Bug report: Spotify login issues / crashing MCU

Bug report: Spotify login issues / crashing MCU

Due to a lack of bug report tool I'm posting this here

I live in Belgium
Model S 2018.48.12.1 d6999f5

90% of the time I can't log in to Spotify, no indication of what went wrong (serverside error? timeout? Other issue?). Credentials are correct. Sometimes a forced MCU reboot helps, sometimes not. Same with logging out and in again. Tried LTE/Wifi both have the same issues.
And it got worse since last update. Now when I am logged in and select a playlist most of the time the whole MCU freezes, followed by a black screen and automatic reboot of the MCU. (software performing long running tasks on the UI thread?).
When the car was parked for a while and it was playing Spotify before, upon entering the car the MCU hangs before I can even enter my pin code. So I have to force a reboot and wait 5 min before I can enter my code and start the car.

Spotify never worked perfectly for me, but it's getting worse on every update. Could be related to the large amount of playlists I have.
I hope these crashes are being tracked by the MCU dev team so they will be fixed in a next release.

Other users have similar issues but wanted to create a specific topic to bring this to the attention of the team

And there are more less blocking MCU issues like spinners that keep spinning, TuneIn refresh button that does nothing, web radios that don't work, ... | 2019年1月7日

Rather than a forum post (although useful to other owners), you should send it directly to Tesla via the Contact link at the bottom of any page.

You don't say the age of your car. Of particular interest is if you have MCU1 or MCU2. If you're not sure, you can run this app in the car's browser to identify the MCU:

I haven't seen any of the problems you describe, but I'm in the USA, and using MCU1. I have heard of others in Europe having Spotify problems, so I'm glad we have Slacker here. From your related issues, I doubt it's a Spotify problem, but perhaps they changed an API without telling Tesla. More likely a bug at Tesla.

francisdb | 2019年1月7日

MCU1 March 2018 (one of the last before they introduces MCU2)

francisdb | 2019年1月7日

I seriously doubt I will get useful feedback on the contact form as it's in Dutch for me. But had a go at it.
Using Spotify all day on my phone/laptop/speakers without problems. My guess is a bug on their backend combined with bad UI code doing long running / blocking calls on the ui thread.

panost | 2019年1月7日

Same problem in UK for some time now. Seems to be sorted over last few days. The advice from Tesla is the following: You can try to change the language settings of the car on Display in the Controls menu.
Try to login after this reboot and if the spotify is logging in, you can set it back to your preferred language. Worked every time.

Bambino | 2019年1月9日

I haver the same problem, MCU1 MS85. 2013

tore.forsmo | 2019年1月10日

Same problem with my MX90D MCU1 (Dec 2016). Works on the Tesla Spotify account but as soon as I log in to my own account, MCU freezes as soon as I try opening one of my playlists and then reboots itself after some time. Have tried switching back and forth between languages and also various reboots of the MCU (normal and deep) but nothing works.

pedantique | 2019年2月7日

Same here :(

Silver2K | 2019年2月7日

I can't even get Spotify!

francisdb | 2019年2月16日

This is fixed in 2018.50.6

Slavas | 2019年2月16日

I noticed that the newly added playlists work fine, but when you select long-added artists, the system hangs. With authorization, sometimes I also have problems and it seems to me that this is due to switching from Wi-Fi to LTE