Powerwall for RV! Tell me why not!

Powerwall for RV! Tell me why not!

Why can't i mount a Powerwall in a vented waterproof case on rear of my Class A rv. I want to interface between the landline that powers my rig when camping and the rig itself. I would want the Powerwall to kick in when i am disconnected while traveling and/or perhaps a night without landline power. No more noisy and dangerous generator.

sashton | 2018年8月27日

I think you could mount your Powerwall externally as it is relatively well proofed against the elements. I'm not sure it is designed to withstand the rigours of travel. I do not know how well it is internally braced to deal with pot-holes, railway crossings etc. You would need a Backup gateway onboard but theoretically it would work. You could even pop some PV on the roof of your RV and charge as you go!

Tesla-David | 2018年8月27日

Tesla has a Tiny house on trailer with solar + Powerwall to demonstrate their products, so yes you can do both on an RV.

cwied | 2018年8月27日

I'm sure you could make this work, but the Powerwall has a lot of circuitry to do things that you don't need in an RV. Surely retrofitting lithium ion batteries into the existing system would be more efficient, wouldn't it? See for example this story:

Johnsonbr | 2018年9月11日

In theory it would work (Tesla-David's post demonstrates) but currently it isn't an installation option through Tesla.

eric.zucker | 2018年9月26日

This would be great on pick-up trucks too. Many power tools could be run off a powerwall.

It would be a heck of a UPS to protect servers from power failures.

I’m sure Tesla doesn’t need more on it’s hands at this moment, but there’s a new business opportunity right there.

jeschneider | 2018年12月19日

Powerwall is not tested to be continuously bumped, moved, rattled, etc. Would it work, probably. Will Tesla install and/or warranty it, no.

glen | 2019年3月7日

I just bought a Class A... I would luv to be the first one to have a PowerWall in my basement..

I have done a LOT of research around LiFePO4 batteries, inverters, chargers, alternators, generators and the PowerWall is by far the most complete package. I am working to cobble together something close to capacity of the powerwall and it will cost about $1,000 per KWH... The PowerWall is 740 per KWH and would perform much better...

Patrick | 2019年3月7日

FWIW my PW2 order was 3 units for about $20K installed. That’s about $400 per kWh. Very hard to beat that deal with any other system.... Now if we could only get them....

Tesla-David | 2019年3月8日

We had our two PW2's installed inside our garage on 6/22/18 for around $15.5k, and can say with zero reservations that they are a game changer with our 13.2 kWh solar system up in Edmonds,WA. I couldn't be happier with their performance since our installation, and IMHO Tesla has one incredible product. I hope everyone waiting for their PW2's get them soon.