Best keychains/key fobs for S?

Best keychains/key fobs for S?

This might be silly post, but really looking for best looking key fobs/key chains? Any recommendations?

EVRider | 2018年12月17日

The key fobs come with the car, and there are no other options.

DanFoster1 | 2018年12月17日

I’m really fond of this one:

I had a neoprene one I loved, but it didn’t last long: the ring started to pull through. I replaced it before I lost it!

kmonastyrsky | 2018年12月17日

This keyfob holder is "perfection itself:"

Hang it on a lanyard or attach to a belt loop with a clip, and you'll never miss your key.

barrykmd | 2018年12月18日

I like the thick black rubber band-like one I got from Tesla.

p.c.mcavoy | 2018年12月18日

RE the think black band one ... I also had been using that but found both of mine got loose about after about a year so had bought leather fob holder that I was using. I can't claim figuring this out on my own, but saw someone recommend cleaning the fob with windex/glass cleaner and then wash the band well with soap and water. I decided to give that a try and was amazed. The band which had been loose now grips the fob just like it did on day 1.

If you were like me and starting to look at fob holders due to the bands getting loose, give the cleaning process a try. You might be amazed like I was.

talels | 2018年12月18日

I didn't get any keyfob holder from Tesla. I ordered this one online and I like it:

akikiki | 2018年12月18日

barrykmd, I do too. I think they are no longer supplying those with a new S. And can't replace them.

JPPTM | 2018年12月18日

Abstract Ocean has a broad range of fob holders.

akikiki | 2019年2月16日
yllihysenlika | 2019年2月16日

This leather case has been my favorite case for the Tesla key. It has the marking on top for the buttons as well.