18 wheels vs 19 wheels for AWD?

18 wheels vs 19 wheels for AWD?

Any recommendations for which set of wheels to get for midnight grey AWD? Which tires are better? Will 19 tires provide better traction?

voytres | 2018年7月29日

take 19 ;)

natmaster | 2018年7月30日

18 gives you more range, 19 gives you more grip

tm4000m | 2018年7月31日

I'm in New England, where the potholes get names like hurricanes do. I went 18" for the extra sidewall.

fraczekp | 2018年7月31日

19 has nothing to do with grip, that is the wheel diameter and has not bearing as to the the amount of tire touching the ground (grip). that number is the tire width and all Model 3s have 235 width. The performance one has a summer tire so it should be more sticky.

In addition, if you want faster 0-60 acceleration, you want the most lightweight tires/wheels and the weight as close as you can get them radially. In that sense, the R18s can actually be a lighter/faster tire. The trick is getting the width right with all of that.

That said, you can usually get wider tires for a bigger diameter wheel.

Warp Drv | 2018年7月31日

Edmunds' found some significant advantages from using 19" wheels with the RWD Model 3...

I would think these advantages would translate to the AWD as well.

fraczekp | 2018年7月31日

Tread wear is the biggest indicator. 500 vs 400, meaning the 400 is probably a softer tire so "stickier" so breaking and acceleration will benefit and range will suffer.

IHaveArrived | 2018年7月31日

@Warp, those advantages almost certainly say more about the tire than the wheel size. The Continental ContiProContacts used for the 18" wheels are nothing special at all, I'd replace them as soon as is reasonable. On my Subaru, I have been happy with ContiExtremeContacts, and of course Michelin Pilot Sports have their fans.

IHaveArrived | 2018年8月1日

Oops, I see that the ContiPros are on the 19" wheels -- the 18" wheels have Michelin MXM4's. You can definitely do better than MXM4's.

tom8959 | 2018年8月1日

@gigi16 - Generally speaking, it's a choice between efficiency/practicality with the 18" wheels, and style/performance with the 19" wheels. Considering the tires that come on the 18's, you should get better range, longer wear, better pothole resistance, lower replacement cost, and maybe a slightly smoother ride. With the 19" wheel/tire package you should expect better all around grip in dry conditions, better road feel, and to some (myself included) a much better looking wheel.

vmulla | 2018年8月1日

The 19' wheels cost $1500 more, so yeah they're probably better. The question really is, what is the right fit for your needs? Only you can make that decision for yourself.

Model 3 Performance AWD is the best option available - That doesn't make the RWD Model 3 a poor choice. And not everyone really wants/needs what the higher end car offers. Transition that analogy to the tires - 19's would be better, yes, but how much better and how much are you willing to pay for the difference in characteristics?

Besides, when did Tesla ever put out a bad base option?