Launching a non P Tesla

Launching a non P Tesla

Was wondering what is the best way to launch a Tesla that doesnt have launch mode or is not a performance Tesla.

My Tesla is fast (to me) considering the ICE vehicles I used to drive. A performance model would be nice but I’m happy to be part of the family with my non P Tesla.

I’ve been holding the brake and accelerator at the same time and releasing the brake to launch.

Is there any benefit to doin that or am I just wasting effort? Can I launch just as good or better by just getting on the accelerator as fast as I can?

I’ve been seeing a lot about “throttle box”, Teslachip and RaceChip for Tesla. They claim that they can increase 0-60 by .5 in my Tesla.

May not seem like much to P owners...but I have the base model Tesla and anything helps.

Thanks for any responses!

TranzNDance | 2019年2月15日

Does your car not have brake Hold, so you could just stomp on the accelerator pedal?

SoCal Buzz | 2019年2月15日

I participated in a track day with Tesla awhile back, and they simply recommended stomping on the Go pedal.

AERODYNE | 2019年2月15日

Go pedal....I like! With no brake or hold, I did 4.0 to 60. MS 85D

jordanrichard | 2019年2月15日

VegasSquid, skip the two pedal bit. If you want the fastest acceleration, have your battery at 90% or close to it, fully warmed up such as just finished supercharging, lift you leg up a tad and stab the accelerator.

With that said, I would highly recommend you not make a habit of this. This, like the launch control method in the P100D, will cause unnecessary strain on the battery (electrons leaving rapidly), the gear reduction box, half axles CV joints and finally your tires.

VegasSquid | 2019年2月15日

@TranzNDance never thought of that...gonna try that on my next 0-60 attempt.

@Aerodyne I have a 2014 model s 60... I’ve only tried launching and timing with an iPhone. Not scientific I know. How did you record 4.0 in the 60? What timer did you use?


VegasSquid | 2019年2月15日

@jordanrichard thanks for the response. What I have done on all my runs is this..I simply leave my home with 100 percent charge...once on the very first street (.01 miles away) I straighten the vehicle up on the road, hold brake and accelerator, then release brake.

I time everything off my iPhone timer..not very accurate I’m sure...but I’m literally running 5.3 to 5.5 every time.

What you are suggesting is that by battery will be heated optimally and that I should skip any type of hold (car at rest)...and just get on it?

Do you think this would I’m prove 0-60 less than 5.3 ish??


AERODYNE | 2019年2月15日

Test pilot handled the stopwatch. Close enough for me for now. I plan to download Dashboard and get some accurate logs. If you do not have dual motors your time seems about right. Highly agree with Jordans comment above.

redacted | 2019年2月15日

@jordanrichard I believe the strain is actually from the electrons *entering* the battery too quickly, they run into the lithium ions and sometimes break them. You then have broken lithium ions lying clogging up your battery.

Silver2K | 2019年2月15日

Wear high heels and get the the pedal faster

Silver2K | 2019年2月15日


PBEndo | 2019年2月15日

If I wear heels and launch will I be a dragstrip king or a Drag Queen?

rxlawdude | 2019年2月15日

@Silver, you know the low spark of high heeled boys may reduce performance.

michael | 2019年2月15日

Launch Procedure
1. windows down
2. climate off
3. unaware pasengers present (preferably at least one chick)
4. rolling backwards at 5mph, then switch into D
5. no cops / kids / racoons around
6. brights OFF (other wise they turn on at launch scaring the s--- out of you)
7. do not count or otherwise announce your intentions
8. Punch it!

Silver2K | 2019年2月15日

PBEndo | February 15, 2019
If I wear heels and launch will I be a dragstrip king or a Drag Queen?

Depends on how sexy you're feeling.

rxlawdude | February 15, 2019
@Silver, you know the low spark of high heeled boys may reduce performance.

In traffic. :)