1500 miles charging costs

1500 miles charging costs

Hello. I've owned my Tesla Model 3 for 15 days now. I've driven 1,562 miles from November 16-November 30.

With public charging and Superchargers, I have spent $28.84 and have driven 1555 miles (it came with 7 miles on it). That works out to $0.0186 per mile. I do not have charging ability at my condominium.

By comparison, the Lexus IS 250 AWD I traded in. I drove 1,361 miles from November 1-14, spending $181.00 in gas. That works out to $0.1351 per mile.

Even in the worse case scenario ... Only supercharging in Massachusetts, I would have spent $.24 x 451 kwh = 110.21 which is $.07087 per mile.

This is excluding oil changes.

With the proper planning of utilizing public charging an sporadic supercharging, you will definitely save some money in your monthly budgeting, even if your Tesla payment is a little bit more.

BTW the 1562 miles are at 284 what/mi in cold Massachusetts, which makes sense to me.


Passion2Fly | 2018年12月1日

Are the public charging stations free in MA? These are very low costs for someone who doesn’t have charging at home...

feverfive | 2018年12月2日

Yes, many of the public charging us free in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Most are free for the first few hours, like at restaurants and corporate parks. But even a few hours of free charging is great for local travel.

h2ev | 2018年12月2日

That is nice. You should've bought a Tesla much earlier! What spec is your Model 3?

I picked up my dual motor non-P with 18" wheels a few days before you in New Jersey. Nearing 1000 miles and consumed 288kW which is roughly $40 for me (~$0.14 per kW). Charged exclusively in my garage with Gen 1 mobile charger. Coincidentally my car also had 7 miles on it. My car shows $10 and change in supercharging cost from the day before I picked up the car. The car was charged to 70% IIRC when I picked it up. It'll be interesting if I actually end up getting charged for that $10.

I have yet to supercharge. Probably should try and make sure it works as soon as I get a chance.

kevin_rf | 2018年12月2日

You won't get charged for the initial top off Tesla did before delivering your car.

Big1matt | 2018年12月2日

I picked up my own model 3 in PA November 14th, LR RWD. Supercharged 3 times, no bill to me for it, or any previous supercharging bill. Plenty of free public charging in PA too.