Some settings keep resetting

Some settings keep resetting

My wife and I both swap around our MS & MX. I haven’t for sure pinpointed this issue to when the car changes profiles, but either way it doesn’t happen in the MS and we both drive it too. The Navigate on Autopilot keeps turning off. It also reverts back to standard suspension (and change on speed to ‘never’). I change it back to Low and ‘always’, but within a day or so it goes back. The NOA keeps going back too. Yes, I’ve rebooted and this hasn’t changed across more than a few software updates.

MX - late Sept 17 build - HW2.0
MS - May build - HW2.5

john | 2019年10月13日

I have the exact same issue on a model X I just purchased. It is a late 2017 model.

Is there solution to this?