Map updates

Map updates

Does any one know how often map updates are pushed. I cannot use the navigate on auto pilot feature until the maps are updated. My car is at home and connected to wi-fi,
any info is appreciated.

dlchambers | 2019年1月18日

Help with map updates

EVRider | 2019年1月19日

No, no one knows how often maps are updated, partly because there’s no notification when it happens. There used to be a notification, and when there was, map updates were very infrequent.

Which firmware version do you have, and which car? Even if your car has access to WiFi, do you know for sure that it’s connecting? | 2019年1月19日

There are two (maybe three) maps in the S/X - Google maps is updated as you see it - so perhaps a few seconds old. The second map is an internal map for navigation (which appears on the left instrument panel when navigating). In the past it has been updated fairly infrequently - perhaps once a year or less. It is believed this map was updated as part of the v9 software release. There may be a third high-definition map used for AP. As this map is not visible to owners, it is not clear how often this is updated or if it is considered part of the displayed internal map.

Compare this with every other automaker. Those maps are between 1-2 years out of date the day you buy the car. Then they charge you $100-200 to get a new map, available once a year. It's often already a year out of date when it is released.

@dlchambers - It may be worth contacting service if it has been more than a few weeks. In rare cases, updates get locked up and service can remotely fix it. No need to go into service.

bp | 2019年1月20日

There is one onboard map - which is used to display the navigation mini-map on the dashboard, and will also be used if navigation routing is performed offline. We don't know how often this map data is updated. For NAV 1.0, the onboard map was updated roughly annually, so this map data could be as much as two years out of date, missing recent construction for new or updated roads/highway ramps.

The visible map on the console is from Google, pulled in real-time from their map server. Google updates the road information almost immediately after road changes have been made (with a day or two). The satellite maps are updated every few months. [We live in an area hit by Hurricane Harvey, within a month of the hurricane, the satellite map was showing the areas underwater - and it took months before the map was updated again to show those areas with dry streets.] The Google map data is only used for display purposes, and is not used for navigation - the navigation route is layered ontop of the Google map.

The third map is stored on Tesla's navigation server. We don't have any details on this map data or how frequently it is updated. This map data is used to perform cloud-based navigation routing, and should be using the highest resolution map data coupled with real-time traffic information to produce an optimum route. The route is then transmitted back to the onboard navigation software, which display the route ontop of the navigation mini-map and console Google map, and uses it for NOAP (Navigate on AutoPilot).

Tesla is building high resolution map data - and it's not yet clear how they are providing that information to the onboard software for use by AutoPilot. It's highly unlikely they are storing the high res map data onboard, due to the data storage/bandwidth requirements.

It would be useful for Tesla to be more transparent about this, provide more information about the map & speed limit data that are being stored onboard, at least so owners could determine how recent this information has been updated. | 2019年1月25日

goodmorning to flags (it's spam).

Monarch | 2019年4月24日

I would love to be able to flag maps issues, it pronounces names wrong, says turn right when you are clearly merging left on some spots near Austin... there doesnt seems to be a way to provide feedback, and has some crazy ideas on fastest routes that I would love to be able to resolve as well.

Google has none of these issues on my phone, so it's something proprietary to the Tesla maps.

EVRider | 2019年4月24日

@Monarch: Use the voice command "report bug" as soon as the problem occurs.

N4RCL | 2019年4月25日

TT are you sure the maps update real time on the MCU? Reason I ask, we just had a new toll road open up in Nov 2018. Maps on my google phone show it completed and usable. But on my S, it still shows dirt in places and the road name is missing? I'm eager to see it update do I don't get the re-routing notifications as I drive through open fields!

Monarch | 2019年4月25日

@EVrider thanks! wasnt aware of that voice function | 2019年4月25日

@N4RCL - I could be wrong. You're talking about the big map on the MCU and not the small map in the instrument cluster (S/X)? The small map can be 6-18 months out of date.

I was about 99% sure the main map is realtime from Google, considering Google is also providing the traffic data. Then again perhaps it is cached at Tesla's server, but seems unlikely.