Cabin Air Filter: "The air filter should be replaced when necessary."

Cabin Air Filter: "The air filter should be replaced when necessary."

Does anyone know if the car will tell you "when necessary" happens? How do you know?

jdcollins5 | 2018年10月29日

I have not seen a car yet that will tell you that the cabin air filter needs replacing, other than in the Maintenance Schedule usually based on miles. It also depends on whether your car is used in a dudty environment or not. I typically check mine on our ICE cars when I change oil. Now that I do not have to change oil I will probably check it every 6 months or so.

Does anyone know how to get to the cabin filter on the Model 3? It is typically behind the glovebox but since the glovebox is electrically activated I do not see how to drop the glovebox.

The parts diagram seems to imply there are two filters.

Atoms | 2018年10月29日

The filter is left of the front passenger near the floor I believe. It did not look easy peasy to change. I think that that will be changed by Tesla on the maintence schedule.

Uncle Paul | 2018年10月29日

Had them changed in my X at 18 Months. They were pretty dirty and needed changing.
Price was super reasonable too.

ebmcs03 | 2018年10月29日

BMW has a count down to change the air filters.
I got pissed when the dealer said they changed it but only reset my counter. I checked the filter and it was still my old dirty one! So shady!

SalisburySam | 2018年10月31日

Possibly irrelevant, but my 2012 Nissan LEAF owner’s manual says the cabin filter (only 1 in the LEAF) is to be changed annually. This is a dealer or a DIY, I do it myself. And after a year with low mileage, it definitely needs to be changed when compared to a new, clean filter. I’m guessing there is no reason why other cabin filters can last longer. I’m also guessing that greater annual mileage and dirtier environments may need more frequent changing.

lbowroom | 2018年10月31日

An air cleaner catches dirt. It will be dirty when you check it. It needs to be replaced when air can no longer be drawn through it effectively, not when it looks dirty.

jdcollins5 | 2018年10月31日

There is a YouTube showing how to change the Cabin Air Filter. Just search YouTube for Cabin Air Filter. It is easy to do and definitely DIY.

I plan to change mine just like I have done for all of my cars.

Lumhurst | 2018年10月31日

Not changing cabin air filters is worse than not changing HVAC filters for your furnace.

For average cars, typical change interval is 15k miles.

YouTube shows where the filters are for DIY.

SalisburySam | 2018年11月1日

@sromoda, I agree with you, but how will one know if a dirty filter is or is not effective? And if I’ve gone to the trouble to take out the filter to see its condition, there’s almost no reason to put the old one back. The LEAF filters are pretty cheap...don’t know about the Model 3 filters.

msmith55 | 2018年11月1日

If you see dirty air outlets, your air filter is over due for a change.

spuzzz123 | 2018年11月1日

Do you think a dirty air filter results in more dirt coming out of air vents? I would think more likely that fans are overstressed and poor airflow would result.

jim.vanzandt | 2019年7月5日

Yes, dirty air filters would pass less air, not more dirt - unless there's a bypass valve that opens when the filter gets clogged (which I think is typical for oil filters).

Frank99 | 2019年7月5日

When the filters get clogged, you end up with a higher pressure differential across them (there's a higher vacuum behind the filter). This means that, if there's a crack or gap anywhere, more dirty air will go through the crack/gap, which might lead to more dirt getting deposited on the outgoing air vents.

bpatter123 | 2019年7月6日

Parts. Where can I get a filter? Several looks on the web show filters for the S but no mention of the 3. If you did find one, how much?

two9er | 2019年7月6日


HVAC, CABIN FILTER, M3 1107681-00-A

2 required, order from tesla...

msmith55 | 2019年7月6日

The way to check the filter is to look at the clean side, if it shows dirt, the filter needs to be replaced.

wayne | 2019年7月7日

Does anyone have a guess after how many miles the cabin air filter needs changing? This looks more complicated than I am willing to attempt myself.

lelson3485 | 2020年2月14日

> two9er | July 6, 2019



>HVAC, CABIN FILTER, M3 1107681-00-A

>2 required, order from tesla...
How to order? web site has no mechanism

LostInTx | 2020年2月14日

Wayne, I had tires replaced at 29K and upon inspection, the Tesla techs recommended changing the cabin air filter.

RayNLA | 2020年2月14日

I changed mine today. It’s relatively easy.
15K miles.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2020年2月14日

@RayNLA - I saw the video on DIY filter changing and my impression was that it seemed difficult. You say it was easy. How would you rate your own mechanical aptitude compared with the typical M3 owner?

ksrehman | 2020年2月14日

Model 3 owner's manual says replace the filter every 2 years.

SalisburySam | 2020年2月14日

I had mobile service replace my filters at about 18 months. The old filters were filthy so glad I had it done

kevin_rf | 2020年2月14日

At 17 months and 35,511 miles. Guess I should get around to changing it. Looks like a PITA, thinking a third party HEPA filter.

bill | 2020年2月14日

Just had my 2-year scheduled service, which included a cabin air filter replacement. The technician showed me the old filter and said I should have replaced it at the one-year point. I'll replace it annually from here on out.

RayNLA | 2020年2月15日

My mechanical aptitude is about a 5 out of 10.
If you can install a door knob you can replace your air filters. Just watch a couple of YouTube videos get the proper T20 screw driver and go for it. Its a little bit awkward to access the screw but totally doable.
Be brave!

roger.klurfeld | 2020年2月15日

Take a look at the replacing cabin filters section of

AWDTesla | 2020年2月15日

I already replaced mine but I'm on a lot of gravel roads. It was needed

FISHEV | 2020年2月15日

Has anyone found an air filter replacement that has activated charcoal?

kevin_rf | 2020年2月15日

You mean these?

Nope, don't exist, fake news.