Model 3 Rear window broken

Model 3 Rear window broken


today i went to a movie theater and after coming from movie theater, i see that my rear window glass has been broken and back seat has been folded down. i am not sure whether someone trying to break in the car or it just broken on its own. Please see the below pictures and kindly suggest me the next steps

PS: i have already emailed the pictures to tesla service center

joe.lynn.atp | 2018年9月28日

Do you live in California? That seems to be a popular pastime in the Bay Area. Someone smashed the window to get access to your trunk to see if you had anything worth stealing.

rinku2012 | 2018年9月28日

yes i stay in bay area. do i need to give police complain or what should i do ?
are u sure its someone who smashed the window or something else happened ?

tomgrote | 2018年9月28日

Same thing happened to my car at a Lowe’s in San Jose. Thieves checking if anything valuable in the trunk.

Lorenzryanc | 2018年9月28日

I've heard if you don't have anything to hide, leave your back seat down so perhaps they can just look and move on without breaking stuff :( sorry to see your hurt baby.

SteveWin1 | 2018年9月28日

Maybe if you didn't walk around with a surgical mask on your face then people wouldn't assume you're a rich surgeon and wouldn't try to rob you? ;)

billtphotoman | 2018年9月28日

Sorry to hear about that OP. In the future on days when rain isn't a threat perhaps just leave the rear windows down? That might be easier than lowering the seats. I am really hoping Tesla can leverage all the processing power and cameras used for EAP to offer a built in video surveillance system with motion detection when the car is parked.

lilbean | 2018年9月28日

Why would you think the window would break on its own?

jjgunn | 2018年9月28日

These idiots must think there is a battery back there like a Prius.

Maybe we need to hire armed guards to protect our cars while we're watching a movie. It's sickening how you can't have anything nice in this world.

disapr | 2018年9月28日

Is it really that common for people to have 'valuables' in their trunk?

So many people need to just be tossed into the ocean....

SteveWin1 | 2018年9月28日

Has anyone actually had anything stolen this way? It doesn't look like it would be easy to get something that's inside the trunk out of that tiny window. Is their plan to break the main window if there is something back there? If they try to open the door, it would set the alarm off, right?

djharrington | 2018年9月28日

“i am not sure whether someone trying to break in the car or it just broken on its own.”

This was a joke, right?

mrjjp | 2018年9月28日

Call your insurance co or agent. You should have glass coverage. There is not a deductible on glass . Glass does not break like the photos suggest.

JFleischood | 2018年9月28日

This is just a random FYI for everyone. I actually had this same back accessory glass just burst in a Honda Accord a few years ago. I was driving to work and was actually coming to a stop at the time, so couldn't have been like a high speed object flying. Window just made a pop sound and I looked back and the whole thing was shattered. It was still all in tact, just shattered completely, so you could see nothing actually hit it.

Not that this is the case in this matter, since obviously someone also pulled the back seat down, but it is possible for those windows to randomly shatter. I am guessing it is probably possible for any window if there is a defect in manufacturing.

gmkellogg | 2018年9月28日

Some people suck. Sorry this happened.

djharrington | 2018年9月28日

Aftermarket solutions:
1) two-layer plexiglass replacement. Inner layer is not bonded to outer layer. Outer layer is easily replaced for scratches (over time or after thief tries to quickly break it).
2) discreet device, similar to a bear trap that clamps on thief’s arm when they are trying to lower the seat back. Doesn’t maim permanently, but inflicts increasing amounts of pain as they try to pull away. Includes camera for posting to YouTube for internet viewing pleasure.

rinku2012 | 2018年9月28日

Thanks a lot guys for your warm suggestions. i am shattered from last night after seeing this. this is the first time for me to happen that to in tesla
i booked appointment with tesla on october 4th ( latest available on 4th). do i need to call customer service and inform them or should appointment be sufficient ?

RIP ICE | 2018年9月28日

So, maiming is off the table?

djharrington | 2018年9月28日

@RIP ICE: unless you’re the government, it is unwise to create a lethal, or even less-than-lethal deterrent device

rinku2012 | 2018年9月28日

i approached tesla authorized body shop. they said they can replace the glass . looks like reasonable price. i asked them to change it. i will tell my experience after they have replaced the glass

rinku2012 | 2018年9月28日

i got it fixed. Authorized body shop was very friendly and fixed it in 40 minutes. they have replaced the mirror

smarisetty | 2018年9月28日

Was there no alarm that went off when somebody smashed into the car. I would have preferred this alarm to go off and also send an alert to your phone, like your modern garage door opener.

Scrutmonkey | 2018年9月28日

Apparently it's common here in the Bay Area (SF area).

People have taken to even just making a sign when they park and sticking them on their windows.

"We have nothing to steal anymore!"

"nothing of value in the car or trunk."

petemelster | 2018年9月28日

Same thing happened to me a few months after delivery. It ruined my chrome delete (so had to repay) and tint and the plastic trim piece behind the window and fabric headliner too. Then Tesla left my carbon fiber steering wheel out in the heat for a few days after the repair, so my steering wheel cracked and got ruined too. However, after much discussion, I got it all sorted out fairly.

I'm now scared to take out my car out too much. I recently installed 4-channel Blackvue DR900s with external battery to power it for up to 48 hours, but even then, I heard stories of people breaking in just to steal the dashcams.

For months, I left my back seats lower, but then it left nasty and deep indent marks on the leather from the seatbelt buckles and latches, which took months to work itself out.

jacklondon413 | 2018年9月28日

I live in SF and cars are always getting broken into. Either there are Tesla haters or these car burglars all know how to break into a Model 3 already without setting the alarm off. In San Francisco, car break-ins are so common that you just call in to the Police and report it either by phone or online, they don't bother coming out and writing up a Police report anymore.

I need tints in order to mask the inside of my car, but my car is always left empty, nothing to see or take. I still don't trust people out here though.

Sucks, sorry man

Sparky | 2018年9月29日

It would be nice to have a factory option of lexan rear quarter glass. Pretty hard to break!

-TheJohn- | 2018年9月29日

In our Toyota Tercel circa 1989 (best car ever oddly to date in my experience and /yammer) I once had a jerk pop off the lock on the right side thus rendering it's 100K miles with nothing in it ever because DUH THERE"S NOTHING IN IT GO LOOK NO REALLLY..into a omfg if you spend any time at _all_ you'll notice that it's got an obviously open door let alone visibly zero things in there vehicle.
The right rear window ( ya know, the one literally 30 cm from the plainly open lock etc) was smashed 2 times due to their lack of ability to try the fucking handle...

Thieves will always get in. Then the catching process takes in. Blown amazed how fast folks realizied one can get in the back that way.

My loot back there in the trunk?
5 various things to clean M3 and some sunscreen. Not much Meth for that methinks

karen.harrison26 | 2018年9月30日

On Sept 21 my Tesla 3 was also broke into while I was at dinner and it was parked in Los Gatos. The police called us as people in the parking lot called them. They said it was happening to a lot of Tesla’s recently. They took dna and fingerprint samles. The repair shop said they fix at least 5 a week. I had nothing in the back seat or in the trunk so nothing was stolen. But it’s really inconvenient. Has any found locks for the seats or is the solution to leave the back seats down?

ST70 | 2018年10月1日

@rinku2012- what was the cost? $

carlk | 2018年10月1日

I've heard to keep back seat belt buckled so thieves would not be able to easily flip down the seat back. It would be too late but you can do that when you do have valuables in the trunk.

jake.lim | 2018年11月20日

This just happened to me a few days ago. One of Tesla-certified body shops told me that it would take 4 to 6 weeks for them to order and get the quarter glass. So I just went to Tesla centers and purchased one for $190(before tax). Luckily one of the service centers had a stock. Now I need to take it to my body shop and have it fixed.

kupid1 | 2018年12月18日

Happened to me last night. In a bay area mall :( Model 3, window smashed, rear seat lowered, nothing to steal in the trunk.

Question for rinku2012 and jake.lim - which body shop did you use? Were you happy with the work? Thanks

Hanscat | 2018年12月18日

fk the thieves

jimglas | 2018年12月18日

An EE friend had a problem with a dog peeing on his garage door. He set up a little plate that completed a 240 circuit when the dog peed on his usual spot. The dog only peed on that spot one more time.
Maybe somebody could come up with something like that to discourage all these window break-ins?

elekron | 2018年12月21日

elekron | December 21, 2018
Happened yesterday to me and also scratched rear fender apparently deliberately. In this case it was either interrupted or out of spite because they didn’t actually follow through and push through the window and pop the seats down.

This was after I saw someone walking (rather shuffling) next to all cars parked in a famous park in a famous city that gets a huge amount of broken window theft. As I walked by them (after they shuffled past my 3) I turned and said ‘have a nice day’ getting a chance to see exactly what the person looked like.

Even though my sense was to call the police for suspicious activity, I resisted the attempt to assume the worst and I am not even sure that the person I saw was the perpetrator. Lesson learned though: when in doubt put down rear seats and call if you see something funny.

Arnold_chan | 2019年3月1日

I got this window alarm, Doberman mini windows alarms, hope it will create some friction for the intruder

francispoe | 2019年12月15日

How much does it cost to replace the rear roof glass?