Wiper blades?

Wiper blades?

It occurred to me this morning that my original wiper blades are now 6 months old. Time to replace. Any recommendations? I'm surprised I can't even find them to order from Tesla's accessory page.

A Reddit thread suggests these two:

Would love to hear some confirmation.

I've not been completely thrilled with the Icons when I tried them in the past, but I need *something*....

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年1月8日


terminator9 | 2019年1月8日

you got to replace them every 6 months?

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年1月8日

You can destroy blades in a day under certain conditions.

neil.weinstock | 2019年1月8日

I've never had a wiper blade last longer than 6 months. Especially in the winter you need good blades.

ripatriot | 2019年1月8日

it's all about the attachment adapters the blades come with. i think the sizes you posted are correct (19" and 26").

this one is the only one that "fits" the model 3 according to amazon (although the size is wrong):

if you look at the last picture in the listing, i believe the push button narrow is the correct adapter. looks very similar to the one pictured in the online m3 parts catalog. not clear if the icons you posted have the correct adapter. "top lock large" might be it.

i buy PIAA wipers for all my cars. usually comes with 4-5 adapters. my m3 is only two months old so not ready to scrap the oems yet.

hopefully the tesla adapters aren't proprietary.

jimglas | 2019年1月8日

The service center has wiper blades you can purchase

ripatriot | 2019年1月8日

19" might be wrong. is it possible they have the same size blades as the S? those are 18" and 26" and the PIAA Si-Tech blades will fit with their "A" adapter.

just a matter of measurement. either way, i really like these blades. typically install new ones each spring and they last me a whole year in rain, snow and ice.

hokiegir1 | 2019年1月8日

Hubby got ours swapped at an Advance Auto parts, but they had to do some swapping of parts to get the attachments correct. It wasn't difficult, but something to be aware of. I don't remember what brand he got, but they are the ones we usually use that work well with our preferred washer fluid (RainX -- which will destroy the silicone-type blades).

alisse | 2019年1月8日

I went to the Bosch site and confirmed the 26OE and 19OE are the correct sizes. I purchased the ICON blades from Amazon. I'll check back in to let folks know how it works out. I noticed mine were stuttering (I use RainX) during the last storm, so thinking it might be time for a replacement, and definitely before storm season.

CharleyBC | 2019年1月8日

@alisse, how'd you do that? I also went to the Bosch site, entered Tesla 3, and it told me no compatible parts. I must be missing something...

alisse | 2019年1月8日

@CharleyBC Sorry, I misspoke (mistyped?). It was the CarID site, looking at Bosch blades. Here:

jordanrichard | 2019年1月8日

Where does it say that after 6 months you have to replace the blades.........?

I have had my Model S for 5 years and up until this past year 2018, I never once replaced my blades until service did it during the annual service. With 2018 being the wettest year in recent times here in CT, my blades wore out and for the first time I had buy a set myself and install them.

neil.weinstock | 2019年1月8日

I decided the Service Center was the path of least resistance, and *just* achievable as a lunchtime excursion. I bought two sets so I'd have spares at the ready.

They charged about $22 each.

ripatriot | 2019年1月8日

"RainX -- which will destroy the silicone-type blades"

i've used the rain-x washer fluid with silicone blades and it works fine. rain-x also sells their own silicone blades.

lbowroom | 2019年1月8日

Here's a thread on this topic that covers the Icon's. Not directly compatible, need a bit of modification.

ketmolnarauto | 2019年8月13日

Wiper blade in a wide range for all car types.