Low obstacle warning with roof rack?

Low obstacle warning with roof rack?

Could it be possible to use the analysis done by teslas to warn the driver if aproaching a low obstacle such as a garage with a kayak or a bike on top? | 2018年8月6日

You don't know you have a kayak on your roof?

simgyl | 2018年8月6日

I know, but I guess the autopilot doesn’t. Even if it should be capable?

Yodrak. | 2018年8月6日

Not even Tesla can cure stupid.

CharleyBC | 2018年8月7日

@Yodrak, you made me laugh! And now my colleagues around me wonder what's funny while I'm supposed to be hard at work.

I could see myself being stupid like this. Getting back home, tired, after a kayak or bike outing, and pulling into the garage out of habit, not thinking about what's on top. Stupid? Yes. Real world? Also yes.

But back to @simgyl's question. I'd say not possible with the current stuff. The car has no way to detect what's on the roof. I supposed the UI could offer a feature where you tell the car that you have something up there. For it to help you meaningfully, you'd also have to tell it how tall your load is. A kayak might need a foot of extra clearance. Bikes might need 4 feet.

So let's suppose such a UI. The next problem is whether the car can detect overhead obstructions. We know all the ultrasonics are in the bumpers, looking for curbs, tree trunks, cars, etc. They don't look up. That would seem to leave the forward-facing cameras. I doubt whether they'd have the ability with the AI neural net behind them to accurately assess the height of a garage opening to know whether you're going to fit. Maybe I'm wrong. There are multiple cameras, so parallax analysis is possible. But the cameras are arrayed horizontally, which positions them well for parallax work on vertical objects. I think a horizontal overhead obstruction is tough.

Prove me wrong, Tesla!

rxlawdude | 2018年8月7日

Actually, there's an insurance company advertisement showing the hapless bike owner who forgot to remove his roof-mounted bike before ingression to his garage.

Yodrak. | 2018年8月7日

"I could see myself being stupid like this."

Well, I did once forget to close the hatch of my wife's Odyssey and backed it into the underside of garage door opener.

jordanrichard | 2018年8月8日

And you are using AP to drive into your garage because....................? | 2018年8月8日

AP doesn't even function at speeds below 18 MPH.

Rutrow 3 | 2018年8月9日

Not an AP solution, but I used to carry a dry erase marker in my car to I could write "BIKE" inside the top of my windshield. Saved my bike in a drive thru once. Whew!

eliezer.yejun | 2018年8月10日

For roof rack users that park in a garage, it’s their worst nightmare. You finish a great ride, you put your bike on the roof, and drive home – only to drive your precious ride into your garage ceiling potentially destroying your bike, your rack, and damaging your car. However, thanks to an entertaining Kickstarter out of Flagstaff, AZ there is a solution to your exercise induced inattentiveness called RoofBrain. The premise is fairly simple, design a device that communicates with an app on your phone that alerts you when your bike is in danger of a low overhang. Maybe it sounds like something you would never do, but ask around and you may be surprised to hear how many bikes have met their fate on top of a car…

marksin | 2020年4月2日

Be that as it may, back to @simgyl's inquiry. I'd state impractical with the present stuff. The vehicle has no real way to identify what's on the rooftop. I guessed the UI could offer an element where you tell the vehicle that you have something up there. For it to help you genuinely, you'd likewise need to disclose to it how tall your heap is. A kayak may require a foot of additional leeway. Bicycles may require 4 feet.