Dashcam data to cloud?

Dashcam data to cloud?

Do you know or heard anything about future plan to store the dashcam data? Would be nice if Tesla offers some sort of cloud based storage combined with the LTE subscription that lets us save data automatically. Plugging the USB in and out, saving it to computer, formatting when corrupted seems outdated and cumbersome.

Also we should be able to view the videos (both dashcam or from the browser) on the console when parked. I may be getting carried away here but surely these things can be done. Thoughts?

gmr6415 | 2018年10月14日

I had the same thoughts a few days ago. That said, for complete coverage you would need the USB drive plugged in during LTE/WIFI outages. That is unless the car caches the data and then uploads it to the cloud in batches. That still may not be foolproof though, I went through an area in WV where we lost LTE for a good 4 hours.

avenkash | 2018年10月14日

Tesla is alreasy capturing the driving data and sending it to their servers today for improving the autopilot neural net algorithms. In my view dashcam data is no different. Would ve nice if they put a subscription on it and let us save snd access those videos.

itsnice2be | 2018年10月14日

avenhash - "Plugging the USB in and out, saving it to computer, formatting when corrupted seems outdated and cumbersome" I could not agree more. Hopefully future updates will solve some of the problems that it is now having.

CST | 2018年10月14日

This will be a requirement if you're ever going to use the dash cam to catch a burglar when the car is off.

CharleyBC | 2018年10月14日

@avenkash: “In my view dashcam data is no different.”

As both a software geek and a videographer, I disagree. Video is pudgy data, much heavier than the sort of telemetry stuff they collect now. And right now for all of us, and forever for many of us, Tesla is paying for the data plans our cars use.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the cloud, and use it heavily. I’d love to gather dashcam data there. Just trying to be realistic, though.

NascarJoe24 | 2018年10月14日

Just a thought, Western Digital (WD) makes a wifi usb drive. You could sync TeslaCam folder to your phone storage and having the phone sync folder with OneDrive or Google Drive cloud options.

Garyeop | 2018年10月14日

That sounds like the answer. Or Tesla could create car and pc software to download everything on the car usb when you are home over the wifi. You would get any saved clips and the last hour of driving. That should cover most people's daily drive.

Hey Tesla, could you do that?

avenkash | 2018年10月14日

@NascarJoe24... Good idea. I will look into this. Again not all drivers can be tech savvy. The last time I used a usb was years ago to create a bootable drive. Seems so ancient. They need to think like Apple here - make things simple and easy to use. Hopefully they will do it in the future upgrades.

disapr | 2018年10月15日

A far more likely solution would be to allow users to log into their Google or Dropbox type cloud storage accounts and have the car upload archived clips from the USB drive when the car is on WIFI. I doubt Tesla will want to develop and manage software for your PC OR assume the burden of capturing and hosting large amounts of video that isn't core to their goal.

If you had a hypothetical BrandX dash cam with an LTE radio built-in, would you want to pay for the data?

M3BlueGeorgia | 2018年10月15日

That would be a LOT of data to shove up the LTE connection, so don't expect it.

satuparikh | 2019年4月25日

If Tesla did this, it would be great. I built something which logs clips from my 3rd party dashcam and stores in the cloud. No USB drive. Videos upload directly over a trusted wifi connection. Can also overlay music and other good stuff. demo at

crmedved | 2019年4月25日

@NascarJoe24 the question is, do you have to press a button to toggle it between usb and wifi mode, or worse, unplug it? The wifi USB drives I've seen operate that way for technical reasons.

Personally, I'm trying to create a device that can do both, but it might have too many bugs to be useful :/

dronpatron | 2019年5月8日

Loading Content using a USB Connection
The best way to transfer a large number of files to/ from your device is by using a USB port
connected to your computer. This process is faster than using the the My Passport Wireless
Pro/My Passport Wireless SSD Wi-Fi network. Use the following steps to transfer your data
using the USB port.
Note: When you connect your computer and drive this way, the drive’s
wireless network is disabled.

hokiegir1 | 2019年5月8日

I've been looking at something like the My Passport Wireless (and similar wifi hard drives), but wasn't sure if anyone had tried one yet. As a bonus, it looks like some of them can connect to public wifi that has a splash page and then allow the car to use that connection -- opening up more options for wifi for people that can't get it for one reason or another. Again, haven't tried it and not sure how/if it would work, but if anyone has tried it, I'd be interested in which you ended up with.

This is one of the ones I was looking at:

alisse | 2019年5月8日

I might try that Pi Zero solution. I saw it before but didn't want to work that hard. :)

I'm trying one more out-of-the-box solution. It's called Blazedrive and it's basically a Wifi-enabled SSD enclosure. If I can make it work, I'll post back. It's expected to be here Friday so I'll have the weekend to mess around with it, It's a slightly older device, but I picked it up on ebay on the cheap. Wish me luck! :)

alisse | 2019年5月9日

@two9er great links. Trying the second one this weekend. Note that there is a newer github project as the other one seems to have been ababdoned.

IoT | 2020年1月23日

Having a Tesla for all of a week before a truck hit it in a garage made dash cam one of my favorite features (the driver took off and didn’t bother to leave a note).

But what I wonder about dash cam and the USB is this: what if someone breaks into the car and takes valuables and is smart enough to read any Tesla blog or manual to know that you need the USB plugged in to save the video? Or in simpler terms, what if the burglar takes the USB drive? Then there’s no video. And that makes dash cam useless for burglaries or vandalism.

Without getting into the cloud storage conversion and the massive amount of data that would need to stream up to the cloud, how about a retrofit to put a SSD compartment in the frunk. Assuming a burglar couldn’t open the frunk without having a key to unlock the car. Just a thought.

EVRider | 2020年1月24日

@IoT: Are you aware of any instance of that actually happening? If a burglar is that Tesla-savvy, they will also know about Sentry Mode and will choose an easier target. | 2020年1月24日

@IoT - Sorry about the crunch, but glad you got it on video.

You can always route the USB via a cable to any part of the car you feel is more protected. Still doesn't seem to be a real issue. There is always a way to defeat a dashcam. Let's say you have a cloud service. All that is needed is a metallic mylar cover for the cellular antenna in the side mirrors. Cost - under $1 and takes seconds to apply. Luckily thieves are not all that smart to deal with dashcams.

On the other side, I had a break-in, and he seemed to be aware of cameras and did a fairly good job of hiding his face. The license plate was wrong for his car and likely stolen.