Apple Watch instead of phone for keyless entry

Apple Watch instead of phone for keyless entry

Would love to see this option come to fruition. I too often step out of my car leaving my phone behind on the charger. Apple Watch on the other hand is always strapped to me.

hokiegir1 | 2019年1月8日

I have Wear for Tesla for my Android watch, which allows for locking/unlocking of doors (among other things). In my case, my watch doesn't have it's own connection other than wifi, so I still need my phone, but it's a nice backup in case the car locks with my phone inside of it.

neylus | 2019年1月8日

Thought about this too. Then decided it keeps me from leaving my phone at home. So, you may just go from leaving the phone in the car to leaving it at home.

zsoldier | 2019年1月8日

@hokiegir1, yeah, I hacked w/ homebridge to be able to do so with Siri/Homekit as well. Would the car lock with your phone inside it?

@neylus, that's true. I have the LTE Series 4 so it would be less of an inconvenience not having my phone, but an inconvenience nonetheless. I'm still adjusting to not leaving my wallet at home since I don't have to 'grab my keys' to drive anymore.

bradbomb | 2019年1月8日

I would agree this would be a great feature

surfpearl | 2019年1月8日

I don't use a smart watch, but the car will not lock you out if you leave the phone inside and walk away. Admittedly, it's a security concern, but you won't get locked out. Even if the phone is not on the charger and its battery dies while you're away, the car will stay unlocked (I have just tested this to confirm).

MalibuRed | 2019年1月8日

Not sure what watch’s your trying this with, but since I’ve owned my 3 in November I’ve only used my Apple Watch (series 4) along with Tesla 3rd party app remote S. Simply click the unlock on the icon and it works for the unlock and trunk/Frunk...

kcheng | 2019年1月8日

EV Watch app. $1. I have it, and use it to precondition the car. It can also tell you your SOC, and lock/unlock your car, etc.

Here's a screenshot from my AppleWatch:

kcheng | 2019年1月8日

I suppose it's not keyless entry like your iPhone, or fob, but it works, slowly.

Infiniti Pi | 2019年1月9日

@kcheng please tell/show me how you set that up. I’ve got the series 4, and EV Watch, but I’ve only been able to set up a SOC complication. When a customize a face, only the EV Watch option shows up on the list of complications. Any insight much appreciated.

tomhennry | 2019年1月9日

The following part which will be going to manage all the process so will be best for the user to customize a face for the EV watch instead phone keyless entry to proceed it.

EVRider | 2019年1月9日

We won’t get true Apple Watch support until Tesla implements it.

hokiegir1 | 2019年1月9日

@surfpearl -- Glad yours worked, but here is at least one instance where the car locked with a phone *and* a child in a rear seat inside:

kcheng | 2019年1月9日

Ok downloaded app, EV Watch. Then in the Utility watch face, I put EV Watch as the complication in the middle, as that's the biggest space, so I can get 4 bits of info. If you look at the screenshot, you get a pie chart of your SOC, and your percent SOC; and whether the car is locked or not; and the temp inside and out; and whether the car is charging or not. If you put the complication in one of the smaller spots, you only get your SOC %age.

Ok, I read your post again, and I see your problem, it's the size of the complication area. Not all spots show everything. I'm using the large center part to show the most info. Like I wrote above, if you put the complication anywhere else, it'll only show SOC %age. Then you have to tap it, and swipe to get the other bits of data, as well as the ability to precondition, etc.

ODWms | 2019年1月9日

The car locked with my phone in it a few weeks ago at church after I walked away. Luckily I had my card in my pocket at the time.

Infiniti Pi | 2019年1月10日

Bingo! And thank you. Choose a watchface with a big middle area and we are set.

kcheng | 2019年1月10日

@infiniti, don't forget to put the Tesla stock price in the corner! ;)

ricksli | 2019年1月10日

Great for a $1. Remote S just gave me a picture of a Tesla on the watch face. Now I have SOC in top left corner. Good enough for me. Let’s me know how much charge left when I last got out of the car.

Infiniti Pi | 2019年1月11日

@kcheng, believe me I saw you had that. Was trying to figure it out without having to bug you for the solution. But to no avail. How do you do it?

Infiniti Pi | 2019年1月11日

I changed my default stock to TSLA on the “my watch” tab but don’t see it as an option when customizing....

kcheng | 2019年1月11日

@infinitipi, setting the default to TSLA is fine, mine's set for last viewed, since I don't always look at Tesla! But, in your watch face, you need to set one of the small complications to "Stocks"

Infiniti Pi | 2019年1月12日

@kcheng, I really am fairly tech literate, contrary to my struggles here. Which default watch face did you use? I just went back to ground zero to replicate what you had in your screenshot. I’m using the Infograph Modular and am not getting an option to add “Stocks” in the bottom left complication. I have 10 zillion others to choose from but just not that one.

Infiniti Pi | 2019年1月12日

Scratch that last post. Persistence wins! Simple Modular is the answer.

jithesh | 2019年1月12日

Is there a way to change the MAC ADDRESS of the watch manually to make it same as that of phone? That might work

drbob | 2019年1月12日

Remote S allows you to lock or unlock your Tesla Model 3

kcheng | 2019年1月12日

@infinitpi, I don't have Series 4, I'm using Series 3, but I'll guess Infograph Modular is the face with like 8 complications, the curved ones. My understanding is that the complications for that face are different in order to take advantage of the curve possibilities, so fewer complications are available for that face. I know Stocks can go i the big middle bar, cause it'll show a day chart! But, maybe it won't go in a corner. Of course, you may eventually banish EV Watch to a corner as well.

jaime.smedes | 2019年1月14日

Yes please! I keep my iPhone in my back pocket and it doesn't usually unlock my M3 unless I take it out. Apple Watch support could work better. Great suggestion!

SCCRENDO | 2019年1月14日

I have the Remote S app and I find it to be very sketchy. I have the infograph on a Series 4 watch with its own cellular connection. I put it in the bottom left corner and seems to be much simpler than Remote S and looks like it may work. I need to test it out without my cellphone.

mjs | 2019年5月10日

Please adapt the Tesla phone app to the Apple Watch and other smart watches.

lbowroom | 2019年5月10日

I'll get right on it

morgandc | 2019年5月10日

I would love this! No more grabbing my phone when I head for the car...

gwolnik | 2019年5月10日

I'm thinking of getting an Apple watch but might wait until this is supported. I understand the newest ones support the "Help, I've fallen and can't get up!" apps, so the enhanced signal capability ought to support unlocking and even operating a Tesla.

lbowroom | 2019年5月10日

No more grabbing my phone when I head for the car...

Where do you go without your phone?

TimbersThornsBlazers | 2019年5月10日

@lbowroom ~ While I'm never heading out for a drive anywhere without my phone... I do constantly find myself needing to grab something from the car out of the garage, and walking out there only to realize it's locked and I have to go back inside to find my phone. I know, I know... #FirstWorldProblems

But yeah... in that instance, having my Apple Watch work as a key would be awesome.

rhj | 2019年5月10日

Since the Apple Watch offered cellular With series 3 I don’t worry about where my phone is.
Would be great if Tesla added Apple Watch. It’s only been two years

BuckeyeM3 | 2019年5月11日

EV Watch App on my Apple Watch Series 4 works great to Unlock/Lock my Model 3 RWD LR with no connection to my iPhone.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 2019年5月11日

You people think too small. This car is covered with cameras. I want facial recognition built into my tesla so that I don't need any keys, phones, watches, cards, or pants.

hcdavis3 | 2019年5月11日

I had the Commands app a while ago and it would do the same thing.

EVRider | 2019年5月11日

@gwolnik: Once you get an Apple Watch, you’ll be sorry you waited. Tesla hasn’t announced any plans to create a watchOS app, so you’ll be waiting a long time.

EM34ME | 2019年5月11日

"Where do you go without your phone?"

I go EVERYWHERE without a phone. I'm retired, I hate the tyranny of having to haul a phone with me.

lbowroom | 2019年5月11日

But you wear an apple watch?

morgandc | 2019年5月13日

I live on acreage and with the iWatch have the ability to leave my phone in the house. So when I am out and about not having to go find my wallet or phone would be nice. Also, exclusively using my watch would be nice, more secure. I leave my phone at my work desk watch is always on me.

EVRider | 2019年5月13日

There are third party apps that support the Apple Watch. Tesla Remote (formerly Remote S) is one of them.

lbowroom | 2019年5月13日

EVRider, but Tesla Remote doesn't enable Bluetooth phone key.

Morgan, you worry that someone will pick up your phone from your desk and steal your car?

hcdavis3 | 2019年5月13日

I leave a spare key card in my garage if I need to get something out of the car. Even if someone came into my garage they wouldn’t see it.

EVRider | 2019年5月13日

@lbowroom: Tesla Remote doesn’t act as a phone key, but if you have a cellular Apple Watch you can still use Tesla Remote your open the car without a key. A Bluetooth phone key would be better, but it’s something.

kcheng | 2019年5月13日

Stats will unlock the car on my AW3 w/cellular. I use it when I lock the car with my phone inside, if I go for a run. Phone is in a faraday bag.

kcheng | 2019年5月13日

Stats can also enable Sentry mode, open the charge port, frunk, trunk, turn on the climate and start the car. And the complication on the watch front shows SOC% and range.

Bobcox1 | 2019年6月21日

Surprised that no one mentioned the biggest advantage of an Apple Watch key. Security! If someone steals my phone, they can get my Model 3 too. But the second my Apple Watch leaves my wrist, it deactivates.

regoapps | 2019年6月21日

I'm constantly updating the Remote for Tesla for Apple Watch users. It is the very first Tesla app to come out for the Apple Watch, and I'll continue to update it to make sure that it remains as the best Tesla app for the Apple Watch. A Bluetooth phone key is a good idea, and that's on my radar for the next thing to add to the watch app. I'm currently coding automation into the Remote app, and when it comes out you should be able to have the car unlock automatically when you get near enough to connect to the Bluetooth.

The reason why my app's complication doesn't show stats is because keeping a complication that shows stats means that the app will constantly keep your car awake to get the stats. I coded the app to not increase phantom drain, so I decided against it. However, if the demand is there, I will code it and leave it as an option in the settings to enable or disable the stats in the complication.

hans.bouman | 2019年11月2日

"Where do you go without your phone?"

When I go running in the forest, I want to leave my iPhone in the car and only run with my iWatch.

Don't understand why you cannot connect the iWatch to a Tesla-key, as you can do with your iPhone?
Anyone who can explain? Tesla really should support compilation on the iWatch!