City of San Diego - EV charger Permitting madness!

City of San Diego - EV charger Permitting madness!

Hi guys,

I am trying to install a simple Tesla Wall Connector for my Model 3 in my condo in DT San Diego. I just fund out that, to do so I need a permit from the City of San Diego (being in a condo).
I spent two hours at the Building Department and all they told me is that I have to submit building plans to 3 departments:

*Historical (since I live in an Historical Building)

Well, I think this is nuts. I basically have to hire an architect to run a cable from an existing meter to a wall connector. At this point we are talking about $ 4,000 project!

Does someone have experience with that?
Could you recommend someone that can do that?

Thank you very much.

RES IPSA | 2018年8月20日

I live in SD, but not downtown. I don't know anyone who can help your with your project. Sucks that you have to have to jump through all of those hoops. You can always just use the supercharger at Qualcomm (the one downtown is expensive ($2 per every 15 minutes to park plus the cost of electricity). The one at Qualcomm is free for Model 3 vehicles. That is where I go

David N | 2018年8月20日

no need to get upset. As a small business owner I have dealt with several differant communities when it come to geting permits.
Worse case scenario, they will want architectually drawings.
But my guess, is that because this is a fairly simple, straight forward project, lets face it, you're running an electrical line to an outlet, they want to make sure what you're using and how it is to be installed is up to code.
On several occasions I have submitted a simple hand drawn sketch showing routing, each componet is labled (wire size, box size, length, componet name and brand along with any applicable serial /model numbers). I also note who will be doing the work (licensed, bonded professional electrical company).
Might be even easier to have the electrical guy draw and submit for the permit. He'll know what they want and what they will be looking for. Not really that big of a deal. Simple drawing is good.
As far as the three departments, again no biggie.
Historical wants to make sure you're not drilling a 6" hole thru the nose of the 150 year old monument face that the structure is known for. Structural is most likely just done for everyone. Again, maybe ask the electrical contractor to do that for you. I'm sure they do it all the time.

dario.rox | 2018年8月21日

Thank you @EV neophyte,
Can you pass me the contact of the person you know?

Bartman4 | 2018年8月21日

You might also want to price out a 14-50 or 14-30 outlet install. Both will get the job done and either could be much less expensive to permit and install.

SCCRENDO | 2018年8月21日

Get yourself a good electrician and they will do it for you. I have a great electrician in Southern California in Orange County. He covers a large area although I am not clear if he will go as far a San Diego. He did everything for me and his pricing was good on 2 HPWCs on 2 separate occasions. Consult the Tesla website. I found him there. But this is my guy

Xerogas | 2018年8月21日

@dario.rox: are you absolutely positive you need a wall connector? A 220 outlet will work as an ideal solution, and if your commute is not that far (less than ~60 miles per day), you can get by with 110.

Atoms | 2018年8月21日

DavidN is correct, don’t get upset. First start by deciding you will get this done and the excellent permitting personnel will help you. Get clarification of what they need. Don’t get huffy, just explain you are new to the process and you need their help. I was flummoxed when they wanted a pannel form, and panel load calculation. I tried to do the load calculation using exact numbers. Turns out some basic typical numbers are just fine. And then a project drawing. I had views from multiple directions, they just wanted a plan view. In the end it was easy. But it took 2 trips and patience.

dwmduck | 2019年2月18日

About load calculations for the circuit card required for the San Diego permitting, you said "I tried to do the load calculation using exact numbers. Turns out some basic typical numbers are just fine."

How to do you know what to put? The DS1779 circuit card I see on the San Diego permitting site seems pretty detailed and seems every circuit in the house must be shown. How do you now what is "typical" load to put there?

Passion2Fly | 2019年2月18日

Why don’t you just install a 14-50 outlet? It’s a much simpler task...

dwmduck | 2019年2月18日

My earlier question applies whether its a 14-50 outlet you are adding, or an EV Charger hardwired. In both cases, you should (at least from what I see) do load calcs for either case.

msmith55 | 2019年2月18日

The problem you are facing is that codes wants to force an upgrade to the newest earthquake and ADA requirements, which is way more than what you are trying do, so you must stay under a certain max cost to be exempt from these requirements. A statement that no structural or historical appearance changes will be made. But this statement requires an engineers seal applied to a drawing, which will add at least $1,000 to the cost in addition to the electric costs. Codes has you for this, no getting around it, don't even try, they will just be stonewalling into it.