Traditional Financing

Traditional Financing

Placed my deposit on Wednesday for a Model 3 and going thru the checklist and realized Tesla is not setup like a traditional dealer where financing is handled in house. What are some the financing options others have used and best rates? I don't belong to a credit union.

Al - Louisiana

chelsey.hansen | 2018年8月25日

I utilized USAA for mine, but I belong to it. I would google loan servicing companies. Or go through Tesla’s financing which they do have. They use Chase if I’m not mistaken. I originally applied through them but their interest rate was insane. I have a 2.5% and they wanted close to 6%

Xerogas | 2018年8月25日

@al: it only costs a few dollars to join a credit union, often just a donation. Worth it for the savings!

Rocky_H | 2018年8月27日

Use the search:
Put in "credit union", and you will find several previous threads with lots of suggestions.