original call. Hopefully yours moves along as quickly as mine!

wiboater4 | 2018年7月11日

I'm guessing the vin is assigned and visible to them as soon as they start building the car that you designed. So by soon would mean after it finishes the assembly process without any holdups or defects . Then it would be safe for them to give you the VIN after it is built. Just a guess though.

Alnator | 2018年7月11日

I had a similar experience as Lla4u2...I called on july 5th to inquire why I didn’t recieve my invite email even though I had already configured. I was transferred to the Palm Springs store for some weird reason and they had absolutely no infomation that they could give me but the lady that I was speaking to said she would call customer service for me to see what info she could get for me. I thought this was a slick trick to get me off the phone but sure enough 20 minutes later she called and said everything in my account looked good and that I would receive a call from my isa in 2 weeks. July 19th will be the 2 week mark so I will keep you guys updated

Alnator | 2018年7月11日

Ahhh....I got the email from Tesla!! My car is ready

gbb0131 | 2018年7月12日

Got my call and email yesterday as well. VIN has been assigned.