Rolling down a wet window

Rolling down a wet window

I recently discovered that the Model 3, while it is a wonderful car, has quirks that require behavioral changes. For example..leaving your window open during the rain in a Model 3 can be a lot more expensive than a typical car. I was unaware of all of the technology in the seats after accidentally leaving my windows open. I gasped when I was quoted $600 dollars for a seat replacement after accidentally leaving my windows open and having to service my car. This got me thinking about rolling wet windows down. I live in a rainy area. When the windows fog, I roll them down and roll them back up to squeegee the fog on the window. In previous cars, this has worked fine.

Is this okay for the Model 3? Are there any electronic parts that can be effected by rolling wet windows down, or was it designed to sustain that behavior?

jamesdiecidue | 2018年12月19日


casun | 2018年12月19日

you got your model 3 wet!?!?

dsvick | 2018年12月19日

I would assume that as something that is supposed to be exposed to the elements that windows are ok to be rolled down when there is moisture on them.

The thing that jumps out at me the most though from reading your post is just how wet did you let the seat get that one had to be replaced?! Also, I don't think that these "quirks" are related solely to the model 3, it doesn't have any more electronics in the seats than any other car with electronic seat adjustment controls and heated seats.

coleAK | 2018年12月19日

Was it only $600 for an entire new seat? I had the same thing happen (window down drenched the seat) when I had a grand Cherokee Overland (terrable vehicle only had it for 2 years). It was around $1500 for a new front passenger seat.

ODWms | 2018年12月19日

That’s a great price, if accurate. At that rate I wonder what a white interior set would cost if I decide to change up.

wiboater4 | 2018年12月19日

I made the mistake of getting in my car without clearing off the wet heavy snow from the side windows. A fiend was clearing his truck in front of me and came over to clear mine. I rolled down the window to say thanks and as I did the snow ( about 2 inches thick and wet and heavy) dropped inside . It fell into the window controls. and onto the side of my bottom seat cushion, rug etc. I grabbed a microfiber towel right away and dried out the window controls and wiped the seat off. Got a little wet but not bad. Luckily nothing shorted out in the controls. I won't make that mistake again.

lbowroom | 2018年12月19日

The Model 3 is no more or less waterproof than any "typical" modern car. There is no more technology in the seat than any other "typical' modern car. If you soak the interior it may cause damage.

amir.hpour | 2019年9月25日

I have the same problem. I booked an appointment. Just received a call from TESLA. The guy told me do not expect much !!!
A technician will come and look at your car, but we do not think there should be any problems?
How can you say that when you have not seen the problem yet?

Anyone had any resolution?

lbowroom | 2019年9月25日

You have what same problem? You left the window down in the rain and soaked your seat and now it doesn't work?

pameda | 2019年10月27日

I too accidentally left the passenger window open a crack during a huge rain storm. The passenger side seat and door got soaked. Now I have an error message that says "fault: passenger safety system resistance fault." The airbag icon at the top is on. Will this clear when the seat dries? Is the car drivable?

kaffine | 2019年10月28日

My guess is once the seat/electronic connectors dry the error will go away.

Sensors in the seats are not unique to Tesla most/all new cars will have them.

As for driving the car I would but would prefer not to have a passenger in the front seat as the air bags may not deploy if needed.