TuneIn Losing to and Slacker, would rather have Spotify ... Am I right?

TuneIn Losing to and Slacker, would rather have Spotify ... Am I right?

CBS sports radio and WEEI of Boston and a few others I am sure are and have moved from Tunein.

Slacker is not near as rad as Spotify

In both cases seems since we are driving a big computer we should have some options on what to use, don't you think?

rxlawdude | 2018年7月26日

Actually, the CBS stations are moving off of TuneIn to We don't have that app accessible either (as with Spotify).

Another stupid effect of cheaping out AM radio from Tesla vehicles (now consistent among all three products). The lack of a satellite OPTION on the M3 is further bizarro behavior.

shayne | 2018年7月26日

I saw this after I posted, I am going to try to follow the instructions. Be killer if it works

rxlawdude | 2018年7月26日

@shayne, if you are in EU, that will work. But not here in the US/CA.

blakamp | 2018年7月26日

Agree. I just wrote about improving the systems, including support for more 3rd party service integrations. Link below.

The menuing / navigation hierarchy also needs work. The top level options are Radio, Streaming and TuneIn. TuneIn is literally an Streaming Radio service, which makes the case in a point and sums up the ambiguity that needs to be addressed.

Here’s the article:

bp | 2018年7月27日

Since the first Model S was sold in 2012, we haven't seen much improvement in the media player app. While there have been a few user interface improvements, in some areas, such as when 8.0 as introduced, Tesla actually took a step backward (like losing the ability to quickly switch media sources from the steering wheel).

The only new app added to the console system has been the calendar app - which provides basic functionality, and also hasn't been improved since introduction.

And even though the new navigation software is an improvement over the original version, it still lacks basic functionality present in other systems - like waypoints and route customization.

Early on it was understandable Tesla had limited resources, resulting in constraints in how much software they could deliver.

That was 6 years ago - Tesla has now sold over 200,000 vehicles in the US and is making 7-8,000 new vehicles each week.

While the continuing push to get EAP fully functional and get FSD working and adding support for Model 3 clearly absorbed a lot of Tesla's software resources (likely why version 9 took almost a year longer to release than previous versions), Tesla is running out of time to get their software house in order, before other manufacturers start selling competitive vehicles, and the onboard software could become a factor in purchase decisions...

Even if they allocated a small number of developers, we could see some significant improvement in the media player. Longtime bugs should be fixed - like losing the current source/song/position frequently. New apps should be added (like audible for audiobooks, XM for access to the full channel set plus support for vehicles without XM antennas,, spotify, …).

And the minimal smartphone integration needs to be addressed. Even if they don't implement something like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, they should at least add text-to-voice and voice-to-text for text messages and e-mail, a feature available on many vehicles considerably less expensive than Tesla.

Tesla's hardware is market leading - they should set the same goal for their software - not only should it look great (which it does, overall), but it should have market leading functionality, while also avoiding obvious bugs and design flaws in new releases.

blacktape242 | 2018年7月27日

i'd love to have pandora, spotify would be nice also | 2018年7月27日

Keep in mind Tesla has been far more focused on safety than others. It seems to me that systems like CarPlay that do text to voice and back seem to be far more distracting than just listening to music. I doubt statistics of crashes caused by texting distraction is even recorded, but those concentrating on email and texting are not paying that much attention to the road. So perhaps we should be happy that Tesla is looking out for their customers, while other manufacturers seem to have the attitude that every crash is another car to be replaced.

blakamp | 2018年7月27日

I’m not an advocate of screen mirroring. That stands to dirty a clean experience and also make it less safe IMHO.

On the safety point, I also believe that lack of clean integration of Spotify (in the US), Pandora, iHeart, and other popular services forces folks to go the least safe route... Phone.

I agree that popular music services should be integrated under defined terms such that Tesla retains control of the experience, and enables partner services elegantly.