Going on vacation

Going on vacation

I went back 6 pages & couldn't find a thread on this in the MX forum.

Why not power the car off instead of letting it just sleep & losing phantom drain?

jjgunn | 2018年12月7日

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jjgunn | 2018年12月17日

Did a test. MX 100D

Left for vacation 10 days ago (Mexico) quite relaxing.

MX at 77% on Dec 7
Opened app & woke up car three times over 10 days.
MX at 52% on Dec 17
Temp avg between 46-57 F
Car parked outside but under carport & car cover.

Lose about 2.5 % per day. Pretty much normal. Guessing I save 5% if I don't open the app 3 times.

Next time I go away for a few days, I will power off the car.

bp | 2018年12月19日

Why not power the vehicle off? … You want the vehicle powered, in case cooling or heating are needed to keep the battery within the acceptable temperature range.

Opening the app does increase the battery usage some - most of the used power was likely used to apply some heat periodically to the battery pack.

jjgunn | 2018年12月19日

Ok, that makes sense....but what if you are expecting a range of temperatures between 46 degrees F & no warmer than 60 degrees F

I live in the Bay Area & it is never below freezing & car would not be parked in the sun. (Carport & car cover)

bonhari03 | 2018年12月19日

What about updates? The best time to load them in my opinion is when I’m out of town and not using the car. It can be done from the phone app easy Peary.

bonhari03 | 2018年12月19日


bonhari03 | 2018年12月19日


Triggerplz | 2018年12月20日

It appears peasy is not too easy :-)

davidahn | 2018年12月20日

For remote access in case you need to summon your MX to pick you up from the airport. Or just start a charging session in case you want to hop in and go somewhere as soon as you get home.