Quick Taptes wireless charger review...

Quick Taptes wireless charger review...

After reading a thread here on the Taptes wireless charger, I ordered it 4 weeks ago and just got it last week. I just want to post a quick review in case it helps anyone.

First of all, it looks really pro as if Tesla made it. It's got a matte finish that doesn't scuff like the OEM pad. First impression a huge positive. The stock Tesla charger pad was scuffed after 1 week of occasional use. The Taptes version looks just as new after one week of daily use.

Installation is very easy. Just fish the two usb cables through the base and plug it in. Took 1-2 minutes. It has a tiny bit of side-to-side movement, but I’m only saying that to be precise. It doesn’t matter once it’s installed. It stays in place and has better grip than the stock one, which is the exact size but stays in place because of some pegs underneath. The Taptes pad comes with tape to accomplish the same thing, but I didn't use it. Charging speed seems the same as the wired stock charger pad. It charges 1% every 2-3 minutes on my iPhoneX. It’s not super fast but the convenience is waaaaaay better. I used to struggle to get my phone to insert into the little lightning charger plug, usually I'd miss and have to repeatedly try. Now, I just lay it down and it’s instant.

I have that pivoting usb splitter that was mentioned here for the right side of the charger since I’m recording video, and the charger works fine through the splitter. Not sure if the speed is different but I placed my phone on the right side and it immediately goes into charging mode.

I’m so glad I cancelled my nomad charger. They delayed it twice and I got a little perturbed and bought this instead. I love it so far.

Anyway, just an FYI.

hector | 2019年2月6日


spuzzz123 | 2019年2月6日

Just got mine yesterday thanks for the review. It is so much better than struggling to plug in. Looks great too.

hector | 2019年2月6日

Right? It’ll age very well. I use it daily and still looks brand new!

jordanko | 2019年2月6日

You guys are lucky. I ordered one from Taptes on December 24th and never received it. According to the tracking it cleared customs on January 3rd but I still haven’t received it. Taptes customer service won’t do anything about it and I’m stuck disputing the charge on my credit card. So if you order from Taptes beware that shipping appears to be an issue.

sroh | 2019年2月6日

Thanks for the review. I know Jeda also recently announced a second iteration which allows both portrait and landscape charging (e.g., if you use Waze). Looks good, although it's more expensive than the Taptes.

What's keeping me from getting one of these is my wife has an iPhone SE without wireless charging.

mazers | 2019年2月7日

I got my Nomad one a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be happier. I'm even surprised at how fast it charges an iPhone 8+.

roger.klurfeld | 2019年2月8日

@sroh: Jeda will have a spacer available starting in April that will allow wired charging for your wife.

sroh | 2019年2月8日

@roger, thanks; yep, that's what I'm waiting for at this point.

I've actually wired in the phone chargers into the 12v in the center console using a USB hub, and I have two extra USB slots that I can hook up a lightning cable. So theoretically, I could get the Jeda now. But it feels a bit rude and I can wait a couple of months until the solution is more elegant.

rickjayg | 2019年3月11日

I'd recommend against the second gen Jeda. My Samsung S8+ would not charge with a simple silicone case on it. The cables keep slipping out of the pad ports. And the pad stopped working after a few charges. Jeda says to return it for them to adjust the coils, but I'm returning it for a refund as I believe it's a low quality product.

ajstroberg | 2019年3月11日

A shout out of thanks to the poster of two weeks ago who told of his experience with: SUKEQ Universal Qi Wireless Charger PCBA Circuit Board Coil Wireless Charging Module DIY for Micro USB Cell Phone. I bought one for $2, tested it & indeed it works well hooked up to the 5V, 2A USB A slot in the front. It charges through a thick Apple case OR the full thickness of the Tesla pad, but not both. So careful scalpel work on the pad lets is sit close enough to the phone - & it looks fine. $2.

Trekman | 2019年3月11日

I ordered and received it 10 days later. Excellent quality and installed quick and easy. My Samsung Note-8 fits without sliding around, and has no problems charging in it's case. I'm SO glad I didn't spend twice as much (for a Jeda or Nomad). Extremely satisfied.

Effopec | 2019年3月11日

Receive the Taptes pad last week. Easy to install, quality seems good, and charges my Xs well through a thin case. Great deal for the price. Only concern is that you have to take the lower lip off the charging shelf to install, and the directions don't show what direction to push the lip to remove it. It slides to the side, I believe to the left. I didn't want to force it for fear of breaking something, so it took a bit before I figured that out.

P49X | 2019年3月11日

We've used the Taptes product for 4 months now and it's been flawless. We put a USB 3.0 hub on one USB socket to run that side of the Taptes pad plus our USB music and TelaCam flash drives. Total system works great. If the two "front USB" ports were expanded to at least four, it would be a neater installation, but not a big deal as is.

davesudz | 2019年4月19日

Bad experience with Taptes charger.
1. One of the USB plugs is malformed - it won't plug in, it seems to have extra material in the interior of the plug that prevents it from seating.
2. Even on the side with the good plug, the charger cycles constantly from "charging" to "wireless charging disconnected". After 3 hours the phone battery had gone down. It started with 38% and after 3 hours it was at 29%. Here is the response from Taptes. "There is a known issue about Tesla 2019.8.2 and above that, there are issues with front USB ports, which may cause TapTes and other wireless chargers blinking or not working. But the Tesla rear passenger USB ports still works fine as the power source for TapTes wireless charger. You may try adding USB splitter or hub (almost all Telsa owners have solved their issues)." So basically they want me to run a USB cable from my rear USB port! How nice and clean is that??! lol
3. My Samsung Note 9 will not fit into this holder unless I remove the case, and I have a very small, thin case - Spigen Tough Armor, which fits fine in the original Tesla holder. Removing the case and re-installing it every time I need a charge defeats the purpose of wireless charging. It would be faster to just plug the factory plug in than to take the case off every time.
Taptes refuses to refund my money or even respond to my emails, so like the other reviewers I am left to dispute the charge on my credit card. I will avoid this company in the future.


wiscy67 | 2019年4月19日

A known issue is that you have to use a USB splitter in the front USB port. In the rear hub, no splitter may be needed. They're telling you above to use a splitter but still use the front port. I read that they are supposed to ship new orders with the USB splitter.

If one of their cables is defective then you should be able to return it. I assume the cables are integrated but correct me if this is not the case.

On a separate note: I'm wondering if one can get faster charging performance by using a car charger to usb adapter in the cigarette lighter socket (in the front) and extending to the wireless charger.

marksteward0926 | 2019年4月23日

My Model 3 is on 2019.12 firmware right now. The taptes now works fine. No problem.

PECo CT | 2019年4月24日


Thanks for the update. I’ve been hoping that would be the case.

johntran | 2019年4月24日

Another option, if I may suggest for those that's looking,

I'm creating a bundle that has both wireless charger and Dashcam recording. I"m trying to get enough support to bring it to the community. I would greatly appreciate your support. The current price is only $66

dave | 2019年5月8日

I have the Note 9 and as a previous poster stated, it seems to only fit with the case removed. Now, it looks like it may be possible to trim the very bottom edge of the plastic plate on the TapTes which would "drop" the shelf down a bit, giving more length to fit a phone.

So, before I decide whether to try to make this modification, I'd like to ask if anyone has already tried it?

thedrisin | 2019年5月8日

Working without needing a splitter now. 2019.12.1.2.

Syed.Hosain | 2019年5月8日

I have the Taptes and like it. The price was right too. Agree with OP that it looks good and works well. My Samsung Galaxy 9+ fits (albeit barely ... has a case) and my wife's iPhone X is smaller, so fits too.

One complaint I see mentioned above is that the Samsung Note does not fit. Yeah, that may be too large ... indeed, I wonder if that might not fit with the stock pad in there either.

And their support has been good. They were quick to respond to the need to add a splitter for Tesla versions 2019.8.1 through 2019.8.5 - they added two free splitters to their shipments and also offered to ship me a pair for free, although asked (quite reasonably, in my opinion) to help defray the free shipping by ordering some other item from their web site too.

I already had a splitter for my dashcam and simply put in another one in to make the other side of the charger work, so did not take them up on their offer.

2019.12.1.2 should resolve this issue so that I can remove one of the splitters and put it back on my second laptop.

Syed.Hosain | 2019年5月8日

@dave "Now, it looks like it may be possible to trim the very bottom edge of the plastic plate on the TapTes which would "drop" the shelf down a bit, giving more length to fit a phone."

Hmmm, I am not sure I would do this - that bottom edge on the Taptes is how the lower lip of the shelf (that slides left to remove) holds the pad in place ...

wiscy67 | 2019年5月8日

I hope they still include the USB splitter. I use the small ends (power only) for the charger one large end (data only) for flash drive for TeslaCam.

Syed.Hosain | 2019年5月8日

@wiscy67 "I hope they still include the USB splitter. I use the small ends (power only) for the charger one large end (data only) for flash drive for TeslaCam."

Since Tesla version 2019.12.1.2 is now out, and it fixes the issue, I would be surprised if they continue to ship with two free splitters - this would hurt their profit margins a bit.

dave | 2019年5月8日

@Syed Do you think velcro pads would be sufficient to hold it in place if I trim away that edge?

3218315981 | 2019年5月10日

@Syed.Hosain maybe there are still some Model 3 owners haven't received the 2019.12 update notification

343971384 | 2019年5月13日

TapTes published a new wireless charger for Tesla Model 3 with great design, now wired & wireless charging both included, Landscape mode supported but also with LED light indicator, still $49.9 including free shipping.

Syed.Hosain | 2019年5月15日

@dave "@Syed Do you think velcro pads would be sufficient to hold it in place if I trim away that edge?"

I think that could work.

Syed.Hosain | 2019年5月15日

@3218315981 "@Syed.Hosain maybe there are still some Model 3 owners haven't received the 2019.12 update notification"

True. I have not received that update yet either, so I am continuing with two splitters for now ...

Pavu | 2019年5月15日

Jedi is in trouble now

geedub1023 | 2019年5月15日

I just received this via Amazon yesterday evening and first attempt this morning (install only took a couple of minutes) before I left the house unfortunately it didn't work.

I have a Motorola Droid Turbo phone which is Qi equipped so it should be compatible but I wondered if anyone had any suggestions or if they had to make adjustments to settings on their phone to make it work? NFC is also turned on. I also tried taking the phone case off and it still wouldn't start charging.


hector | 2019年5月15日

I like that landscape version. It would be nice for when I stream the NBA games in the car--larger video.

---Though I don't look at it when I'm driving. I just listen. (Or do I?)

geedub1023 | 2019年5月15日

Update to my previous post. Well, I got the Taptes to start charging my Droid Turbo before I drove home from work by turning the phone upside down. Apparently, it lines up better that way to enable charging. I'm interested in seeing how an IPhone will charge and whether it will have to be positioned upside down or not. Oh works!

srogge | 2019年5月15日

I had the Jeda before the Taptes. The Jeda was trash, poor quality and fit. They also never sent the fast charging module and failed to notify me, when I asked where it was they said they were making a better one and they would ship it as soon as it was available. Months past and no email. I contacted them and they said that they decided not to make the better fast charger. They never explained why they did not notify me. When I asked for a refund they said no because it was over 14 days. They have been giving me a run around for weeks now but they refuse to give me a full refund no matter what. They only respond to email about every other day and no calls. Do not buy Jeda!

midniterambler | 2019年5月16日

with the taptes can you simultaneously charge wirelessly one phone on the left and another phone thru a lightening cable on the right?

rwgallah | 2019年5月16日

Wireless charging is an inefficient way to charge your phone. Just plug it in as designed.

Effopec | 2019年5月16日

The Taptes works fine on my iPhone XS with a medium thick case. It was not working with the previous software revision, but the latest one fixed it again. It would be nice to have the latest version with the landscape compatibility, but not worth buying a new one.

slingshot18 | 2019年5月16日

Taptes also works fine with my iPhone XS as well.

@rwgallah Plugging it in is inefficient with my time. The iPhone is "designed" to be charged with with plug or wireless.

ODWms | 2019年5月16日

Completely agree. Wireless is the way to go.

343971384 | 2019年5月21日

@midniterambler TapTes charger support one side wired charging through it is built-in cable, other side wireless charging

jeff | 2019年6月2日

Just sharing information here... I received my TapTes charger on June 2, 2019 (today) and it included one USB splitter as indicated in the Amazon product page -- "1x Gift USB splitter". I installed and it works great on iPhone XR and iPhone 8 Plus (even with case).

Lastly, included in the package are two double adhesive tape which I used to secure the wireless pad.

FISHEV | 2019年6月2日

@johntran "I'm creating a bundle that has both wireless charger and Dashcam recording. I"m trying to get enough support to bring it to the community. I would greatly appreciate your support. The current price is only $66.

Great looking product. Love the lower lip to keep phone from sliding into the abyss.

What's the status? Saw you got $14k out of $20k.

ODWms | 2019年6月2日

Didn't reach goal, so all orders were cancelled with no charges made to customers.

rwade2666 | 2019年6月2日

Ordered money looks like a bargain.

rwade2666 | 2019年6月2日

Ordered mine looks like a bargain.

Zaacccc | 2019年7月23日

Does anybody believe me? I have bought one, it's really nice!!!

Syed.Hosain | 2019年7月23日

@Zaacccc "Does anybody believe me? I have bought one, it's really nice!!!"

I am very happy with my Taptes version 1 charger. Works very well with Samsung Galaxy 9+ (mine) and Apple iPhone X (my wife's phone).

ODWms | 2019年7月30日

I received the Taptes wireless charger (version 2) today and installed it. It seems to work well, and I can get a charge on 2 iPhones at one time. Or I can place 1 phone in landscape orientation and get it to charge in that position alone.

I did notice, though, that when I use the 2 supplied cable splitters with my dash cam/sentry mode feature via the usb drive on 1 side it doesn’t work. If I plug the drive directly into the USB port alone it works fine.

I can get everything to work if I use both splitters on the left side (to utilize other devices), but leave the dash cam drive installed alone in the right port. Is this the only way, or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

Nadler | 2019年7月30日

I have the same issue with ver 1. My usb stick won't work with the splitter. Works fine when plugged in alone. I was going to return ver 1 and try ver 2, but I guess that doesn't work either.

ODWms | 2019年7月30日

I love the product, and plan on keeping it. I have to use the splitters both on the right to power both sides and my other device, and the usb stick on the right, by itself. My concern is the power being cut in half (or more) so not getting full wireless charge strength.