Request to Cancel Order

Request to Cancel Order

I submitted a request to to cancel my model 3 order on 11/29 but received two text messages since then that my car is being prepared. I have an email from customer service stating that "By replying to this email you hereby acknowledge and agree that all funds will be returned in the form of a check to the mailing address provided above in the next 30-60 business days" (which I have replied, several times) but at the same time receiving periodic text messages on the status of my order. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried to call the 800 # but the wait time is over an hour...if anyone has anything to share on this topic, would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

skmami | 2018年12月7日

They are just totally incompetent.

jforbes77 | 2018年12月7日

My cancel was just completed after 3 months of waiting, money was sent to my credit card, so it will happen just takes time

oghowie | 2018年12月7日

Yes, same issue here. I called on 10/31, they emailed me a cancellation confirmation emailed and I replied that day. Got another please confirm cancellation email 2 weeks later so I called in and confirmed that my order was cancelled. The CSR says yes it is in the cancellation queue. This Monday I got the complete all checkout items text and just now a text to expect delivery 12/9 - 12/13 in SoCal. WTF...

CorkChop | 2018年12月7日

Why did not cancel?

CorkChop | 2018年12月7日


jforbes77 | 2018年12月7日

Ordered a second one by accident

dangrilley | 2018年12月7日

You think thats bad. I submitted a cancellation on 10/22 after ordering on 10/19. Insurance cost was simply too high for me and I didn't check before I ordered stupidly. I've called 6 times since 10/22 and emailed 10 times. I still don't have completed cancellation and customer service won't even let me talk to a supervisor. A few days ago I got a get ready for deliver notice. Today I got another get ready for delivery between 12/9 and 12/15. I'm on hold and it said wait time is greater than 1 hour and I've been through this queue 6 times already. I don't expect any actual help, but I'm concerned that even after my repeated attempts to cancel the order they've assigned me a VIN and now they will say I'm not eligible to get a refund on my $2500.

CorkChop | 2018年12月7日

Once you submit the form, you are not eligible for a refund of the $2,500 which is plainly stated on the form. What do you consider "high" insurance? What rate were you given? You can afford the payment for the car but not the insurance? Seems odd to me.

oghowie | 2018年12月7日

@dangrilley Yeah, that's what I'm worried about too. I'm ready to sign a new C300 lease but this has me on hold until it's resolved now.

The only time I got them to actually reply by email was when I threatened to do a chargeback. Got an email that day. Still said I wouldn't receive a confirmation of the cancellation, just to expect a check in 30-60 business days.

joeljoyce87 | 2018年12月7日

Same thing. I ordered 11/25/2018 and canceled 11/27/2018. I called on 11/27 they sent me an email and I replied right away. I am still getting texts with updates to my delivery date. Told me over phone that refunds would be in 14-60 days. I don't get how the customer services is so bad. I have a friend who has the complete opposite experience as he owns one. This actually makes me never want to buy a vehicle from them.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2018年12月7日

These stories about Tesla customer service are scary, like inexperienced or untrained staff are interfacing with customers.

It reminds me of the stories about Dell tech support, and that’s no complement.

jjkimla | 2018年12月7日

@dangrilley: yes, this is my concern as well that they will assign a VIN and I won't be able to get a full refund of $2,500.

@jforbes77: did you get a full refund of $2,500 credited back to your card?

casun | 2018年12月7日

my insurance costs were almost 30% less than my previous vehicle. its odd to read that someone is cancelling due to insurance costs.

oghowie | 2018年12月7日

Yeah, insurance should be similar to cars around this price range. I assume you were driving a cheaper car before? I just got a State Farm quote and insurance would be 5% cheaper than my C300.

Andy.s.cordova | 2018年12月7日

I cancelled a few weeks ago. Called the service number and spoke to an agent who sent me the cancellation request.

I also just received a text saying my car would be ready next week.

jforbes77 | 2018年12月7日

yes the full refund of 2500 was credited back to credit card, i also received texts about setting up delivery, a couple of times. They are clearly putting low priority on cancellation and are really backed up. I think you just have to wait, i called once a month just to make sure my cancellation was still there

jjkimla | 2018年12月10日

I spoke to a customer service rep today and she said that they have to submit the cancellation request separately after receiving the email request to cancel. My original cancellation request was on 11/29 and just today it's been submitted. Thank goodness a VIN hasn't been assigned so she assured me that my cancellation will be accepted. I'm supposed to receive another confirmation of cancellation acceptance in the next 1 to 30 days. But she said to call and follow up periodically to be sure. Just wanted to update this thread for anyone who might be in a similar situation.

BostonPilot | 2018年12月11日

Just curious - for the people trying to cancel - is there not a Tesla showroom nearby? Can't you just go into a showroom, cancel, and get some kind of written confirmation that you cancelled?

jprichar68 | 2020年4月11日

I ordered a Model Y on April 4,2020 but due to circumstances I have to cancel. I don't know where to go to accomplish this since the Model Y is not showing in "my account"

Orthopod | 2020年4月11日

Did you use a different email address?
That’s what happened when I reserved my Cybertruck and they couldn’t merge the 2. Had to cancel

Lonestar10_1999 | 2020年4月11日

Simply dispute the down payment on your charge card and don’t give Tesla another nickel towards the purchase. Believe me, you will not be taking delivery.

lbowroom | 2020年4月11日

No reason to take on a confrontational stance. Tesla isn’t trying to deny him his money. If you ordered it online, then the car details are in the account you ordered it from. There is a cancel button on the website in you account. I used it and was refunded within 24 hours during a weekend.

billroger | 2020年4月11日

You need to call you Credit Card company and put in a complaint. Refunds no problem. But I did that two years ago and then regretted it. Took all that time to get back Tesla Fever high enough take the plunge again. This time I never regretted it.

fazman | 2020年4月12日

@jprichar68 - Have you tried the simple step of calling tesla during the usually day time business hours at 1 (888) 518-3752

Just let them know, worst case is you don’t show up on delivery day and no one can bill you for the car because you haven’t accepted any vehicle. The most you will be out is your cancellation fee. But thats a less steep loss compared to defaulting on a loan (Please explain you would actually like the car in the future after all this covid stuff and your job improves, so maybe you can salvage your deposit... assuming tesla has a heart).