Used Tesla

Used Tesla

I want to buy a used model S. Should I get it from Teals or a 3 party dealer?

I was thinking of a 3 party dealer because I can see the car and test drive it. From what I understand Tesla does not give you that option.

Fdjt | 2019年2月13日

Also What are the best options to have

minervo.florida | 2019年2月14日

I would buy from original owner first, second would be Tesla, dealer last. Dealers will have all the joy rides and not care for charging as well as the owners or Tesla IMO.

SoCal Buzz | 2019年2月14日

It depends on what’s most important to you. A purchase from Tesla could cost ~ $4,000 + more than private party, but you get the extended warranty. Another issue is not seeing actual condition of paint, interior, etc. in person, but I believe Tesla will sometimes provide pics. Personally, I would go private party if considering a car still under mfg warranty period. If it’s an older car or with high miles, then a purchase from Tesla can reduce risk for that premium, in which case I would try to get detailed feedback on actual condition.

There are too many variations of options, and generations of batteries, AutoPilot, etc. to answer your second question. Depends on what you value.

jordanrichard | 2019年2月14日

If you go with a third party dealer, I would highly recommend taking an existing owner with you. Dealers don't know squat about these cars. Like I tell people, it would take me about an hour or more to go over everything in a Model S. A dealer will not spend that kind of time on just the car. They'll spend hours trying to convince you to buy crap like payment insurance, but not on the car itself.

A Tesla owner, especially one that has had their car for a while could help you sort through what options the car really has and it's capabilities. I have seen some third party dealer ads listing the car as having a transmission and engine.

r.parker | 2019年2月14日

Just purchased a 2016 S75 from Tesla (in Florida). NO you can't see or drive it first, However they will send you seriously detailed photos, including any damaged or scratched areas. My car was absolutely flawless when I picked it up. I found that they cost about the same from Tesla AND as mentioned, come with a quite extensive 4 year 50,000 mile warranty in most cases as well as battery warranty. IF you buy from a third party consider the cost of a comprehensive warranty and keep in mind a door handle cost $700...and yes, I love it.

vp09 | 2019年2月14日

Check out

I have my 2016 Model S90D for sale with Adam right now. Interesting service he has set up.

vp09 | 2019年2月15日

Have any of you seen the service that Adam Q. has?

He works on the honor system.

That is probably unknown in recent times.

NoMoPetrol | 2019年2月16日

I'm with r.parker. Bought a CPO from Tesla. I now see Teslas with nearly identical features and a year or two newer for $8,000 to $12,000 cheaper than what I paid. But the mickey mouse stuff can bankrupt you without a warranty.

I've had a frunk latch replaced, a new steering column installed, an upgrade to the latest TPMS sensors (including a fifth tire), a four-year service, the rear axle repacked with grease, including a mobile service call that correctly diagnosed the need for grease - all at no cost to me. And I still have another 23,000 miles of warranty left.

Can't imagine what these services would have cost at $175/hr plus parts. The four-year service alone would have been $700.

MilesMD88 | 2019年2月16日

Neighbor ordered a 2014 CPO S85. We picked it up today, absolutely flawless. Tesla did a great job detailing car.
It was fully charged. 251 miles, new was around 256. 42K miles with AP1. 21 inch Turbines with fairly new tires. I think the car was built in Dec 2014. Serial # 61,xxx
He paid $41K. New was around 90K. And now he gets a 2 yr warranty. Real bargain in my opinion.
Read a lot of horror stories about our CPO’s. But today, we couldn’t have happier. He recieved detail pictures to help decide. The purchase process took 15 minutes. Inspection was good, and Tesla service let me know when asked, that previous owner had done 3 annual inspections.
To the OP, private seller not bad if the car is fairly new, but on a car like we picked up today, the warranty is a nice thing to have. Good luck.

Bighorn | 2019年2月16日

Excellent, though new was 265.

p.c.mcavoy | 2019年2月17日

If the ability to purchase the extended service agreement (a.k.a. - extended warranty) is important to you, then be aware this is not available for cars that have been purchased through a third party dealer.

If the car is already out of the original factory warranty, then this is not an issue as the ESA is not available anyway, but one other factor to consider if you're looking at 3rd party dealer versus private purchase/sale from the original owner.

ESA also not available on CPOs as either of the warranties given by Tesla essentially are the ESA with the added benefit that there is not the $200 per visit deductible.

rxlawdude | 2019年2月17日

@Miles, my guess is the degree of "refurbishment" depends on (1) the condition of the car when traded in to Tesla, and (2) the location and how busy the Service Center is that does the refurb.

I wouldn't expect a pristine Used (NOT CPO ANYMORE) Tesla in, for example, Orange County, CA.

MilesMD88 | 2019年2月17日

@rx...agreed. It was apparent that the previous owner took extraordinary measures to not get a single door ding or scratch. And to get a yearly service. The Decatur (ATL) service / delivery center was packed Saturday afternoon, 3 & S’s everywhere, people looking, not an open spot at the facility.
Decatur has always impressed me, and as busy as they are with deliveries, they got this CPO prepared properly!

@Bighorn...Dyslexia. Why was my P85D quoted with a range of 253 new, but the S85 265? Same battery....

AndrewinNH | 2019年2月18日

Silly question, looking at the Tesla used inventory page, no cars in New England? They just disappeared three days ago, tried a couple different computers still no Ma cars Not sure if’s a page issue, NH resale issue or a wholesaler issue?

Bighorn | 2019年2月18日

The P85D got reassessed for EPA purposes. It’s actually a more efficient car driven calmly, but the EPA testing cycles include aggressive acceleration that likely dings the final number.