Why is the X so "garage stupid"?

Why is the X so "garage stupid"?

My favorite feature of my X is that is shows a diagram of what I'm approaching when I park and when I get within 12 inches it gives a "stop" warning. It is also my least favorite feature because it constantly tells me to stop because the sides of my car are within 12 inches of the garage door opening. How is it that the Tesla car knows that I'm at my home garage so it will open and close the door automatically, but it doesn't know that I have to be within a foot of the side of my garage door frame when I'm entering or exiting? So every day as I park at home the car is screaming STOP and every day when I leave the car is screaming STOP! How is it that a car can be that smart and that stupid at the same time. If I ever am about to hit something in my garage, I'd never know because all it does is complain the entire time I'm entering or exiting my garage. I get that Elon probably has a garage the size of my house, but what about normal drivers?

lilbean | 2018年8月25日

You'll get used to it.

bob | 2018年8月26日

+1 to both wmyers & 'bean. I know the sequence of beeps and tones as I enter my garage. If it sounds 'off' I know I'm 2" too far to the left or right. Another alternative is to auto park it. The bad news is I can't do that at my own garage as the driveway is too steep entering the garage. It creates a blind spot as the vehicle is entering the garage and the sensors can't determine the depth of the garage. It also fails to back out automatically since the sensors think it might be backing off a cliff where there's no pavement. It's about a 15% grade.

lilbean | 2018年8月26日

I park within inches in my garage. The car screams at me.

TeslaJ | 2018年8月26日

Have you set the side clearance in your packing settings to low so it expect narrow spaces?

bob | 2018年8月27日

hey 'bean I'll see you and raise you:

lilbean | 2018年8月27日


Triggerplz | 2018年8月27日

Lilbean and Bob well what can I say :-)

bob | 2018年8月27日

@Trigg - wrong sandbox. That looks way too easy to get in and out of.

lilbean | 2018年8月27日

T is spoiled!

davidahn | 2018年8月28日

Wow, you guys are brave to squeeze into those spaces. Using autopark/summon?

wmyers | 2018年8月28日

@TeslaJ. What settings? Also, how do people get the car to autopark when it's telling itself to stop?

lilbean | 2018年8月28日

No way. Summon won't work in tight spaces.

sp_tesla | 2018年8月28日

Like EM explained he made a huge mistake by trying to replace human superiority by software control robots. (Example: Human Vs Robots connecting hoses).

bob | 2018年8月28日

Like ‘bean no way to auto park in my garage. Besides being too close to the sidewalls - my driveway is too steep so the sensors won’t even attempt it. Like I mentioned earlier. I’ve gotten EM used to the beeps and chimes. If they sound wrong I know the alignment into the garage is off

Redmiata98 | 2018年8月29日

Due to narrow clearance, my vehicle rarely enters my garage with autopark. It DOES come out of the garage using autopark. I use the exit daily and although it beeps, it DOES move out on its own and usually on the first try. I find the autopark exit to be much safer and it has not (yet) hit either side of the garage entrance frame over the past 4 years. Yes, I have the narrow settings activated and occasionally the car will autopark going into the garage but it requires numerous retries to the point of being more effort than it is worth.

kevin | 2018年8月29日

I wish my X wouldn't lock its doors when I'm at designated locations, like home.

Redmiata98 | 2018年8月30日

Turn off autolock
Walk-away Locking
Doors and trunks can automatically lock whenever you walk away carrying the key.
To turn this feature on or off, touch Controls > Settings > Doors & Locks > WALK-AWAY DOOR LOCK. | 2018年9月2日


@lilbean: Get rid of the rolling shelves.
@bob: Get a Model 3 or new garage-your choice.
@trigger: Pull into your garage instead of backing in. It is too hard on the neck watching a ball game the way you are doing it now.

Our X shares a large opening with a golf cart. The cart is expendable...

Triggerplz | 2018年9月2日

@George lmao

lilbean | 2018年9月3日

Where would I store all the crap? And the shelves don’t roll. :)

bob | 2018年9月3日 - simple solution... if Trig puts his TV in 'beans garage, the sofa into my garage, then there'd be enough room in Trig's garage for both 'bean's and my X.

Triggerplz | 2018年9月3日

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lilbean | 2018年9月3日

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Triggerplz | 2018年9月3日


bob | 2018年9月3日

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