Changing screen language

Changing screen language

I'm about to take delivery of a M3 in Europe but I'm concerned that the default language will not be in English.
Does anyone have experience with changing the default language on model 3?


EVRider | 2019年1月19日

Ask Tesla about that. I don't see anything in the manual, but at one point it was possible to change languages in the Model S. Tesla might be able to configure the language for you if it's not English and you can't do it yourself.

kcheng | 2019年1月19日

Would be kind of cool, if the phone you link to your vehicle, determines the language of the UI.

gballant4570 | 2019年1月19日

I have not changed it, but I would think its part of your profile in the car. I don't recall the steps in setting that up though....

GFDriver | 2019年1月20日

Strange, I have seen posts about changing language in Model S, but nothing for Model 3.

EVRider | 2019年1月20日

Not that strange. The old forum threads about being able to change the language in the settings pre-date Model 3. It’s possible the setting is only available in certain markets, if it’s still available anywhere.

EVRider | 2019年1月20日

I just checked both my Model S and Model 3, and neither one provides an option to change the language. I'm in the US. If you're buying your M3 new from Tesla, check with them about the language.

GFDriver | 2019年1月21日

Thanks for taking the time to check both your Models S & 3. Much appreciated. I will call Tesla France.

GFDriver | 2019年1月22日

I finally got through to Tesla France today and they confirmed they could set the screen language to English for me.
Not sure of other options.

guydude | 2019年1月23日


RoGr | 2019年1月23日

Thanks for asking the question, g.f.duffy. I'm in the same boat: despite German fluency, I'll prefer to have my Model 3 set to English.

jpschuchna | 2019年2月2日

Had a Model 3 test drive today in Germany. It is possible to change the language from German to English via the display settings. Same as in Model S.

justin | 2019年12月10日

where can i find the option on the menu to change the language, it is set to german i would like english. thanks

piotr | 2019年12月10日

The manual (page 116) says menu Display->Language. Also Navigation Language, Time format etc.

jialiang.gu1 | 2020年1月16日

Just changed my Model3 language from English to Chinese from Control->Display->Language