Tips on reducing vampire drain

Tips on reducing vampire drain

I got my model 3 last week and I love the car :-). One concern is that the vampire drain seems a bit high. I see average 7 miles drain in the night. I don't have home charging (I live in apartment) and I don't use my car for commute. So I had to go to supercharger station and pay for it. I understand that the car utilizes some power to connect the the car to the cloud and to protect the battery from heat when idle. But 7 miles looks too much to me. Can you share what helped to reduce the drain when idle ? My next step is to contact Tesla customer support. I am on 2018.24.7 version and I am not using any other apps except Tesla app.

matt777 | 2018年7月15日

What I've noticed is that waking the car up out of sleep state uses quite a bit. So, compulsive checking of the tesla app causes a lot of drain. Try to close the app and not use it unless you need it. When i stopped doing that i started getting about 4-5 miles of drain per 24 hours. ymmv

Cyphr1s | 2018年7月15日

Check the cabin overheat protection and disable that. Other than that 7 miles overnight is close to what others have reported around .5 to 1 mile loss per hour.

eandmjep | 2018年7月15日

I have never seen more than 1 to 2 miles of loss overnight even in 12 hours. I do upon exiting the car power off the HVAC and it seemed to make a difference, don't know why.

CraigW | 2018年7月15日

The drain was approx 5.5 RM for the first 5 months, then dropped to around 4 RM. My Model S runs about 3 RM/day.

ST70 | 2018年7月15日

The AC will cycle if it get over 115 or so....and don't let Vampires into your car as well...

sridharb | 2018年7月16日

@Cyphr1s I turned off Cabin Overheat Protection last night and I see today morning it only consumed 4 miles.

@eandmjep I will try the HVAC trick today.

Musavviradam | 2018年7月16日

If you dont mind me asking, How do you turn off the cabin overheat protection in model 3|?

jordanrichard | 2018年7月16日

I don't know where one would be living that the interior temperature got up to 105 degs, at night.

Having the app on, in the back ground on your phone isn't going to keep the car awake. It is you looking at the app to prompts it to reach out to the car, which wakes it up.

sridharb | 2018年7月16日

@Musavviradam I was also first confused about finding it on the Safety & Security settings page. There is an another "Settings" icon on that page which will then open Cabin Overheat Protection page.

@jordanrichard Yes, I hardly open the app to check the car. At night I definitely don't open :-)

Musavviradam | 2018年7月16日

Thank you! Im having a hard time with vampire drain too as well. I lost about 14 miles overnight. ( without charging to see how much drain it is.)
Right now I just checked my settings on my phone
The location was ALWAYS sharing, I changed while using App.
Background App Refresh was on, so I toggled to Off.

I will look into cabin Overheat protection tonight when I get home.
Hopefully that will improve my vampire drain. Any other suggestions?

jvcesare | 2018年7月16日

FYI Turning off Cabin Overheat is an option only on the 18.24 software update and above. Not everyone has the option yet.

johnmann | 2018年7月16日

It sounds like something is wrong unless you are checking the battery level frequently or have Overheat Protection turned on. Drop by a service center and let them know what's happening. They can look at the vehicle logs and diagnose the problem. I was losing about one mile every hour until I did this. They fixed it in about 30 minutes remotely. Now I only lose about a mile of range each night (sometimes none) and about three miles everyday if the car isn't used.

matt777 | 2018年7月16日

@musavviradam those sound like good steps. If they don't improve your situation then I would take @Johnmann's solution and call the SC

Good luck!

sabentz | 2018年7月16日

@johnmann can you provide any further detail as to what they did at the service center to get those results thanks

Musavviradam | 2018年7月16日

^^ I would like to know same as well.

I called it in and they told me to come in to SC so I made an appointment for next week. I also asked if they can just remote in diagnose the problem without me driving to SC. They said no so I find that interesting.

johnmann | 2018年7月16日

sabentz and Musavviradam,

They told me that there is a setting that they use at the factory that prevents the car from going to sleep, this is supposed to be turned off after assembly and testing is complete, but it wasn't on my car. The Service Center tech didn't seem to surprised by it, so it must not be uncommon. I've heard other people had a bad sensor that wouldn't let their car go to sleep. in any case losing more than a few miles a day isn't normal.

sabentz | 2018年7月17日

Thanks johnmann. I have expressed to my service center that I did not believe my car was going to sleep and they did not seem to know about this possible issue, perhaps I will check back in with them

xberthe | 2020年2月8日

I have my model X since only a month. I had to do a trip by plane and leave my car for 4 days and 1/2 in a parking . Temperature was 10°C and I lost 179 Kms within that time !! Eco is on, but i believe there is something else. What did you do to get this fix ? call assistance? thanks to help

stingray.don | 2020年2月8日


Sounds about right for Sentry Mode. Just turn it off to preserve the battery.

xberthe | 2020年2月8日

I'll check if it is turn off as I thought I did . Keep you posted

xberthe | 2020年2月9日

the sentry mode is off so I'll call the service center

stingray.don | 2020年2月9日

When you say “Eco is on”, are you referring to the climate control? If so, then the heater will use a great deal of energy during cold weather.

xberthe | 2020年2月9日

Eco is on when I drive, so it is better to keep it off when driving in the cold ?

xberthe | 2020年2月9日

Eco for the climate yes