Love my new model 3

Love my new model 3

Picked up my model 3 5 days ago. So far I’m loving it! Metallic gray, aero wheels, awd.

No issues and it is perfect. 500 miles on the odometer. Build quality is good, no rattles unless driving on a very rough road. Extremely quiet highway driving. Sound system is good. Autopilot works amazingly.

lilbean | 2018年12月13日

What? Now way! Wow! Congrats!
But this is the whine, bitch and moan forum. ;)

TM3Q | 2018年12月13日

Yes it’s so cool driving in M3, I have LR AWD black colour. Already 1969 miles in 5 weeks haha, every excuses is good to get out just to drive it :-)

Even if I live where we have freezing temperature this morning was a good test for the car at -24C/-11F. I’m learning pretty fast how to get the most from my car.

So many people ask me question about my car when they see it, like what kind of car is it? Should see the faces when I show them my front engine hahahaha

Enjoy your ride :-)

billtphotoman | 2018年12月13日

Great to hear and I love mine too. If you are new to BEVs and live somewhere cold prepare to get a big reduction in range during cold weather. Your range will return to near the rated value with the first robins of spring. Many threads on that so I am hoping to avoid another one :).

Geico | 2018年12月13日

32 outside where I’m at. I don’t see any range loss in winter because I’m driving 45-60mph 15 miles to work and do not preheat or run heat in car. Charge every night so regen is 50% available.

Amazing car! Seat heaters work good and when sun is out with outside at 32 it is warm in car no need for heat! Glad everyone is happy.

Wormtown Kris | 2018年12月13日

@mabuck: Congrats! Another happy customer! Still loving this car after 3-1/2 months. Enjoy the ride!

shawncordell | 2018年12月13日

I’m still loving mine, too.

dmanincali | 2018年12月13日

I'm loving mine. Have an X as well and feel Tesla's manufacturing quality has improved a lot in the past year and a half. The X had all sorts of panel gaps and fit and finish issues but the 3 is very well put together. It's a blast to drive too and I greatly prefer the smaller size -- much more maneuverable. I even have a friend who's super critical of Tesla and their build quality and even he's been impressed by my 3.

Trekman | 2018年12月13日

Gosh it's good to get a post like this. Like @lilbean said, this forum was turning into the whine, bitch and moan forum. Had mine for 3 months, not a single problem, still grinning!

lilbean | 2018年12月13日

+1 @Trekman
No problems with mine at 10 months. The ranger is coming tomorrow to rotate my tires. Great service!

moabchick | 2018年12月13日

I love mine too! I got it Oct 13th. I've even taken a long road trip Denver-Houston-Denver and love it even more!!!!!!!! Honestly, I'm thrilled when people are near my car, waiting for me to come back to it so they can ask me questions. I want to whole world to have a Tesla because they are the best cars on the road for sure! And so much fun to drive! I seriously GRIN every time I see my car.

bryan.whitton | 2018年12月13日

I have had my LR RWD Blue TM3 for about 3 weeks now and 900 or so miles. No issues at all until 42.6. After that I no longer had access to the manual. I take it in next year for them to try and fix it. I am not too worried about it as I still have it online but they want to get it taken care of. That makes me happy too.
I love the car. The paint and body is perfect. Very quiet and comfortable. Very fun to drive.

ST70 | 2018年12月14日

@lilbean- how many miles? Is this your P3D or RWD?

misujerr | 2018年12月14日

Thank you for posting! Reeeally glad to see this. Get mine tomorrow and am pretty freaked out from reading all the boards/fb groups... Wish me luck :)

nwfan | 2018年12月14日

@lilbean, has it been 10 months already?
We both ordered our M3's on Valentine's Day.

RWD LR M3 running like a charm.

beaver | 2018年12月14日

Good to hear! I have 13k miles on my LR M3, no issues and I also love the car. Blast to drive, 3x cheaper per mile than my Civic that replaces, and the kids life Santa Claus mode (#bringtheraindeerback). I had to repair a rock ding on the hood, and I accidentally damaged the back glass due to a bag strap getting caught in the trunk.
I am very happy with the 3 in every way.

gadget63 | 2018年12月14日

I've owned my M3 for 5 months now and 9000 miles on the odometer. It's been a great car with just a few minor problems. The left rear tail light fogged with water after a good rain and Tesla fixed it ASAP. The right rear view mirror housing was loose and again it was fixed ASAP. There is a rattle coming from the front left side every time you hit a bump that no one seems to be able to fix after two tries. The last time in, Tesla replaced the front left strut but it still rattles. After the holidays I'll make an appointment to try one more time.

lilbean | 2018年12月14日

@ST70 6500 miles RWD aero no caps 212 Wh/mi :)
@nwfan Yes :)

billtphotoman | 2018年12月14日

@mabuck - you will get a range bonus when the weather warms up. Something to look forward to along with new software updates.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2018年12月14日

Congratulations! It's nice not to read the whine, bitch, & moan forum every once in a while. ;-)

WW_spb | 2020年3月10日

Boy oh boy look what I found. It was prefect and no rattles. When he just got it. Why were you expecting rattles? You are funny man.

rob | 2020年3月10日

Damn! I'd buy that car in a second! If only it were for sale...

rob | 2020年3月10日

I don't pity mabuck but he just needs to move on. From the car and this forum

WW_spb | 2020年3月10日

Pity it turned out to be such a lemon /s

WW_spb | 2020年3月10日

Cheers Buck. You won't be missed

teslamazing | 2020年3月10日


Geico | 2020年3月10日

Yep, hate to see it went downhill fast from 2018!

jnordland | 2020年3月10日


WW_spb | 2020年3月10日

Looks like Buck gave up

andy.connor.e | 2020年3月10日

your personally has gone downhill with it.