2016 Model S 70D to 75D....????

2016 Model S 70D to 75D....????

So, I bought a CPO 2016 model S 70D. I have read up on that year where Tesla opened up the software to allow it to be a 75D. I am not sure if my 70D is a 75D or not, but if it isn't. Does anyone know if they'll still open it up for a price?

Teetoogrn | 2018年10月31日

Cbaugh, I bought a demo 2016 S 70D in August of that year. I was told that it could upgraded to a 75D. I later discovered that it was not possible. If you turn the steering wheel all the way to the right, and go look under the front, right (passenger) wheel. Near the opening created by turning the wheel, you'll see a Tesla sticker on the front right of the battery pack with the battery size and code number on it. Google the code and the code will display pack size. I know...mine was born a 70D and can be no more. Good luck!

Silver2K | 2018年10月31日

Gontonyour Tesla account online, click on manage and look for upgrade to 75d option. If it's not there then you cannot upgrade the range

Silver2K | 2018年10月31日

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cbaughman78 | 2018年11月1日

Ahhh good info, I take delivery on Saturday morning. Not sure if my account "manage" will show the upgrade ability yet. I'll look into this. Thanks for the info.

michael | 2018年11月1日

I upgraded mine (June 2016 model) for $500.

cbaughman78 | 2018年11月2日

Do you have the "refresh" 2016? I do not...I think mine was built in early 2016.

galo420 | 2018年11月2日

@michael.. You got a great!!...I ordered my car and took delivery of a late June 2016 MS 75D and paid a $3,000 upgrade fee to go from a 70D to a 75D to get 19 miles of added range. I guess I got charged a jackass fee for not knowing if I would just wait I would be able to just pay $500 extra range

galo420 | 2018年11月2日

@michael... also mine is the refreshed front

cbaughman78 | 2018年11月6日

no bueno! I can't upgrade...don't have the option. My tesla must be an early 2016 model.

teslamodels2016 | 2019年9月16日

how to know if my model s made on march 2016 with 70 kw can upgrade to 75?